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 REP 10/2	;08C1

	; 4[006] 04-Jan-84 GKN  SPR 10-34417
	;	Fix problem with garbled filespecs if the default directory has
	;	SFDs.
	; 4[007] 06-June-84 TPW
	; 	Search D60SPD's version of MACTEN.UNV (previously field image).
	;	To be removed when use of MOVX macro is resolved.
 REP 15/2	;08C2
		D60EDT==5			;Edit level
		D60EDT==7			;Edit level
 REP 18/3	;08C3
		SEARCH	JOBDAT,MACTEN,UUOSYM	;til this crockery is fixed
		SEARCH	JOBDAT,D60TEN,UUOSYM	;[007] symbol tables that work here
 REP 31/3	;08C4
		%%MACT==%%MACT			;Show MACTEN version
		%%MACT==%%MACT			;[007] Show MACTEN version (still here)
 INS 48/37	;08C5
		MOVX	T1,DEVDEV		;[006] Point to device storage cells
 SUM 175997