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 REP 5/1	;10C1
	;		  COPYRIGHT (c) 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982
	;		  COPYRIGHT (c) 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984
 REP 27/2	;10C2
		PATEDT==23		; Edit number
		PATEDT==25		; Edit number
 INS 36/3	;10C3
	1(25)	29-Aug-84	VLG	Fix SDST to correctly handle nodenumbers
					under TOPS10.

 INS 62/8	;10C4
	TOPS10 <		
		HRRZ	T1,P1			;get displacement in bytes off P4
		HLRZ	T2,P1			;get count
		JUMPLE	T2,.RET			;no source, so merely use zero
		$CALL	.PSTR0			;make a byte pointer in P1
		MOVE	S1,P1			;put pointer in s1
	NNUM:	ILDB	S2,P1			;get next char
		CAIL	S2,"0"			;if less than 0
		CAILE	S2,"9"			; or greater than 9
		JRST	NNAM			; finish up, must be nodename
		SOJG	T2,NNUM			; get next digit
		MOVEI	S2,^D8			; octal number
		$CALL	S%NUMI##		;get integer number
		MOVEM	S2,QUEENT+1		;save it in entry
		MOVE	S1,[XWD 2,.QCNOD]	;get back block type
		MOVEM	S1,QUEENT		; put in que entry
		JRST	COMSWT			; finish processing
	NNAM:	MOVE	S1,[XWD 2,.QCNOD]	;get back block type
	> ; END TOPS10

 SUM 234115