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?p`?xM$[Kb)L<MwL`INXg#	tzs){rE@DQ"E
MggxH?Job not privileged, must be run as [1,2]
* This program deletes all traces of an RSX20F front-end file system. *
*      In doing so, it destroys the ENTIRE contents of the pack.      *
*         DO NOT CONTINUE if this is not what you want to do.         *

Physical unit name: 8A$
?Not a physical unit
?Not an RP04 or RP06
You have specified unit 
Structure ID for the pack mounted on this unit is @?Can't OPEN specified unit?Read error on first HOM block
HOM block unit ID for this unit is 
Continuing will destroy the ENTIRE contents of this pack.
Do you wish to continue? %Delete of FE.SYS failed?Write error on first HOM block?Read error on second HOM block?Write error on second HOM block	I?Write error zeroing block, block = , status = 0`D,~+gpAH0H
%Please respond with a Y or N: D+8 M$[+ 	`	b
+ 2B	,00
& 3
6	l+00
&= ,^7BC+
&@,^ E  &
F ",q,01I+4 I
&P,h+.,8,00Y@@a@@b ",u,01\+4 ",q,01_+4@@a@@b ",u,01c+4@@I f*" . 2"D+.,u,01g+4..+*"	b+
&: x
&j 9,m
&k :,m
&:	`	` E  &
,~ m*(D+m
d@,~ " BA o	b,~  E G &
,~ "BBP$
d@,~ m*(D,~@b$,~$+g o D0 &(,U,Z7+S<&PB+P "BB,~
(4BU1B+U0"00b=,~/",~,> $(DbD]:,^,~0@)Bq4Bh "
")B5^,N * p04Bg1B+f/"`dpB+b07@:x,~,N00B,1B'+l
",~ B9
"@+g+y B9"