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09lyH  	  B4&|QX$*$ F@@@@	,>,,^.B
Z*",~B4&QX$*$(F F
,52,=,	*P(,] 2b+(B:*,) ,~ 0b +
"`S`7D+$	(E(! d&@ F."*d!7B,~0b +"`S` d$@ D2*b',~4B,	*
"*6$+`d+=b*7B$,~6$2+ `d+$=b-,~ "	b
&%,!	*"A*2,' )	b?+6!"	b?+6,~
&* 8
'	`,-/13	*U
E";6;=?A G	b+V B G	b+V B H	b+V B	*T*C " B@@@@ H	b+V B I	b@@ B I	b@@ B J	 P(
L	b@@ B J	b@@ B K	b@@ B@@ K	b+V B
T+P@+T5W+[@\7R+a[0D+fZ`0b@+k BR,~	((E
],e@@A" ./"`3n	 	Q,|"`.N	6 	,~,i+^ "'	*@*e,k_D	ZDaDe l Z5k ."d B,>(B{ ( R/4	"(n7`+o:$pZ R.3b3"9m/Z R4Dw.,x+t xA"	( 
` ,~+y *](&.|*},	(A
*b|,~`B4 aB5 ,~ d4@ 
(L (F5F, 	"QQ
!&2D0GF(,~=j7J,,~[(2F4FbFz+	"!&2D(GD(2,~=j
+!(B B/ $@.B/*PA)=$).Bp.Bq 
(L.B0=j,,~0	*U*U*P,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p	*U*U*X,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p	*U*U*a,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p	*U*Ui,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p*/&PQ&,"/	"r*,"/*.F,B,1:,B,B,b? Called GETADR with negative 	 Dzcount
&w	`+{? Called SETBRK with negative word count
&}	`+	 ? Too many breakpoints for this monitor
&	`? Too many breakpoints for SNUP sub	 @routines
&	`? Too many reference symbols for SNUP subroutine
&? Und	  efined breakpoint symbol(s)
&	`? Multiply-defined breakpoint symbol(s)
&	 	`? Undefined MONREF symbol(s)
&	`? Multiply-defined MONREF symbols
&!	 @%	`Unable to reduce core but continuing
+?SNOOP. failed -- Not an error	 -Illegal argumentNot privilegedSomeone else snoopingExceeded max breakpoints	 6Function illegal when breaks already insertedNo monitor free coreAddress ch	 >eckIllegal if not LOCKedChecksum of running monitor doesn't match disk copy	 G (hpx0? Can't open device where monitor l	"Oives
&L	`? Can't find monitor on the disk
&Q	`? GETTAB failed (trying t	 "Xo find disk copy of monitor)
&U	`xR? Error reading directory of monito	"`r
&]	`? Bad .EXE file -- header code not good
&b	`? .EXE directory too	 "i big for program
&g	`? Desired address not in .EXE file
&l	`6$ R? EOF	 q before address found
&q	`X? I/O error reading .EXE file
&v	`	 zLOCK not implementedno LOCK privilegeIf LOCKed couldn't run largest exis	 ting jobIf LOCKed couldn't guarantee corminNo room in EVMIllegal subfunction Page unavailableTried to LOCK again in an illegal way
'	`	I;yR54t@R54VW b614)R61610b61P!	61SMR6:m%7^	bHY\~HY_;^Ki(LC'LC:,	DLCN9)M9M@gRW	`aigsRgr{/gs-	PR}	Rw+/	"	S[q}K	`HHCgHFwHRTHS!(N	D"?=?:9m?w
(T6H(Tm7p(Tvge(Ty"	`1D}gV	@"WD\!*Xwhp@^Z|(^at)^bQ4,S_Y\ a&\!-T&?	"T&?-,.	`(XsG(Xt(YIM!(YIT!(a@TH&:0 THE, 	DYGCM

e5'U5*wP*&	D"=k^
@Fr@X<!MPvg,	`
:	`?	DSF8
`W%Yg|UY\s4Y]	YYZZ/$AF=UxW@:wbW@:wc	wiwiwjwj	x9x9x:x:\2g'W4=W42]HS30XHS300HS30HS30HS30pHS30hHk(b0@Hk(b0HS30(HS30HHk(b0H( R