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os+*>	`@
9 D0-#D((?FD  ?FD  ?FD  ?FD  RD10 RM10BNXD  NXD  RP01 RP02 RP03 ?NXD MD(2)MD(1)?NXD ?NXD RS04 ?NXD ?NXD ?NXD RP04 RP06 RM03 RP?? ?NXD ?NXD ?NXD ?NXD UR   UW   MR   MW   (' Output to (Blanks = TTY:) :  ',$)(6A5)(' Sequence limit (0=all entries):  ',$)(I)(' Starting sequence number:  ',$)(' Do you wish to select any disk parameters (Y,N): ',$)(' % Please shift to UPPER case'/)(' Give unit name (e.g. DSKB1) for selection.  (B','lanks = all units):  ',$)(' Program name (5 chars) for selection.  (B','lanks = all programs):  ',$)(' Minimum transfer size (blocks) to report:  ',$)(1X6A5,3X,2A5,3X,A5//' Seq ID     Daytime  Unit Type  IOtype Block#  UUO of req.'1X' Status  word'5X'block    job:program file'/)(' ? Sequencing error after record',I7)(I7,I3,':',I2,':',I2,'.'I2,1X,A5,1XA5,1XA2,I4,I7,1XO12,2XO12,I10,4XI3':'A5,A1,2X2A5,'['O12,']')(' ?Input error')(' Done after'I8,' entries')Y    N    y    @n    ?TTY:      TRACE:DSKFIL.BIN    IMAGESEQINASCIISEQOUT    + -<y <, <,, <, <, <,
 J2D%+6 % DJ <,, <", <%,
7DW+? <&,, <), <,,
+@ $ DW <.,, <1, <4,
 B2D"3D#+G2D"3D$+W+@ B2D#+J <5,, <8,, <;, <>,
 %3DW@fW <@,, <C, <F,
3DH@fH <G,, <J, <M,
 <O, <,m <, <R, <U,
@dE <Z, <\,
 $.E3DM+c <^, <a,
 M DE3$E+] N FA W0H3F+h+]7HH+k 
S2J+] O3(B+] M&(K` HH"$(K`.M HI&( HD"$(.hI&( H0"$(.I HF Q(.Q  1 HI N  ? HC O HC O HG P HD <c, <f,
 #_DGZDF F <l,
:F; G+, E3$W+]+ <n,, <q, <s, <u, <x,
,< <
*< .ez+!"	b+  "	b+Z`. >Y.~(3~+	~+Z. <xQ<
*<xZ. h+ggM?}
&	b+y,
a.3@1,> O@W+gR~@1,> @@W,>,>@6 w+*"W0B+%!"A`X#p5@"/#p!"X#p+*\p+*a.9'1,> ,>,>O@W+*,>
6+ _4`2"`Q@,> <X,,^,> <[,
,^*b/+=,> <],,^7@W+8,> <`,
,^+:,> <a,
,^Z5"=,> <c,
,> <d,,^,,> <g,,^,> <j,
1@#+K0@*+=,> <l,,^+=,^,^,^,~(' Type G to Continue, X to Exit, T To trace.'/2H *,$)(A1)(1H 14A5/)(1H A5,1X,O6)PAUSESTOP .pXSp XTp Vp Vp XMX~Sp xI$P1,>  #p D F	b&".$&$7@"$  (@. &"* ~)@
(@ $ &$.$.&(D(F..  #p**,~.$D.&-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-i&lP1,>  D F	b	&"j0 D&" DS Ao-& "B -&[p(F{5F[w0F++ ph& `f~+ "B &"t D-& "B &$2 $D  ,~  ,~&" "B $D+ Y\"Q<X\"*+