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	                 BEWARE INFORMATION FOR APL-20-V2  
                          BEWARE INFORMATION FOR EDIT 511
	Edit 511 to APLSF and APL-BASIC makes sure that all trailing
blanks in a large character array are removed during output.  This
edit can cause blanks in the middle of an output line to be supressed,
producing an uneven table of data.  If you are having this problem,
edit 511 can be removed with a one line DDT patch.  This patch can
only be installed in version 2, edit 530 of APLSF or APL-BASIC.  If
you need help, your software specialist can help you install this
patch.  This problem will be fixed in a future Autopatch tape.

For APL-BASIC-20 V2(530) and APLSF-20 V2(530):
		old contents		new contents
		------------		------------