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 REP 27/1	;13C1
		FILMAN==:106			;Maintenance edit number
		FILDEV==:122			;Development edit number
		FILMAN==:126			;Maintenance edit number
		FILDEV==:123			;Development edit number
 INS 16/3	;13C2
	107	4.2.1620	Aug-13-85
		In F%OOPN, allow a file to supersede an existing file

 INS 35/3	;13C3
	125	Increment maintenance edit level for version 5 of GALAXY.

	126	5.1229		30-Dec-85
		In routine F%IOPN, set OF%PLN if LSNs are not suppressed.
 INS 19/9	;13C4
	;**;[126]At F%IOPN:+1L add one line 	JYCW	12/30/85
		PUSH	P,S2			;[126]Save FOB address
 INS 30/9	;13C5
	;**;[126]At F%IOPN:+8L (within TOPS-20 conditional) add 3 lines JYCW 12/30/85
		LOAD	S2,FOB.CW(S2),FB.LSN	;[126]See if user wants to supress lsns
		SKIPN	S2			;[126]If not
		IORX	S1,OF%PLN		;[126] set disable LSN checking
 INS 36/9	;13C6
	;**;[126]At F%IOPN:+17L add 1 line JYCW 12/30/85
		POP	P,S2			;[126]Restore FOB address
 INS 40/10	;13C7
	;**;[107]At F%OOPN:10L insert four lines  JCR  8/13/85
		LOAD	S1,FOB.CW(S2),FB.SUP	;[107]Get the supersede bit
		TDZE	S1,S1			;[107]Is it on?
		MOVX	S1,GJ%FOU!GJ%NEW	;[107]Yes, get the bits to turn off
		ANDCAM	S1,O$GJFN		;[107]And turn them off
 SUM 149770