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 REP 6/3	;12C1
		GMCMAN==:0235			;Maintenance edit number
		GMCMAN==:0266			;Maintenance edit number
 INS 15/5	;12C2
	240	4.2.1620	13-Aug-85
		Add bit definition for supersede.

 INS 50/5	;12C3
	265	Increment maintenance edit level for version 5 of GALAXY.

	266	5.1224	SPR#20908
		Add error code, IPE.SS, for TOPS-20 error code MONX06.
 INS 20/72	;12C4
	;**;[240]Insert one line at FOB.CW:+1L	JCR	8/13/85
		   FB.SUP==1B26			;[240]File open (superseding)
 INS 15/79	;12C5
	;**;[266]Add one line after IPE.SF	JYCW	10/7/85
		SYSPRM	IPE.SS,777777,MONX06	;[266]No swappable free space
 SUM 173501