Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - bb-kl11c-bm_tops20_v6_1_atpch1_16 - autopatch/impure.c10
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 INS 25/1	;10C1
	;MJC	31-DEC-84	[1553] Add flag words for END-XXX to phase D
 INS 101/15	;10C2
		DEFIN	PEREPR,1	;[1553] Flag END-PERFORM needs no op if -1
		DEFIN	SCPTRM,1	;[1553] An END-XXX scope term. seen if -1 or 1
		DEFIN	ENDTOK,1	;[1553] Token of the last END-XXX scanned
		DEFIN	EWFLG,1		;[1553] Flag ELSE or WHEN seen if -1
 SUM 122464