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 INS 1/1	;14C1
	; *** Edit 7258 to MONSYM.MAC by WONG on 14-Mar-86, for SPR #18580
	; Add 3 new SETJB% functions. 
	; *** Edit 7214 to MONSYM.MAC by WAGNER on 19-Dec-85, for SPR #20844
	; Change error message for NPXNMD to include mention of structure not mounted. 
	; *** Edit 7213 to MONSYM.MAC by GRANT on 19-Dec-85
	; Add .CSTAT, the table number for the CI statistics table CISTAT 
	;------------------------- Autopatch Tape # 12 -------------------------
 INS 56/25	;14C2
	;**;[7213] Add 1 line at (.MONVR=)+1	CEG 19-Dec-85
	.CSTAT==:64			;[7213] CI STATISTICS
 REP 35/26	;14C3

	.JIBSN==:31			;[7258]Batch sequence number
	.JIBJN==:32			;[7258]Batch Job name
	.JIBID==:33			;[7258]Batch request ID
	.JIMAX==:.JIBID			;[7258]Current highest GETJI offset
 INS 34/60	;14C4
	.SJBSN==:12			;[7258]Set batch sequence number
	.SJBJN==:13			;[7258]Set batch Job name
	.SJBID==:14			;[7258]Set batch request ID
 REP 783/104	;14C5
	.ERR (2056,NPXNMD,<Does not match directory or user name>)
	;**;[7214] CHANGE 1 LINE AT .ERR (2056,...)	DSW	12/12/85
	.ERR (2056,NPXNMD,<Does not match directory or user name, or structure not mounted>)
 SUM 10495