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 INS 1/1	;15C1
	; *** Edit 7370 to MONSYM.MAC by RASPUZZI on 30-Sep-86, for SPR #21272
	; Add error message GNJFX2 for GNJFN% when current file vanishes.
	; *** Edit 7353 to MONSYM.MAC by JROSSELL on 11-Aug-86, for SPR #21161
	; Add error codes for .DSKOP 
	; *** Edit 7331 to MONSYM.MAC by LOMARTIRE on 27-Jun-86, for SPR #21275
	; Add MSTX50 error code 
	; *** Edit 7327 to MONSYM.MAC by MCCOLLUM on 24-Jun-86, for SPR #21297
	; Add symbols for new SMON function to enable/disable LAT logins. 
	; *** Edit 7323 to MONSYM.MAC by RASPUZZI on 17-Jun-86, for SPR #20058
	; Add a new error code for online date out of range and change the off line
	; date out of range error slightly. 
	; *** Edit 7322 to MONSYM.MAC by WONG on 17-Jun-86, for SPR #20898 (TCO none)
	; Define SF%LSN for .SFPTR JSYS to state whether to include LSN or not in its
	; calculation.
 INS 45/60	;15C2
	;**;[7322]At .SFLWR==:+1L add 1 line  JYCW  6/16/86

	SF%LSN==:1B0			;[7322]LSN flag bit, 1=include  0=ignore

 INS 34/61	;15C3
	;**;[7327] Add 2 lines at .SFDRP==:30 + 1 L	JDM	24-Jun-86
	.SFLAT==:31			;[7327]LAT LOGINs are allowed.
	.SFWLT==:32			;[7327]WHEEL LOGINs on LAT terminals are allowed
 INS 104/61	;15C4
	;**;[7327] Add 1 line at SF%DPR==:1B<.SFDPR> + 1 L	JDM	24-Jun-86
	SF%LAT==:1B<.SFLAT>		;[7327]LAT LOGINs
 REP 628/104	;15C5

	; ERROR CODES 1528-1532 ARE AVAILABLE******
	.ERR (1531,MSTX50,<Mount type refused by this CFS processor>)  ;[7331]

	;[7331]  Error code 1532 is available ******
 REP 952/104	;15C6
	.ERR (2341,ARGX27,<Off line expiration time cannot exceed system maximum>)
	;**;[7323] Change ARGX27 error message	MDR	17-JUN-86
	.ERR (2341,ARGX27,<Off line expiration time cannot exceed system or directory bmaximum>)
 INS 200/106	;15C7
	;**;[7353]After .ERR (2767,... add 2 lines  JCR  29-Jul-86
	.ERR (2770,DKOP06,<Data or device error>)	;[7353]
	.ERR (2771,DKOP07,<Device is offline>)		;[7353]
 INS 319/106	;15C8
	;**;[7323] Add new error code	MDR	17-JUN-86
	.ERR (5600,ARGX32,<On line expiration cannot exceed system or directory maximum>)
	;**;[7370] Add new error code	MDR	24-SEP-86
	.ERR (5601,GNJFX2,<Could not step to next file because current file no longer exists>)

 SUM 40375