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                 BEWARE INFORMATION FOR IBMCOM-20-HASPV1-1                      
1. To build the IBMCOM dn60 front end image, a file PROD.P11 must
   be assembled with the other front end source files.   This file
   was not included with either the HASP Version 1.1 nor the 2780/3780
   Version 2.1 distribution tape.   Most sites were advised in the
   answer to SPR 20-19214 to build this source file.
   If this file has not already been built, it should be constucted
   as follows:
   	.SBTTL PROD	-	production switch values
   DEBUG=0			;no debug mode
   TRCLOD=0			;no default trace switches
   TRCHLD=0			;no default halts on error conditions
   VISIBL=0			;invisible unsatisfied conditionals
   FT.CHK=1			;keep checking in production version
   FT.PAT=100.			;default patch space
   This file should be included with the other front end source files
   in the patching area or in an area accessible by the search lists
   as defined to PEP.
2. The build process consumes substantial disk space
   due to the output of MACDLX.  For 2780/3780 about 1500
   deleted pages are deposited, and about 3200 during
   the 2780/3780/HASP build.  It may be advisable to include
   expunge statements after the labels which begin the  build for
   each separate component in the Autopatch control file.