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 INS 25/1	;11C1
	;JEH	20-MAR-85	[1561] If a reference modification is being done 
	;;				within the scope of an IF expression 
	;;				then save the open paren. count and 
	;;				restore when the modifications are done.
 INS 30/12	;11C2
		DEFIN	TKNBH,3			;[1576] bfr hdr when 1st tkn char found
		DEFIN	TKNSIZ,1		;[1576] size of scanned token
		DEFIN	ENDTKN,3		;[1576] bfr hdr when last tkn found
 INS 127/17	;11C3
		DEFIN RMOPPAR,1	;[1561] Ref. mod. - count of open parens
 SUM 124326