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 INS 32/1	;19C1
		SEARCH	MACSYM			;[0110] For structured programming
 REP 37/1	;19C2
 INS 163/3	;19C3
	0107	Remove a check in REMFIL for SRCNOD. We should always expand a
		file spec even if it is remote. We just don't include the node
		name. This is because it is assumed that we are a smart client
		and our server is simply acting upon what we give him. The file
		name is not given in the DIRECTORY command if the user specifies
		NODE::STR: with nothing following.

	0110	Fix previous edit slightly. It breaks for non TOPS-20 systems.
		Instead, call routine SRCCHK to make sure that the file spec is
		cool. If not, then do the JFNS%.

	0111	JFNS% again. Don't slam a device name out (DSK:) becauses only
		TOPS-20 systems understand those devices. DIR NODE:: where NODE::
		is a VAX/VMS system breaks.

 INS 47/16	;19C4

	;Call SRCCHK to see if the user has supplied us with a file name and
	;extension. If not, fill in by default.
		$CALL	SRCCHK			;(/) See if we have name and extension

 REP 50/16	;19C5
		MOVX	T1,FFSPEC		;Do full name expansion if local
		MOVX	T1,<FLD(.JSAOF,JS%NAM)+FLD(.JSAOF,JS%TYP)+FLD(.JSAOF,JS%GEN)+JS%PAF> ;[0111] Only care about these fields
	;	SKIPN	SRCNOD			;[0107] Removed so we always expand
		SKIPN	SRCFLG			;[0110] Skip if SRCCHK said so

 INS 17/56	;19C6
	SUBTTL	SRCCHK	Routine to check file spec

	;Takes no arguments but expects SRCFIL to be setup

	SRCCHK:	SETZM	SRCFLG			;Assume not to do JFNS%
		MOVE	S1,[POINT 7,SRCFIL]	;Byte pointer to source file
		DO.				;Loop until file name
		  ILDB	S2,S1			;Get character
		  SKIPN	S2			;Null character?
		  $RETT				;Yes, do JFNS
		  CAIN	S2,"<"			;Found directory start?
		  EXIT.				;Yes, out of this loop
		  CAIN	S2,"["			;How about this?
		  EXIT.				;Yes, get out
		  JRST	TOP.			;Keep looking
		SETOM	SRCFLG			;Don't do JFNS%!
		DO.				;Now look for rest of file spec
		  ILDB	S2,S1			;Get character
		  SKIPN	S2			;Is it a null?
		  $RETT				;Yes, out of here
		  CAIN	S2,">"			;End of dir?
		  EXIT.				;Yes, leave
		  CAIN	S2,"]"			;How about this way?
		  EXIT.				;Yes, now look at file name
		  JRST	TOP.			;Keep going
		ILDB	S2,S1			;See if no more characters
		SKIPE	S2			;None?
		$RETT				;Looks like a full file spec, so done
		MOVEI	S2,"*"			;Put in file name
		DPB	S2,S1			;Stick in file name
		MOVEI	S2,"."			;Now for seperator
		IDPB	S2,S1			;Slam it in
		MOVEI	S2,"*"			;Now for extension
		IDPB	S2,S1			;Dunk it
		$RETT				;And finished
 INS 46/60	;19C7
	$DATA	SRCFLG,1		;[0110] Flag whether to JFNS% or not
 SUM 174780