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 INS 1/1	;19C1
	; Edit= 12 to SERVER.MAC on 5-Jul-88 by JROSSELL, for SPR #21887
	;If a SET TERMINAL/WIDTH command is given and NOWRAP is currently in effect,
	;then do the MTOPR/.MOSLW function with a line width of zero. 
 REP 3/4	;19C2
 DEL 8/46	;19C3
	;**;[6] Change 1 line at CTMDEF+2	WCM	15-NOV-85
 INS 43/60	;19C4
		  MOVEI T1,.PRIIN	;[12]Pick up the primary TTY: code
		  MOVEI T2,.MORLW	;[12]Pick up the line width function code
	 	  MTOPR%		;[12]Pick up the line width
		   ERJMP ERR		;[12]Shouldn't happen	  
		  MOVEM T3,LINWID	;[12]Save the line width
 REP 32/61	;19C5
		RET			;Yes. Done.
		SETZ T3,		;[12]Yes, indicate so
 DEL 21/64	;19C6
	;**;[7] Change 1 line at CHWECH+4	WCM	15-NOV-85
 DEL 13/77	;19C7
	;**;[6] Remove 1 line at OUPENT+8	WCM	18-NOV-85
 DEL 16/82	;19C8
	;**;[6] Add 2 lines at OUPTOG+12	WCM	18-NOV-85
 DEL 34/82	;19C9
	;**;[6] Add 2 lines at OUPSTP+5	WCM	15-NOV-85
 DEL 14/87	;19C10
	;**;[8] Add 3 lines at INPMVP+8	WCM	15-NOV-85
 DEL 3/95	;19C11
	;**;[9] remove 2 lines at INPREC+1	WCM	10-JAN-86
 DEL 7/116	;19C12
	;**;[8] Add 9 lines at PSIINI+2	WCM	15-NOV-85
 SUM 55180