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V8=P951B+	`	Re03zT	`AL	0x9++3	`	R	I0;|t	`A:7x@I+	`	Re0B	zT	`AL	?xGP+	`	R IzT	`AL	FxNW+	`	R	P
WzT	`AL	Tx\e+	`	R
p^zT	`AL	[xcl+	`	R`ezT	`AL	bxj++	`	R
PlzT	`AL	ixqz+	`	Re0szT	`AL	pxx+	`	R0zzT	`AL	wx+	`	R zT	`AL	~x+	`	RzT	`AL	x+s	`	R	Ie0AT |t	`A:
x@!+s!c	`	R	c	e	fA"x4	`A,ux@(	`	R!$zT	`AL	x&/	R	`(&zT	`AL	%x-6	R	`/(zT	`AL	,x4=	R	`p6*zT	`AL	3x;D	R	``=,zT	`AL	:xBK	R	`PD.zT	`AL	AxIR	R	`@K0zT	`AL	HxPY	R	`0R2zT	`AL	OxW	R	`Y4zT	`AL	Vx`kss}	W	Y	`	R	[cAD7	`A4[]x@i}t}	N	Q	`0k9|	`AT	gxq}t	N	Q	`0s<|	`AT	Roxzvp	`	R	I.xATb|t	`A:tx@"i";T
	`	Reg0@	`	R1PszT	`AL	x	`	R0@vzT	`AL	x )	`	R0@"xzT	`AL	x'3	`	R0@){zT	`AL	&x0;CCM	W	Y	`	R	[0@3AD}	`A4[-x@9MtM	N	Q	`60;|	`AT	 7xAMt	N	Q	`70C|	`AT	 ?xJU]]g	W	Y	`	R	[0@MAD	`A4[Gx@Sgtg	N	Q	`9PU	|	`AT	 Qx[gt	N	Q	`:P]
|	`AT	Yxdowo	W	Y	`	R	[0@gAD	`A4[ax@mt	N	Q	`<po|	`AT	kxut	N	Q	`=pw|	`AT	sx~			W	Y	`	R	[0@AD	`A4[{x@t	N	Q	`@	|	`AT	xt	N	Q	`A|	`AT	LWi	W	Y	`	R	[0@OAD0	`A4[Ix@Uiti	N	Q	`IpW3|	`AT	 Sx]it	N	Q	`Jp6|	`AT	 [xfqyy	W	Y	`	R	[0@iAD9	`A4[cx@ot	N	Q	`Mq<|	`AT	 mxwt	N	Q	`Ny?|	`AT	 ux	W	Y	`	R	[0@ADA	`A4[}x@	t	N	Q	`P0D|	`AT	 xt	N	Q	`Q0G|	`AT	 x%-%4	W	Y	`	R	[0@ADJ	`A4[x@#4t	N	Q	`SP%M|	`AT	 !x+4t4	N	Q	`TP-P|	`AT	 )x2	`	RUP4RzT	`AL	1x9B	`	R0@;UzT	`AL	8x@L	`	R0@BWzT	`AL	?xIT\\f	W	Y	`	R	[0@LADZ	`A4[Fx@Rftf	N	Q	`Y@T]|	`AT	 PxZft	N	Q	`Z@\`|	`AT	 Xxcnvv	W	Y	`	R	[0@fADb	`A4[`x@lt	N	Q	`\`ne|	`AT	 jxtt	N	Q	`]`vh|	`AT	 rx}	W	Y	`	R	[0@ADk	`A4[zx@t	N	Q	``n|	`AT	 xt	N	Q	`aq|	`AT	 
x"*"4	W	Y	`	R	[0@ADs	`A4[x@ 4t	N	Q	`c "v|	`AT	 x(4t4	N	Q	`d *y|	`AT	 &x1<DDN	W	Y	`	R	[0@4AD|	`A4[.x@:NtN	N	Q	`f@<|	`AT	 8xBNt	N	Q	`g@D|	`AT	 @xKV^Vh	W	Y	`	R	[0@NAD	`A4[Hx@Tht	N	Q	`i`V|	`AT	 Rx\hth	N	Q	`j`^
|	`AT	[Zxepxx	W	Y	`	R	[0@hADvt	N	Q	`nx|	`AT	 tx
	W	Y	`	R	[0@AD	`A4[|x@t	N	Q	`p 
|	`AT	 xt	N	Q	`q |	`AT	 x$,$6	W	Y	`	R	[0@AD	`A4[x@"6t	N	Q	`s@$!|	`AT	  x*6t6	N	Q	`t@,$|	`AT	 (x3>F>M	W	Y	`	R	[0@6AD&	`A4[0x@<Mt	N	Q	`v`>)|	`AT	 :xDMtM	N	Q	`w`F,|	`AT	 BxK	`	Rx`M/zT	`AL	JxR[	`	R0@T1zT	`AL	QxYe	`	R0@[4zT	`AL	Xxblss}	W	Y	`	R	[0@eAD6	`A4[_x@j}}	N	`|Pl9	`AT	 ixq}	N	`}@s<	`AT	 pxz	W	Y	`	R	[0@}AD?	`A4[wx@	N	`PB	`AT	 x		N	`@E	`AT	 x##-	W	Y	`	R	[0@ADG	`A4[x@--	N	`PJ	`AT	 x!-	N	`@#M	`AT	  x*4;;E	W	Y	`	R	[0@-ADP	`A4['x@2EE	N	`P4S	`AT	 1x9E	N	`@;V	`AT	 8xBLSS]	W	Y	`	R	[0@EADX	`A4[?x@J]]	N	`PL[	`AT	 IxQ]	N	`	@S^	`AT	 PxZdkdu	W	Y	`	R	[0@]ADa	`A4[Wx@bu	N	`Pdd	`AT	 axiuu	N	`
@kg	`AT	hxr|			z	
				%	W	Y	`	R	[0@	N	`P	u	`AT	]	x		%	%	N	`@	x	`AT	d	x	"	,	3	3	=	W	Y	`	R	[0@	%ADz	`A4[	x@	*	=	=	N	`P	,}	`AT	 	)x	1	=	N	`@	3	`AT	 	0x	:	D	K	K	R	W	Y	`	R	[0@	=AD	`A4[	7x@	B	R	R	N	`P	D	`AT	 	Ax	I	R	N	`@	K		`AT	 	Hx	P	`	R0	RzT	`AL		Ox	W	`+	`	Re0	Y
	`	R0@	|zT	`AL		yx

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!zT	`AL	
$	`	R#p
&#zT	`AL	
?+	`	Re0
-%zT	`AL	
-	`	R	I%P
5AT'|t	`A:
	`	R	c	e	f&P
?A)x4	`A,u
M	R	`'p
F+zT	`AL	
T	R	`(`
M.zT	`AL	
[	R	`)P
T0zT	`AL	
b	R	`*@
[2zT	`AL	
i	R	`+0
b4zT	`AL	
p	R	`, 
i6zT	`AL	
w	R	`-
p8zT	`AL	
~	R	`.
w:zT	`AL	
?	R	`.p
~<zT	`AL	
	R	`/`>zT	`AL	x

?	R	`0P
@zT	`AL		x
?	R	`1@BzT	`AL	x
?!	R	`20EzT	`AL	x
?(	R	`3 !GzT	`AL	x&
?/	R	`4(IzT	`AL	%x-
?6	R	`5/KzT	`AL	,x4
?=	R	`5p6MzT	`AL	3x;
?D	R	`6`=OzT	`AL	:xB
?K	R	`7PDQzT	`AL	AxI
?R	R	`8@KSzT	`AL	HxP
?Y	R	`90RUzT	`AL	OxW
?`	R	`: YWzT	`AL	Vx^
?g	R	`;`YzT	`AL	]xe
?n	R	`<g[zT	`AL	dxl
?u	R	`<pn]zT	`AL	kxs
?|	R	`=`u_zT	`AL	rxz
?	`	R>P|azT	`AL	yx

F	`	R	I?@
ATc|t	`A:

(	W	Y	`	R	[@@
ADf	`A4[

(	N	Q	`A`
h|	`AT	 

(t	N	Q	`B`
k|	`AT	 
B	W	Y	`	R	[A`
(ADm	`A4[
B	N	Q	`E
0p|	`AT	 
Bt	N	Q	`F
8r|	`AT	 
\	W	Y	`	R	[E
BADu	`A4[
\t	N	Q	`H 
Jw|	`AT	 
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Rz|	`AT	 
v	W	Y	`	R	[H 
\AD|	`A4[
v	N	Q	`K@
d|	`AT	 
vt	N	Q	`L@
l|	`AT	 
?	W	Y	`	R	[K@
vAD	`A4[
|t	N	Q	`N`
~|	`AT	 
zx	`O`
?	W	Y	`	R	[N`
x@	`R	Q	`S
?	W	Y	`	R	[R
?	W	Y	`	R	[U@
?	W	Y	`	R	[X@
?	W	Y	`	R	[[`,|	`AT	`.|	`AT	 x
?	`	Ra0zT	`AL	
x+	`	R0@2zT	`AL	x+	`	R	Ib`4|t	`A:x&
?FB	Y	`	R	c	e	f	h	i	kc`+A5x4	`A,u"x@0F+	`	Re027zT	`AL	/x8F+2	`	R	If :AT:|t	`A:6x@BM+2M2l}	`	R	c	e	f	h	ig FA<x4	`A,u>x@KTF	`	Rh`M>zT	`AL	JxR[F	`	RiPTAzT	`AL	QxYFb	R	`j@[CzT	`AL	Xx`Fi	R	`k0bEzT	`AL	_xgFp	R	`l iGzT	`AL	fxnFw	R	`mpIzT	`AL	mxuF~	R	`nwKzT	`AL	tx|F	R	`np~MzT	`AL	{xF
	R	`o`OzT	`AL	x
F	R	`pP
QzT	`AL		xF	R	`q@SzT	`AL	xF!	R	`r0UzT	`AL	x(F	`	Rs !WzT	`AL	x&FF	`	Rt(YzT	`AL	%x/:BBFL	W	Y	`	R	[h`2AD[	`A4[,x@8LtL	N	Q	`v :^|	`AT	 6x@Lt	N	Q	`w B`|	`AT	 >xIT\\Ff	W	Y	`	R	[v LADc	`A4[Fx@Rftf	N	Q	`y@Te|	`AT	 PxZft	N	Q	`z@\h|	`AT	 XxcnvvF	W	Y	`	R	[y@fADj	`A4[`x@lt	N	Q	`|`nm|	`AT	 jxtt	N	Q	`}`vo|	`AT	 rx}F	W	Y	`	R	[|`ADr	`A4[zx@t	N	Q	`t|	`AT	 xt	N	Q	`w|	`AT	 
x"*"F4	W	Y	`	R	[ADy	`A4[x@ 4t	N	Q	` "||	`AT	 x(4t4	N	Q	` *~|	`AT	 &x1<DDFN	W	Y	`	R	[ 4AD	`A4[.x@:NtN	N	Q	`@<|	`AT	 8xBNt	N	Q	`@D|	`AT	 @xKV^^Fe	W	Y	`	R	[@NAD	`A4[Hx@Tete	N	Q	`	`V|	`AT	 Rx\et	N	Q	`
`^T	zZxcFF	`	R`ezT	`AL	bxjsF	`	Rh`lzT	`AL	ixq}F	`	RP%1t1	N	Q	`p'"|	`AT	#x.9A9FK	W	Y	`	R	[h`1AD%	`A4[+x@7Kt	N	Q	`9'|	`AT	5x?KtK	N	Q	`A*|	`AT	J=xHS[[Fe	W	Y	`	R	[h`KAD,	`A4[Ex@Qete	N	Q	`0S/|	`AT		OxYet	N	Q	`0[1|	`AT	WxbmumF	W	Y	`	R	[h`eAD4	`A4[`x@kt	N	Q	`Pm6|	`AT	Rixst	N	Q	`Pu9|	`AT	Iqx|F	W	Y	`	R	[h`@W|;	`A4[yx@t	N	Q	`pB|	`AT	x	`	R0@gzT	`AL	x	`	R0@jzT	`AL	x 	`	R2 mzT	`AL	x'	`	R0@ pzT	`AL	x%.	`	R0@'szT	`AL	$x,5	`	R0@.vzT	`AL	+x3	`	R0@5yzT	`AL	2x:t	R	`0@<|zT	`AL	9xZ
	R	`	c	e	f	h0@AMx4	`A,uxx@
x	`	R	IAPS|t	`A:x#	R	`BPUzT	`AL	x!*	R	`C@#WzT	`AL	 x(1	R	`D0*YzT	`AL	'x/8	R	`E 1[zT	`AL	.x6?	R	`F8]zT	`AL	5x=F	R	`G?_zT	`AL	<xDM	R	`GpFazT	`AL	CxKT	R	`H`MczT	`AL	JxR[	R	`IPTezT	`AL	QxYb	R	`J@[gzT	`AL	Xx`i	R	`K0bizT	`AL	_xgp	R	`L ikzT	`AL	fxnw	R	`MpmzT	`AL	mxu~	R	`NwozT	`AL	tx|	R	`Np~qzT	`AL	{x
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	R	`PP
uzT	`AL		x	R	`Q@wzT	`AL	x!	R	`R0yzT	`AL	x(	R	`S!{zT	`AL	x&/	R	`T(}zT	`AL	%x-6	R	`U/zT	`AL	,x4=	R	`Up6zT	`AL	3x;F	R	`V`=zT	`AL	:xCMTM	R	`	T	UWPFzT	`AL	AxK[	R	`X`MzT	`AL	JxR[	R	`X`T	zT	`AL	QxYb	R	`Z@[zT	`AL	Xx`i	R	`[0b
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{4	`At	x	`	R	I`P|t	`A:x"	R	`b@zT	`AL	x )	R	`c0"zT	`AL	x'0	R	`d )!zT	`AL	&x.7	R	`e0#zT	`AL	-x5>	R	`f7%zT	`AL	4x<E	R	`fp>'zT	`AL	;xCL	R	`g`E)zT	`AL	BxJS	R	`hPL+zT	`AL	IxQZ	R	`i@S-zT	`AL	PxXa	R	`j0Z/zT	`AL	Wx_h	R	`k a1zT	`AL	^xfo	R	`lh3zT	`AL	exmv	R	`mo5zT	`AL	lxt}	R	`mpv7zT	`AL	sx{
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=zT	`AL		x	R	`q@?zT	`AL	x!	R	`r0AzT	`AL	x(	R	`s !CzT	`AL	x&/	R	`t(EzT	`AL	%x-	`	Ru/GzT	`AL	,x6JHLNPw9@z@H@zp3x0 w=Y@|^/x0 B	`wPC
?	`A`AxH	`x0I
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,$ \"4$"d$"XB@ @..<$$QX"4$ B8= a,$ ~ ~ P y@1F+ m 
[4B l, q ", x, xZ, q "1F, x@B P$,~5" s 
",~x&#`QDx6@, s[x."0b."B:,~H,$ ~ P! ! &.(H=f }@H,~HH,$  "4d! !6@7! !+$

1(KLSTAT)PExtra error@reportingBiscurrentlyH!	enabled.H!disabled.H!H0! ,$ ~+!,$K  \"!  !;H4$,!\"!  !<H4$ !,!H,~K,~ pH! ,$K[.Q \"!  !<H4$ "! B$,~,$\ ~ !=H4$,~,!-,!.J,~,!/.0P,~,$ @I4$"!=`h> B$,~,$  & $!6-4$ !6 B$,~	$,$!$+!@,$@ Z H!L  B!L 1P+!HL4!WI4!W D$,~ ^!K !^,?!L,G N$,~!T!S!L? !L 0
",~ "  !c "  !c@+ + + +  !e@@$,~0!M?SPEAR  Monitor call failed
-       H!_@ 

H!d}( H"!AH"!H"H"!,$ # B!h B!i # B!h " a D!k@@!l+"} "!g,~,$@@!k@@!j@@!j6@!l+"z " %d$d% # @!hS"j@ B!f "!e*+"}O@!k !g01P
!faJ+"}O@!jO@!l N!l !h N!i N!g !g3N!l@@!lO@!k N!g P!j  !g @$,~,$ " %l$l% ~Z  
!h"6@B=h#7@,~@B,~,$ " %7@+# F#	le #	%,~H"!H",$,#0@@# =f#*KF#  #g4$[9B#(\"#h<+#6\"# #q@
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-       Please type RESET and try again $+#6#.
SPEAR.EXEH#sH#H#<@< ?SPEAR  dispatch failed
-       Could not find program H#w ,~ ,~ ,~ ,~@,~B,~b,~ "  $ "  $@+ + + +  $@@$,~?SPEAR  Monitor call failed
-       H$@ 

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V+P9585gCY3.5.0. pR.T.3.5.0. p3.5.1. p3.5.1.A. p
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3.5.1.C. p3.5.1.D. p3.5.1.E. p3.5.1.F. p3.3.0. p3.3.0.A. p3.3.0.B. p3.3.0.C. pR.T.3.3.0. p3.3.M. p 3.3.1. p"COMPUTE INPUT p$3.3.1.A. p'3.3.1.B. p)3.3.1.C. p+3.3.1.D. p-3.3.1.E. p/3.3.1.F. p13.3.1.G. p3com_dia_q1 p5com_dia_q1_at p7com_dia_q1_af p:com_dia_q2 p<com_dia_q2_at p?com_dia_q2_af pAcom_dia_q3 pDcom_dia_q3_at pFcom_dia_q3_af pIcom_dia_q4 pKcom_dia_q4_at pNcom_dia_q4_af pPcom_dia_q5 pScom_dia_q5_at pUcom_dia_q5_af pX3.3.1.1. pZ2.0. p\2.0.A. p^R.T.2.0.A. p`2.M. pbTOPS-10 pdTOPS-20 pfdefine_lst phWhich procedure do you want(TOPS-10 or TOPS-20 pjpri_define_tops_10 p	ppri_define_tops_20 p	stops_10_ef pvtops_10_ef_a pytops_10_ef_q1 p{tops_10_ef_q1_at p~tops_10_ef_q1_af ptops_10_ef_q2 ptops_10_ef_q2_at ptops_10_ef_q2_af p	tops_10_ef_q3 p
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3.6.1 p3.6.2 p3.6.3 pKLERR END p4.0. p4.0.A. p4.0.B. p4.0.C. p4.0.D. p4.0.E. pGUP END p!3.2.0. p#R.T.3.2.0. p%3.2.M. p(3.2.1. p*RETRIEVE INPUT p,3.2.1.A. p.3.2.1.B. p03.2.1.C. p23.2.1.D. p4RETRIEVE TYPE p63.2.1.E. p93.2.1.EA. p;3.2.1.EB. p=3.2.1.EC. p?3.2.1.ED. pARETRIEVE CODES pC3.2.1.EE. pE3.2.1.EF. pG3.2.1.EG. pI3.2.1.EH. pK3.2.1.EI. pM3.2.1.V. pO3.2.1.W. pQ3.2.1.X. pS3.2.1.Y. pU3.2.1.Z. pW3.2.1.A1. pY3.2.1.B1. p[3.2.1.C1. p]3.2.1.D1. p_R.T.3.2.1.D1. paret_dia_q1 pdret_dia_q1_at pfret_dia_q1_af piret_dia_q2 pkret_dia_q2_at pnret_dia_q2_af ppret_dia_q3 psret_dia_q3_at puret_dia_q3_af pxret_dia_q4 pzret_dia_q4_at p}ret_dia_q4_af pret_dia_q5 pret_dia_q5_at pret_dia_q5_af pret_dia_q6 p	ret_dia_q6_at p
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QMODE COMPLETION pTDSK:SPRCMD.CMD pWIndirect command file specification pZINDIRECT FILES p_
1. Press the RETURN key to sequence through the menu.
2. Enter the menu number (#) of the topic that you want to investigate.
3. Type MENU to return to the previous (higher level) menu.
1. Press the RETURN key to procede to the next frame of information.
2. Press the BACKSPACE key to review the previous frame of information.
3. Type MENU to return to the topic menu.
That's it.  There is no more information available on the topic.

1. Press the RETURN key to proceed to the next topic on the menu.
2. Type MENU to return to the topic menu.

The topic you are backing into may consist of several frames.

1. Type BEGIN to go to the beginning of the topic
2. Press the BACKSPACE key to continue in a reverse direction.
3. Press the RETURN key to go in a forward direction.
4. Type MENU to return to the topic menu.

Read the statement, then:

1. Type TRUE  if you believe that the statement is true
2. Type FALSE if you believe that the statement is false
3. Press the RETURN key if you are unsure of the answer.
4. Press the BACKSPACE key to return to the Topic Menu 
5. Type NEXT to pass, and go on to the next statement.
Read the question, then:

1. Enter the number that corresponds to the most correct answer.
2. Press the RETURN key if you are unsure of the correct answer.
3. Press the BACKSPACE key to return to the Topic Menu 
4. Type NEXT to pass, and go on to the next statement.
 p	\
You have just answered a question. You can:

1. Press the RETURN key. If the answer was correct you will go on to the
   next question. If it was incorrect then the question will repeat.
2. Type NEXT to go to the next question regardless of the answer.
3. Press the BACKSPACE key to re-display the question.
4. Type RANDOM QUESTION if you want to select another random question.
 pBymenu_help p	!text_help p	#fwd_trans_help p	%rev_trans_help p	'query_help p	*no_help p	,ran_quest_help p	.quest_help p	1ans_help p	3Your selection please (Topic #) p	5Your response please p
	:Your answer please (#) p	=Your answer please (T/F) p
	AYour answer please (Y/N) p
	DBEGIN p	HQUERY p	JNEXT QUESTION p	LRANDOM QUESTION p	NMENU p	QYES p	SNO p	TTRUE p	VFALSE p	WNext-question p	YRepeat-frame p	\next-frame p	^0 p	a1 p	b2 p	d3 p	e4 p	g5 p	h6 p	j7 p	k8 p	m9 p	n10 p	p11 p	q12 p	s13 p	t14 p	v15 p	w16 p	y17 p	z18 p	|19 p	}20 p	21 p
22 p
23 p
24 p
25 p
26 p
27 p
	28 p
29 p
30 p
31 p
32 p
33 p
34 p
35 p
36 p
37 p
38 p
39 p
40 p
41 p
42 p
 43 p
!44 p
#45 p
$46 p
&47 p
'48 p
)49 p
*50 p
,51 p
-52 p
/53 p
054 p
255 p
356 p
557 p
658 p
859 p
960 p
;menu_res_error_msg p	
<query_res_error_msg p	
?ran_quest_res_error_msg p
Btext_res_error_msg p	
Ffwd_trans_res_error_msg p
Ians_res_error_msg p
Lrev_trans_res_error_msg p
hUN> "3BH,#7 " BH@@I,?.,>V,>W,>W,?,>j "kXB)!"GB- "bU,>X,>W,>W,U5>~`B+
~ "IXB)!"GB- "bU,>X,>W,>X,U5>~ "bU,>X,>W,>X,Ra "bU,>X,>W,>X,Ra@@x,>Y,>Y,>W,>Z,kn,>Z,>Y,>[,>[,>W,>W,>Z,o)@@x,>[,>\,>\,>W,>Z,r>}aB+ "G BM,>],>],>^,>^,>_,>W,$],#7>}@@x,>_,>[,>\,>W,>Z,pn BH."+
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>~,>d,>/M,>W,i]>~XBu "bV,>d,>W,>X,X
>~ "bV,>d,>W,>X,WG>~+P@@x,=Z " cB/T+) "bU,>`,>W,>X,WG,#7>k,~$-$*=$rk)cH.GmJFK
jP pQn	STUDENT ID :	 pdMay need to create a Student Log File pgCorrect response to SPEAR> for a "NEW USER" is Instruct or I plSTUDENT ID :	 psTHIS IDENTIFIER NOT IN THE STUDENT LOG FILE pvType Instruct or I to following prompt p{> "XB
!"GB "GB "b
 "G BT,>],>
Q,>W,>W,>W,>W,$],#7>z "mXBn!"GBr "bV,>d,>W,>
R,U5 "b
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0 z Dl>}>~+
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R,Ya!"GBr "bV,>d,>W,>
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R,Ya>~ "3BR+
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g "3 
],$,$,$,$,$ @z8=,

3B$$[$,1B$)+in,,routineFORMEM>couldnotgetZfive!words>ofmemoryFORESTerrorin,@routineFORMEMdidnotstarttablecorrectlyFORESTerrorinroutineKey$countinTCBtoo/big,>,>,>>,>},]>`B+!.,>,>~,>,IB$(>~+#Z` $"R`i$"AB$(n$"2B$(+0[,>,B B$(K$'F$&.o$ncD+/i/$",>~,>,[s$".tB$(>+0,~,D>,$($0D+3!$GD/$(!$bD+7$.$d $($/D$%!$BD+$$,^,~FORESTerrorinZ routineFORMEMcouldnot@get+five wordsBofmemory,>,>>,>$#,>d,p.5&P,>,>,>{,>,[>+ { @p { @$9+[0@+(>$& $' $&. 0@+  2 $%+',>,>$9,\>aB+' $(:+',>,>,>
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,>$#,>Z,>,OB$$>~,>$#,>,p5t,>~,>,>$" $".y $E Q@XXTX $E .< $". $' $&.  @c@+. pO+, . . 
J.3+)+2*Q*`ZXpZXb6+>>},^,^,^,^,^,~$$`@cH$F$G$H$I$J$K$L$M$N	$OFORESTerror#inroutineLinkageerror,found~bySWEEPCHAINroutineBaddynamicEblock:o,>,>>,>},]>iB$$aB+i,>},>B$$aB+i$#!pB@,>s,@b@$$+b,>~,>,>>B$$aB+,>b@$#+	a$(!yb@+,>|,,B$$>,c@$$++b@$#,$(!Bc@+"c@$#@@$$,$$a@+T>c@$#+(+$(!>@c@+( $(Z.$" @$(,$(!O@c@+n $(!rtc@+ Z4@dZ.$"s@$(+s$(! @c@`+&Z`.$"!Lec@`+,$(!>G@,$([.$"a@$(+$( $(!@c@+WZ.$" @$(:$&+b@$#+:,$(!  b@3B+7Z4@3.$" @$(+.[.$" @$(>$& $(!  G@+. $(!  c@+:@+l $' $&.  b@+R,>~,>,>
. H$( . [. @$)3F$)+@,>$),F $".  $& . $) Q@>+A@@$$ $$>,^,^,~cH$Y$Z$[$\$] 
$'$&.$>cD+Z$".$([(XD$d\$'$&.$@cD"+S$d]$"Z(.+W$d]$"Z(.$Q$`D$'$&.B,~$'.(D,~6$$$B$#$\D$#!$~BDO@$&"B$$$#Z/"B$%ZB$&[B$'."B$'.$%."B$(@Z4Fk"&~AZ5Fp!&cF+p,>,;>$#[$,3F+zZ[4FtQD4DuXF[$, $#XF $#QD $# &$)XF $#QD$,aB@ $#Z F$" $" D$(,~$FOREST error in  routineFound item other than key before end of key searchData type:  Level: FOREST error in  routineOut of items before end of key search,>,>,>,>> $" @$( |9@:$& $' $&.  $'.  b@+.,>~,>,>
p5Jh "A1B+
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[`(@.[`..61v+q % %	  @@5F  G> >,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~HcHX'	'
'''''FORFIL FILE error in  routineIncomplete transfer of dataFORFIL PROGRAM error in  routineCannot return excess pages to free listFORFIL PROGRAM error in  routineNot enough slots in file free list,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>,>z,>B,  %	Z @' %[Z@aV+G! G@$o  `@,>B,>J,>C,+C   @$u! G@$o! G@$o  `@,>B,>J,>C,, >}aV+K %	Z3x+K,\ +GaV+m4xm %	.0Z`@ .aV+R[p4BR5xS +b[p3b+XZp.XB[p/QBQXp,>B[p,>,>Zp,>,f >~aV+a[p/4xa[p(\.. 1`+O4xm,>,>,>J,>C,>,>,>D,>D,>E,>A,>E <~,nB>} @x,>,>F <},d{ 6>|aV+ % %	[Z2 +[4@  ,>,>F,C >2V+w 6+  ,>,>F,>,r >~`V+,>,>,>J,>C,>,>,>G,>G,>H,>A,>H <~,nB>} @x,>,>I <},d{ 6>|aV+ Rx,+`B+,>,>,>J,>C,>,>,>I,>J,>J,>A,>K <~,nB>} @x,>,>K <},d{ 6>|aV+: %[/'.X%	 %	[X@ %	 %  @7`%	+- L`@  X@$q@@$s  %	X@$p  `@,>B,>J,>C,,8 ! G@$o  `@,>B,>J,>C,+C   @$u! G@$o  `@,>B,>J,>C,, >~+:! B@$o  `@,>B,>J,>C,+C  %X@$k  `@,>B,>J,>C,Ya@b ( 
LbA+  M @$j  Q@$m@@%>}> >~,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$ol$p@$j,ZcH'''''%
'''''''' '!'"$j`FORFIL FILE error in  routineTable is too fragmented for expansionFORFIL FILE error in  routineFile is too fragmented to expand table,>,>,>,>,>> %	 .  %[Z/@ F B'#@ .F7@`+r,>,>,C>2B+l[`.@@p%
+p '#[`[3d+p .F B'#26+r.<1|+e 826+ '#[4D,>,>,C B'#,>'#,>,>'#,r aX+} '#[.Z`+,>,>,>J,>%,>,>,>&,>&,>',>A,>' <~,nB>} @x,>,>( <},d{ 8>|+,>,>,>J,>%,>,>,>(,>),>),>A,>* <~,nB>} @x,>,>* <},d{ 8>~>}aX+ %	Z.X@@0$+! .F @'. ." '.[5@0"+ %
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+[.&1f+I3J0"+o . ..&7@+o[Z.Z2V+o[[.QR+m1B+h .6@+j .@@+o . .  R."1b+e ,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,> } ~ ~1b6@+ .7@+ 
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 <,nB>~ @x,>(,>
Z<},d{>|O+	,>'A,>'7,>'8,>~,':.@'8 ':O+~$'8.@@.>3>+},';3`':+'9a'9Q@,>'9 ';/':,> ':.':,>,OaBO@':>~ ':>,^,^,~cH'B'C'D '9Z D'3."  ';2(':+[1H+ [[.'3Z H';+[QH@ ':3d'; "A"`B F':.B'4,~> '44B B'E+( '9[$( ':&"$"."3b+$ . D'E+([1"+'.(+'$( H'E!" B@@x,>'E ",>,>',>o,>o,>o,a^aB+/ } D'8 aF+2 'E&" B'9A&.F'5>} >,~Z$,1B$)+<[3$'8+;Z4d;!$bD+<Z+6[3$'8+BZ D'8[ D'9,>,@.B'5>,~@,~Z$,1B$)+I[3$'8+HZ4dH!$bD+IZ+C[3$'8+OZ D'8[ D'9,>,@.B'6>,~@,~,>,>,>,>>Z$,@0\$)`X+k!"bBp3\'9+jZp4bjZp[p$4,>,@XT "QB V ",>,>n,>o,>o,>r,b !" B|@@} '8$",> "|,>,>',>o,>o,>o,a^aB+i z D'8 >zaXZp+TaX+m '8 B'9A8.X'6 >,^,^,^,^,~cH,>,>,>>@ '9Z[$<!$cD+
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 '3.} |XB`\`` } .|/"@2j &@0J $A&50F+j,>6,>',>o,>6,>(,>(,>7,>9,>7 <,nB>~ @x,>(,>8,>(,>8,>,>o,i],>9,>9+3h+w,>6,>',>o,>6,>(,>(,>:,>9,>: <,nB>~ @x,>(,>;,>(,>8,>x,>o,i],>9,>;+3b+,>6,>',>o,>6,>(,>(,><,>9,>< <,nB>~ @x,>(,>=,>(,>=,>w,>o,i],>9,>>,> <,nB>} @x <|,d{>{+2J+,>&,>',>o,>6,>(,>(,>>,>9,>? <,nB>~ @x,>(,>? <},d{>| "+35H '9! B@ '9[$ X@  Q@ '3 @x  ,>,>n,>o,>o,>6,b  '9Z`,>'9,@>}+3 $ '9."[2 }+#[.'3+  Z.2@+(Z.|X@+*[Q@` }Q@ [1@+2 .'3 Z.2@+2ZZ`.X@[`Q@ >,^,^,^,~8cH'E'F'G
p'H'I'J'K'L'M'N'O	'P'Q'R'S,> !"cBp+F,>,>o,>o,I,>},Z>~+G "`BR`p,^,~,>,>,> } .$Z.Z &3F~7} Z
O+W $8. ~4FT0F+U".V`4fW1f.\`."3"+Q,^,^,^,~,> !"bBp+`!"cBpZ`p,>,1bb>"b,^,~&pMSGFND pbMSG$FIND pdCHECK_HASH_LIST pfID_SEARCH piMSG$GET pkUPDATE_HASH_LIST pmHASH_SLOT ppMSG$OPEN prNEXT_PAGE ptMSG$CLOSE pvehjloqsuwDesired ID cannot be found in the text template file p}Text file:   p Desired ID:  p Additional info:  p ,>,> ~ B'd *4B 7@'d+ ,> 6,>,>'d,> 7,> 6,> 7,q*>}+ @0B+  *+ # *4B 7@'d+ ,> 6,>,>'d,> 7,> 6,> 7,q*>}+ @0B+   *+ #, < 5\ #, Z7\@@4\ $ " aB+ + \* *,>,"! >aX+ +,! 1X*+ 4,> 8,>y,> 8,> 9,+ "'b B* 'd B*,> 9,> :,> :,> ;,> ;,> 6,$]>{ ,^,^,~mc  *** *,>'d,>*, *.  B* *4B I@@x,>'d,>,> 7,> 6,> K,q*>}aB+ G> *,~ *Z D*+ @>@,~mUnable to re-read a message from text template file p KText file:  p QMessage:    p TAdditional info: p V@,>,>@ *4B h,>,"!>`B+ h,> 8,>z,> 9,>!,+ "'b B* * B*,> 9,>!,>!,>!,>!,> 6,$]>{+ s <`X+ ,>!,>!,>!,>!,> 6,> 6,>!,o) 0\+ t 'd."
,>,"!>`B+ t>|@+ >|0\+ j,!`B+ iZ*1b+ i,!;,> 6,>'d,>*,> 7,> 6,>!,q*>}`B 8+ i *,^,^,~ Q Y*****m

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,>,"!>aB+!$,>!,>!,>!:,>!,> 6,> 6,>!9,o)>|aB+!$Z*."XB*@@x,>!,>!9,> 6,>!9,h9 >~ 'd[*.Z*. B'eZ*/"XB*0\+!4 !: Bz * Bz@@x,>!; "y,>,> 7,> 6,>!9,q*>}aB+!4@,>!9,?SXB*>0\+!6 "*+!6@>y,^,~**m**  p*!,>> < "b* B*Z*/"XB*!" B@@x,> 8 ",>,> 6,> 6,> 6,>![,a^aB+!G } D* *R` $d!Z $d!Z@@@@x,>!9,>*,> 6,>![,kn * 'e D *,>!9,>*, * *. XH *. * F *.:>z >,^,~$$6$cHm  Z/&f$Z. */$A,~>!"cB'j+!l,> 6,>},>",> 7,> 6,>",r;>}aB+!k,"L+!l "+",> 6,>},>",> 6,>",kn@@*@@* |5B!r $!\ D*+!s B* {5B!u $  D*+!v B*!" B}@@},>* "|,>,> 6,> 6,> 6,>",a^aB+!} z D*!" Bz@@z,>* "y,>,> 6,> 6,> 6,>",a^aB+" w D*!" B'b " B'b "B B'c,>",>",?4@b ( 
"b"+  " B'e "QB'h "'bXB'f " B'p!"GB'j "b",>" ,> 6,>" ,,O@'c!$ D* !8 D* $K D*aB+"@@x,"!>u>,~@$'j*/mcH'T'b'e`'e,Z &"
 B'd /'d B*2&" B*2 *12B'c+"( "+"0 ">d"= $XD'l *1(D D'n $(XD'k $d",>" ,> 6,>">,+c>~Z'l$$ D*13d*2+"9!$ D* "? D* *1XD*Z`* *2QD* *2d"? D*+":@aB+"< *1 D'c,~O@'c,~l'k,Z( p"?Hash table usage counts for  p"@SLOT	COUNT p"D p"G        p"H p"J,>,>,>,>,>> "
2B$+"Y "'b B*3,>#
,$]@@x,>#,> 6,> 6,> 6,> 6,$]>z * " .2O+"r *. 4\"hZp,>,>#,> 6,> 6,>#,b  # B} \H "},>,>#,> 6,> 6,>#,b  >{+"^ *.@@ "
2B$+"r X*5 *.  D*6,> 9,>#,>#,>#,>#,>#
,$]>}.838+"\ *4b#XB "QB * BH ",>,>#,> 6,> 6,>#,b  *XB} "QB} * BH "},>,>#,> 6,> 6,>#,b >{!"cB'j+#!"BB'j "b",>" ,> 6,>#,+C>~+# ">,^,^,^,^,^,~"D*3*3*4"FcH@"K*4*5*6,ZMSGWRT p#CRE_TEXT_FILE p#REL_TEXT_FILE p#WRT_INIT p#WRT_HEADER p#WRITE_MESSAGE p#TYPE_PAK_NUMBER p# DISPLAY_ERROR p##MOVE_FILL_LINE p#&CONVERT_VAR p#(COMMA_PRSNT p#+ZERO_CHECK p#-ERROR_MESSAGES p#0STK_ERROR p#2##### ###%#(#*#-#/#2#4STK_ERROR called$STK_REMOVE operation failed$STK_TOP operation failed$STK_INSERT operation failedInvalid STACK operationRE-initializing stack,>,>> <#b,d{O2@}+#P <#e,d{6@}+#R <#h,d{  2@}+#U <#k,d{ }3"#s+#W1b+#X <#n,d{ <#q,d{ |O2@}+#\@@+#]   @ |@@ |:>,^,^,~XcH+rXcH+sXcH+tXcH+uXcH+vXcH+w,~,~ XB+x "QB+x  B+y,>#{,>#{,>#{,!c>~,~+x,>  *7 B+y@@*7 +y4B$,>,$>,>, 
,B+z,+z4\$ \x,?SXBp +zXB*@ "b$
,! B+z>~+$> ",^,~$*=*9cHMSGWRT can not output all variables p$Message ID:      p$Variables left:  p$Additional info: p$,> *7@@*74B$! *8@@*8,>,$ \*8> " B+o  ." B+o  F+p +p  F+p " B+q,>, 
 B+z "bB*8,$C "bB+o7@+z+$0,>+z,%? B+o,! B+z>+$+7@+p+$;,>$=,>#8,>$>,>$>,+ |  D+| +p B+|,>$?,>$?,>$@,>$@,>$A,>#{,$] " B+o>{> +o,^,~#$$+{+|+}PACKET .:*8!" B+	 $W B+
,>#{,>$W,>$X,>#{,>$X,h9,>$Y,>*8,>#{,i]@@ Bx,>$X,>#{,>$X,h9@@x,>$Y,>$X,>#{,>$X,h9 "+	XB*@ "b$
@@*8>w,~*U+~+	m	+cHTTY:      p$[,>,>,>>!" B-T %' B-T " B-U!"cB*>+$e "*9 B,+$o@b ( 
%(b%%+  %( B-6 "QB-9 "-UXB-7 "b%&,>%),>#{,>%),U5 "-6 B,>~ "cB}+$t,>#{,>z,>%*,>#{,>%*,kn>+$y , {XD $d%',>,>#{,>%),X
 y4x% "~ .6O+% "bB{+%@@x,>%+,>%*,>#{,>%*,kn>~ z.  D-S@@x,>-S,>%*,>#{,>%*,h9 x.,> x.,>,>%+,>%,,'|XBz "QBz %, BX@@x "z,>,>%*,>#{,>%*,h9 "bBu+% , $-TXD $d%' B@@x,>%),X
!" B-T %' B-T " B-U>>z.<3<+$| "cB{+%# , $-TXD $d%' B@@x,>%),X
>>},^,^,^,~@$-;$,2-6`-6cH-Tm-V,$\,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000\`#%! p%1<>0~-+ p%3#%! p%5\><0,~+,,,\~\>\+\-\0##\,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> w  b@-W+%L! | @+@@+@@+	,>'R,>'S,>'S,>#{,>#{,>'T,a^   @-W>}!  @.^ 'T @.^R`._[P`'Q  `'R P @._ PX@.`Z`.`!  @.` 'U @.a   @.a@@.]@@+r@@@@  c@+q+%[   @+o+%a,>'U,>'V,>'V,>'V  |,>,>#{,>'W,o)`B z B+o>| "2B+o+'; "bB+q+&K@1T0 " @1T. " @1T " @1T " ,>#{,>'V,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9 G B| "bB|+%w,>'X,>'V,>'X,>'V,>#{,>#{,>'W,o)+&;0P+%~Z._."b._ B._[.`Z._.."QB.` "XB._+&<0R+&<,>'X,>'V,>'Y,>'V "y,>,>#{,>'W,o)`B wZ._0B+&:0V+&	 'Y B.\ 'Z+&0V+&
,'Y,B.\,'Z+&0V+& '[ B.\ '[+&0V?+& 'Y B.\ '\ B.\+&0V+& 'Y B.\ '\ B.\ " B+q+&0V +&!" B.\@@.\ " B.]+&!" B.\@@.\,>'],>'],>'^,>#{,>#{,>#{,>'W,o) B+o "2B+o+&9,>'X,>'V,>'],>'V,>#{,>#{,>'W,o),>'^,>'V,>',>#{,>#{,>#{,>'W,o)>|aB+&3,>'^,>'V,>',>#{,>#{,>#{,>'W,o)>|`B+&3 " Br+&3@@rOb. B.!".B.` "bBr+&9Z.."XB.>|>|+&; "XB.>|,>'^,>'V,>'`,>#{,>#{,>#{,>'W,o)G G,>'^,>'V,>'`,>#{,>#{,>#{,>'W,o) GZ.1"`R+&J " Bu+&J@@u>v "2B1P+&M+&Q,>#{,>'V,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9>}+'5 "2B+q+&y,>#{,>'V,>'a,>'S,>#{,>'W,q* aX+&]Z.b. B.[.`Z..QB.`Z.`Z./+&^ .`XB.,>'^,>'V,>'a,>#{,>#{,>#{,>'W,o) B+r +r`D@@+q A0B+&pZ./"XB.@@x,>'V,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9Z.b. B.[.`Z..QB.` "XB.+&xaD+&rZ./"XB.@@x,>'V,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9R`.Q`.`Z.`b. B.>w+'5 "2B.]+' . "b. B. .`XB.,>'V,?SXB.`Z.`/"XB.`R`.Q`.` X.>+'5@ +o +q.,> +p.,>,>'b,>'V,'|XB.^,>'^,>'V,>'b,>#{,>#{,>#{,>'W,o)>|aB+'Z.Z.^3b+'Z.Z.^/ B~XBz "QBz 'c Bz@@x "z,>,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9  >~`T+',@@x,>'c,>'V,>'S,>#{,>'W,q*>}`B+'$@@x,>'d,>'V,>'S,>#{,>'W,q*>}aB+'(@@x,>'d,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9+'2`@+'*,>'^+',,>'^,>'d,>#{+'.,>$?,>'dZ.,>,mz@@ Bx,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9>:+q?`+p@>|`\+',>'U,>'V,>'V,>'V "{,>,>#{,>'W,o)`B y+%`,>#{,>'V,>'W,>#{,>'W,h9Z.`4`'B  b@.]+'B,>'W,?SXB.`>@@x,>'W,>'S,>#{,>'W,h9  b@.]+'L  +X@*@  `$
R`+>~>{ +o>{,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$._6$._+cH-W+
._%3m.`%6.b p%7%8 p%8%9%9.\%5.c.d.e.f.g.h-X.i%,.j.k.^/-/--/0123456789 0123456789: . no.\><0~ p'k\##,,0,,unk..BTT t.b.s., MSGWRT: Unsupported variable type p'rTYPE:   p'vAdditional info: p'x,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> x!  @/ *2 @/  z @/!  @/ y  gQ ` @/    @/  x <"(1"	+
+(+(Y+(z+)=+(+)F+)T+(s+(t+(d+(+(+(d+)r+)=+)z+(Y+)F+)I,>$=,>#:,>$>,>*3,+ v @/:,>'^,>*3,>*4,>*4,>*5,>#{,$]@@+o>{+*',>X,>*5,!)  ,>'X,>*6,>*6,>*6,>#{,>#{,>*7,o),>'U,>*6,>*7,>*6,>#{,>#{,>*7,o)>y= (Z/[/.X@/!  Q@/! *2 @/!,>'X,>*6,>*8,>*6,>#{,>#{,>*7,o) /`*,  `*- / @/",>'X,>*6,>*8,>*6,>#{,>#{,>*7,o) /`*-  `*. / @/#,>'U,>*6,>*9,>*6,>#{,>#{,>*7,o) /`*.  `*/ / @/$@@x,>*9,>*:,>#{,>*7,kn k0@+(H@@x,>*:,>*:,>#{,>*7,h9>~+(X0 0`+(X@@x,>*;,>*:,>#{,>*7,h9  2@i+(S <*0,nB@@ @x,>*:,>#{,>*7,h9+(XZ/#/ X@/#@@x,>*:,>*:,>#{,>*7,h9>>|>r+*',>$Y,>X,>#{,i]@@ Bx,>*:,>#{,>*7,kn  2@u+(y@@x,>*;,>*:,>#{,>*7,h9>~+(y X5@(k0\+(g,>#{,>*<+(h,>#{,>*<,>*:,>#{,>*7,kn+)S,>$Y,>,>#{,i],>*=,>,>*= <,nB@@ @x,>*:,>#{,>*7,kn>~+)S,>*>+(u,>*>,>X,>#{,i]@@ Bx,>*:,>#{,>*7,kn>}+*'[XZX@@@t y X@//[`*1  `*1  @/0!  @/.  gQ ` @/.  z @//Z//4`)
,>'],>*?,>*?,>#{,>#{,>#{,>*7,o) B+o 3@+o@4>|,>#{,>*@,>*?,>'S,>#{,>*7,q*>}`B+),>#{,>*@,>*?,>'S,>#{,>*7,q*>}`B+)`T+)*4p)!,>*A,>,>#{,i],>$?,>,>#{,mz,>*=,>,>*A <,nB@@,@x,>*B,>#{,>*7,kn>z,>*A,>,>#{,i],>'^,>,>#{,mz@@,Bx,>*B,>#{,>*7,h9/.X@/>+)<,>'^,>*?,>*B,>#{,>#{,>#{,>*7,o)>|aB+)7@,>'^,>*?,>*C,>#{,>#{,>#{,>*7,o)>|aB+)7@,>,>,>,>,>*?,>v,>X,*KXB/>|+*'1\6@X+)B,>#{,>*C,>*:,>#{,>*7,kn>~+)E,>X,>, z  X@/>+*'0\+)H X+)u +)u X $Q$` ,>*D,>,>#{,s,>,>,rcXB/ v *Q*`Z/ Z/b*2+ >}+*'!  @~@@~,>X,$ ,>X,>,$ Bx,#,>,>*D,$ Bx,$,>,$ ,>$Y,>,>$>,i] ,>*E,>,>'],i],>*E,>,>*F,> <,nB@@ @x  v,>,>#{,>*7,kn o *Q*`Zt uZtb*2+  tX@/  t,>,>#s,>#{,>#{,>*F,b >t+*' X   .  *gQ*`Z Zb*2+  X@/+*' X X .8 .  @ .< .0 .  @x .  @ X @`,>,>'^, Rx,>'^, B+o\ 3@`+*	6@+o+*

/2/./3/4/5th/6cH/7/8#%! p*G\000,,,>,>!  @/; ~  Q ` @/;  
,@/<,}R`/<[`+  `+  @/= X@/=Z`/=Z/= {a@+*v "cB|+*v,>'X,>+,>+,>+,>#{,>#{,>+,o)Z/<,>'U,>+,>+,>+,>#{,>#{,>+,o),>'X,>+,>+,>+,>#{,>#{,>+,o)Z/<,>+,>q,>,i],>$?,>,>#{,mz ,>+,>o,>,i],>$?,>,>#{,mz,>*E,>,>+,> <,nB@@ @x,>+,>#{,>+,kn>o+*}a@+*x,>++*x,>*A,>~Z/=,>,i]@@ Bx,>+,>#{,>+,kn>}Z/;,^,^,~$$/<6$/</</>m/?/@/A/;?SPEAR  Program error in module   -- Routine %SPEAR  Event file error detected in module  -- Routine %WARNING from module  --Routine -       ,>,>,> }0@++,>+=,>+=,>{,>+>++!0@++,>+=,>+>,>{,>+?++!5@+&,>+=,>+?,>{,>+@,>{ <~,nB@@ @x,>+@,>#{,>+A,kn>| 8! b@*>++,,>#{,>+@,>#{,>#{,>#{,>#{,$]>}! c@*>++3  b@*>++3  /BX@*@  `$
>~,>*E,>+B,>+B,>|c<,nB@@B@x,>+@,>#{,>+A,kn>|=8+& ",^,^,^,~`/C/D/E/F/G/H/BmcH/I/J,>,>,>>,|,.8!"cBp++M!"cBp++J^pm"^p	++M 6++M 6!
}^(+(	++g<++h<!(@4+n (  Z(.BaD++r <++x^(
`d++u $!++wXX( $ 0\++z!"GB(a\++} (	Z(. B(	,>,>},>},>,,J>~,^,^,~,>,>,>,>,> |ZX .4",3(B $,4G6@P+,R`P "b,4 "b,5@@P,>,7,>,>,7,>+b,>+b,>,8,a^>}!"@bBX+, HXBPZH H (K 
~^(,(	+,<<+,=<!(4,C,<+,C,<!,~,>  } Bp "cB}+,O@@p ~+,Q " Dp ~4B,U,>,7,>p,>p,>},>~+,V p,^,~-    ERSTR call failed
,>,>,>>}z,o4@,l`@/K@@`,>{,>{,>+b,>{,co,t! /K @`>~ |>,^,^,^,~
 "Q"@@@x ~@+,z/$D.&3f+,y x>,~UNSPEC p,}NONE p,ALL p-FINISHED p-EARLIEST p-LATEST p-CHECK p-ON p-
 p. p.HELP p..	0\
For further information type: HELP p.
One of the following: p
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.*?May not havec"?",l"@",t<esc>,oort<backsp>in%file p.-?Thatdfunctionispnotavailableap.4%Notdeffectiveinpthisfunctionrp.8%PleasedselectnfunctionfirstUp.=?Notpaevalidinumbersp	.A?Endctimedmustlberlatersthanrbegin timep.D?ValueSisNoutQofVrangep.I?Not a valid name or number p
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,>,> /MZ4@0*  b@+0* /O  2@+0,>0E,>/
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,"+0)Zp,>,>p,#u /MZ,>,#|>> /M[4@0=!  @0? 0F @0@   @0@,>0G,>0G,>0H[,>,>0H,>0I,>0I <},nB@@ @x,>0J,>/
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,>aB+0{ /a B/Z /a B/[,>1,>0,G>+0t> /O $2D+0 $GD/T $cD/T+1 1 D1C 1+1 1 D1C 1 D1C 1 D~Od Dp,>/
,>1,o) >|0X+0a>~,^,^,~/T/]/W p0L p0L p1Cm?/@!
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,>1\,o)`B { B1D  2@1D+12@1X "@1X  G @1D  b@1D+15,>1\,<Z>>|  c@1D+1F,>1[,>/
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?/@!> "bB+1k /MR` /M2B/O+1n 1 B1Z 2,+1u"01B+1q /M2B/N+1s 2, B1Z 2-+1u 2- B1Z 2. B1[,>2.,>/M,>2/,>/M,>/
,>2/,o) /M[@1F $G&2+G&2+ F1\@3B/N &@3B/O $G0D+2 20 B1Z 20+2@ /N3D0z "A1\0B+2
 21 B1Z 21+2 /N2B0z+2 22 B1Z 22+2 "2B1\+2 23 B1Z 23+2 24 B1Z 24 B1[,>25,>/M,>2/,>/M "z,>,>/
,>2/,o)aB+2 y D1\ /MZ4d2%/$d B1Z /M 1Z1D+2 0D+2%Z/$XD /MZ/$d D1Z+2 /N2B0z+2),>1\,28 B1\>>y 1\>,~1_ p1` p1`1Zm p1a p1b p1c p1e p1f 	01234567890123456789:> } B~!" B1] /MZd D1] $KZ/XD1^Z`1^,>2.,>2e,>2f,>2e "~,>,>/
,>2f,o)aB+2F | D{Z1] B1^ /M[0B1B+2J+2`,>2.,>2e,>2g,>/
,>2f,o)aB+2P x Dw B1_ "2B1_+2_ "2Bw+2_,>2.,>2e,>2g,>2e "v,>,>/
,>2f,o)aB+2Z@t1Dt /MZ.1^Z1].XB,>t,28+Bs>|>|,{1B+2c0"0b1B Bz>| ~>},~1]1m1`1a@@/T 1D+2m1$+2l1d+2m0D+2n "+2~0D +2p "+2~0D+2r "@+2~1D+2y0D+2u "+2~0D+2z /M &cF+2y "+2~ "+2~0D+2| "+2~0D1D
,<}b0>~ "cB/T+3 ".	 B0`"0$0G$0G,~"/T/T.
,>,>,>,>,>@ 8 /MZp5B3 /MZ5D3)@ ".l+3< "/2"/Q+3,>,>/Q+3 /MZ4D3,>,>3Z,>/
,<} >~+3 @["0.0X+3+ "cB/T+3%,>0`+3) "/2"/Q+3) /Q "X.,>+3),>3Z,4[ +385X3? "/3"/Q+39,>3[,3b aX+30 21c+35,;Y  /M $0^ D/MaX+35 Bx,4[ 1X+38 ".g B0_+38@>+3A /M[0D+3= ".Y B0_+3A ".] B0_R`0^+3A,>3[,>/
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,>3\,kn "bB/T+3P 0z2B/N+3P,>3\,4u >,>3\,>/
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,>4T,o) >|1V+4!2V1_+4N,>2.,>,>4W,>,>/
,>4T,o) "cB/T+4/,>25,>,>4W,> "z,>,>/
,>4T,o)>|`B |0B+44Zp."XBp+44,>25,>,>4X,>,>/
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,>4T,h9@@ \x,>4X,>/
,>4T,kn "cB/T+4@,>4Y,>,>4Y,>4Z,>/
,>4T,kn /M XD0\ "cB/T+4I@@x,>4Z,>3Z,>/
,>4T,h9>~ 1eXBp[1eb4R "b4R 1f Bp>w+4O@"4S>,^,^,^,~$$p6$p
1g1hm1i1j1k1l1m1n1o1e1p1f:>.] 4r B1 4s B1  /MZZ/ B24b4lXB2 "QB2Zb B2 "cB/T+4n,>/
,>4u,o)>|0B+4nZ1."XB2+4n!" B2@@2,>/
,>4u,h9>} "2,~ pB1q221m,>,>> }@ /M3B/N $@ /M3F/O "G1B+5,>/
,>5',q*>}$5&0D+5@+5 /M$2+0D+5
,>5',q*>}aB+5 <+5 <+5[0D+5,>/
,>5',q*>}`B+5 <+5 <4\5# /MZd\ 1 B /MZd Dx,>/
,>5',h9>}@4\5$ ">,^,^,~.	m--,>,> /MZ4D5:,>0,>/
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," /M[0D+59 "/2"/Q+59,>5Y,>/
," "bB/T+5B /M!$cD+5@,>5Y+5A,>5Z,>/
,=#> /MZ4D5E[0D+5V "/2"/Q+5V "bB/T+5V /Q @+5M /Q.,>,>/
,=#>.<3|+5J /M2B/N7@/P+5T[1D+5T,>5',>/
,">>,^,^,~.... -  p5Z,>,> "/2"/Q+5c,>/M,>/Q,>/
,<} ["0.>~+5n@<0`\+5n /M@Z4F5h $ aD+5n,>6,>/
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," /M[0D+5s,>6,<Z+5u,>6 ,<ZR`0^>~1|+5},>0,>/
," /M!$cD+5{,>5Y+5{,>5Z,>/
,=#>~@1\ & /M@Z5H6 $"0GA0D+6[0B+6 /Q "`.7 0`,>/
,>6 ,q*>}aB+6 "BB/T@,>3],>/
,">,^,^,~5[.Y.]m,> "/2"/Q+6%,69  "cB0{+6&,6Z  "bB0;7@/S+6, /M $bD+6,,>/M,:<>a\+61 /MZ4D61 /MZ,>,;3 >`\+68R`0^ "GB/T /M[5D66,;9+68,>0,=Z> ,^,~,>@,>/M,>/Q,>/
,<}[ZB/R5H6?".]+6D0H+6C /Q /R.  B/M <+6D ".b B0 /M@[1D &@0H $A D0{ $bD0{ <`\+6P[5D6P 01B.]R`0^,>0,<Z>>~ ,^,~SPRCMD.COM:LP-9999- Unidentified response type. p
8_b8^+  8` B0 "QB0! <!" B2 8` B2 "B B2 /M[4B6g1B+6g0B+6q,>/
,>8a,q*>}`B+7, /M[O1X@0X+6@ /M XD $QD 0] D,>/
,> "~,>,>1_,>/
,>8a,q*>}aB+6 "0\ B/M0X+7@v@ ( 
8bb8^+  8` B/d "QB/g /MXB/d "0\QB/d!"GB/h "b/
,U5 >~`\+7 /MXB/d "2QB/d!"GB/h "b/
,U5 >~a\+7 " B0<+7 /MXB/d "0\QB/d!"GB/h "b/
,>8a,o)>|0B+7- 2, B /M  D,>/
,>8d "~,>,>1_,>/
,>8a,q*>}aB+7- "+8\ /MXB0 "0\QB0!"GB0" "b/,>/
,U5 >~a\+7=,>/
,>8a,kn "b/,>/
,>8e,WG "2 B/M>|+7U@b ( 
8b8^+  8` B0 "QB0! /MXB0 "0\QB0!"GB0" "b/,>/
,>8c,U5 >~a\+7U,>/
,>8a,kn!"GB0" "b/,>/
,>8e,WG "b/,>/
,Ya "2 B/M>z0X+7f@ /MXB0 "0\QB0!"GB0" "b/,>/
,>8c,U5 >~a\+7f,>/
,>8a,kn "b/,>/
,>8e,WG "2 B/M>|0X+7{@,>0,>/M,>8f,>/
,>8a,o) 0\+7r,>0,>/M,>8f,>/
,>8a,qS>}aB+7z,>8h,<Z@>>|0X+7}@ "." B20X+8@ ".( B20X1X+8+8@,>/
,>8a,o) 0\+8 /MZ1d+8 /M[0D+8@,>8h,<Z>>|+8 /M[0D+8@,>8i,<Z>0X1X+8+8+@ 1 B /M  D,>/
,>8i "~,>,>1_,>/
,>/M ",>,>/
,>8a,ja>|`B xaB+8+,>,!" B/M>0X1X+8-+8V@,;Y 5\8H,>0,>/M,>8j,>/
,>8a,o)>|aB+86,>/M,!?+87,>/M,!> 4\8U,>8j,>,>/
,i]@@ Bx,>8e,>/
,>8a,kn "2 B/M /M[0D+8B \2 \x,>8k+8D3|2+8F \x,>8k,!) <+8G@,>8l,<Z>|+8U0\+8K,>0_,<Z@+8U /M[0D+8Q,>/
,>8a,kn <>~>568Z,>/,>-|,>/,>8m,+>~ "+8\a\R`0^ >~,^,^,^,~@0`2-m,~/cco220!2cH."2.C2.L.P.T22	0G0J.H0M0N6YNo help file specified p8mUnknown switch p8q,> @1\ " B20\+8z7@/R+9 " +8{5\8| "GB/T+90\+9
 /M[ D2 /P5\9,>9*,>/
,"+9Zp,>,>p,#u,>2,#|> /M2B/O+9	Ob0^ B0^,>0,=Z>>+90\+9 "@GB/T,>0,=Z+90\+96@/R+9,>9+,<Z>+9,92+91\+9,>/,>-},>/,>9+,+>~ "+9("9)$9*G B2R`0^ "bB/T+9! "@bB/T+9! "bB2+9! "bB2+9!,;9+9' "bB0<+9$ "cB2+9' " bB/T+9',>0,=Z>@@0< 2,^,~/T /T8p.@8s:  p9+:  p9- -  p9.,  p90,>,>,>,> /M@x/M,>0,>/
,">} /R O+9h \/Z,>1,>/
, /R.  D/M /M4B9g[4D9g7@p0{+9R,>0,>/
," /M[,>,>/
," /M[0B+9N,>8l+9P1B+9P,>p0{+9P,>8m,>/
,">}+9g,>1,>0, B0;`B3X/M+9\,>0,>/
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," /M+9faB+9_,>9o,>/
,"> "cB0;+9g,>/[,>/
,",>1,>0, B0;>}+9_>>.<3<+9>,>0,>/
," V/M>~,^,^,^,^,~9,9.9/91,>,> ~ B/MO /R4B9z O+9y . 
/M2J+9y+9z.$3$+9u4<:/0{ .,>`0{,<@ B`0{ /M!$cD+:.0{,>,:*>> "0{,^,^,~Program name defined twice p
,<} /<[1B+:,>/,>-~,>/,>:),+>| "+:(Q< &" &z. &" "(BcB+:% {.  D0? |.  D/R |.  D/S }.  D/S2\27@/S+:#,;s \2 0? B/M+:',>:),<ZO>>~ ,^,~:.8  B/V 0{ D/V B/Z 0{ D/[,>/
,>:;,r;>}aB+::,>1,,>,>,> /R O+:G /R. }2D+:G X/Z,>1,>0,G X/a,>1,>0,G>~.838+:@ /S  /2\6+:V /S . }2F+:V.  wO+:T .,>,:<>.838+:Q+:W.63v+:L,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,>,> "b/
,WG@b ( 
;b8^+  8` B0 "QB0 |XB0!"GB0 "GB0 "b/
,>;,U5 "/UXB0 "b/
O /R O+:y p0{4B:vXB0 "b/
.8>+:x /,>,>,;>.<3<+:p "b/
,>;,WG>z,^,^,^,~0cHTVEV,>,>,>@` ~ @/Z,>1,>/
,,>1,>0, B0;  c@0;+;.8,>1,>0, B0;>+;	4x;/,>8j,>{,>/
,i],>1],>;1,> <,nBX@0  `/
,i],>1],>;2,> <,nBX@0  `/
,,>1,>0, B0;  c@0;+;* /[X@0  `/
,>1,>0, B0;>}+;"  2X@0  `/
>s>~,^,^,^,~2cH2  /$  /(,>.",>,>,~> "GB/T,>0,>/
," "cB0<+;E "GB/T@@0< "b/
,>;Y,WG /O@@,"g B/O>+;X "BB/T 0zXB~ "QB~ /O  D 0z[4D;M "~,>,>/
,">Z0^b0^,> /O,>,rcXB} "QB} /O  D~Z}4b;W "},>,>/
,<} [0B+;k "p 
.) D/M /M[0B+;c@@x,>/M,>;q+;f0B+;k@@x,>/M,>;q,>1_,>/
,>;r,q*>}aB+;j <+;l <+;l@0\+;n ".H B0_R`0^>~ ,^,~.)--m- ,>,>,>,>,>>,>1,>/
,G@@@0{."1b?+;x /M /S O+<9 /R. 4\<9 /S.7@+<9 /S.  D/M@@x,>/M,>3Z,>/
,><?,kn "0\ B/M "cBp+< /M $d,>,!>[p1B+<0B+<, 1 B| /M  D|@@x,><? "{,>,>1_,>/
,><?,q*>}aB+<,@@x,>/M "|,>,>/
,ja>}`B }aB+< Vx,!" B/M,>0,>/M,><@,>/
,><?,o)>|aB+<%,>/M,!?+<&,>/M,!> ,>8j,>,>/
,i]@@ Bx,>3Z,>/
,><?,kn>~ "0\ B/M,>`0{,<@ B`0{>}.838+;} T/M>},^,^,^,^,^,~m22 >7@~7@/M+<N!" B@@x,>0 ",>,>1_,>/
,><V,a^aB+<J } D{ {R` $d<U $d<U@@>} /M4B<S,>/
,><V,kn>}+<Sg ~>,~$$6$cHm?
,>,>> }!  @2) <x @2*  ( @2* 1 @ p @x,>/
,><y  ~,>,>1_,>/
,">Zp/ X@  Q@ p` @x,>0G,><z,><{,><{  },>,><|,><| <},nB@@ @x,><},>/
,">y,^,^,~2!2+m.-2,2-2.2/202),>,>,>,>,>> {@ 6 " .2 {2v+=ZP4d=.  PXB "QB p BH,>/
,> "~,>,>1_,>/
,>=,q*>}aB+=.=X "cB|+=,>,>/
,>=,q*>}aB+=Q8+=9= >,^,^,^,^,^,~m						      >  (): ,>,>>!  @2q =U @2q  @ @2r,>0,>/
," /M"=T&" X@~  Q@~ =U @@@x  ~,>,>=V,>/
,>=V,kn /M  c@+=7@@x,>=W,>=V,>/
,>=V,h9>~  b@z+=<@@x,>=W,>=V,>/
,>=V,h9  c@x+=P /M2\/N+=C@@x,>=X+=MZp4@=L "@bBp+=L,>=X,>=Y,>,>=Y <,nB@@ @x,>=V,>/
,>=V,h9>~,>=V,>x,">zZ2q>,^,^,~$20=2qm2r2s2th2u2v2w,>,> ~@1F $ ">*G0F+=a 0z+>0F+=c /M[+>"00B+=f /N+>"00B+=h /O+>0F+=j /N+>">*0B+=m /M+> /M&>+A0D+=v 0`4b=s0b+=s>0`.>,+>,>>-,>>-,>1_,#K>~+>0X+=x /M[+> "bB0{+= /Q1b/+= /R. $/2$+= "+=@0B+> /Q /R. +> /M[0|/+>$>+0D+> 0`4d>
,>>-,>>-,>1_,#K>~  D/M /MZ "@cB/T+> " B0<@@0{ "bBpaX+>[p /M2\`X+>%4B>%2B/N3B/O+>% "3B~+>%">+0B+>" 0`4">0"+>:0`."0`+>!,>>-,>>-,>0,#K>~ /M D">+$>,G0B+>% /MQBp \/M4\>(Zp,>,>.>,^,^,~/T/Tp
p0a0` 4B>=!$bD/T+>=!$ D0\ >@ D0] $B D0],>/
,>>A,kn } XD0\ /M $cD+>< "b0],>,!>>} /MZ D/Q /Q  D/Q,~0NmProprietary Property of Digital Equipment Corporation                CONFIDENTIAL DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE
 p>F                           PROPERTY OF
 p>R               For Use by Digital Personnel Only
 p>X  p>_  p>`  p>b  p>c  p>e  p>f  p>h,>?	,>?
,>?	,>?	,>?	,>?	,$]@@x,>?
,>?	,>?	,>?	,>?	,$]@@x,>?,>?	,>?	,>?	,>?	,$],>?,>?	,",>?
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,Qw[F3Z`,>,Qw7@ & F3	4F?nSX(3 [0f	 &	*(3 ,Qw[F3
,QwOF3!	b
+  B20J+?u:47O@48O@3O@3 "7@3 1J B3w,^,OO@3	b
QB3	 Q( B3\",	b7+@@b!$Lu
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6+@/O@,Ib4p@/,J,,IV+@ ,I;4p@4N@4N@/1P8J@ L7 ,HH+@%4p@/1P+@
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6m0,Ib5p@-OP3,~,Kq xLD4"Q(8D3,R3^4!,Ao,Qw[F3ZF3,Qw`faF+@8[F3ZF3,Qw[F3ZF3,Qw[F3ZF3,QwZF3Z^4>:@3+@A6@486@4>+@A+@O2^4!+B7P3^0 3YB(!"bB3
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7"bB3+@p 4`b!+B+@u7 4<+BO@4=:4< "bB3+@{ 4bBL+BL47@6 4+B,3,C4,A5p@V6`4+Fg6@4=,~6@3 +@A6@4>+@A6@48,~+@A,B@@3 0+@U,Kq ^4!O@4>,Ao,Qw 
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0350A@@48@@3!+B7@3Z"7@4>7@48,J.^0,CO+A 35pB,B1:@4!?@4!+A 3
,A"+A1P+A0P +A!!$bD3
,B4pA5B,R,>4>@@4>,>3,>3,>3!7 4>+A0 
3@@3,Af+AU J4! L3,Qw5FA3\&	f+AVafp+AV6@3 +AV F3
7 4>,CE L*"4@@4	 L*"4O@4 L*"4,B,Bg7@4!+AP:@4!>4!>@4!:4! *80APOp3@@3,IA 3
`bp+Lh"*bAB2N*bAB5"AI7@4!1P+AF+AJ6@4!0P+AI,IA3N4!+AJ4pA>,Iv+AIO@4pA>0P1P 00P+B,CO+AJ 3+AJ5JAU 4!6 4>4NAU L,LaB+AU ,P,,P$,Fh,K<,^4!,^4",^3,^3
,~INXg^NHtS:O@@4?@@4>7x6D4"Q^4!.37`@@37LQ( H3,QwZ7@7LQ( H3,Qw2FL+A~\&	f & F37`3@@3@@4O@4!,R6 4>,CE7 4>,CI@@4@@41,R,~^0 P37@3	7@3 5K,K<,~
2	b+B	-"KNSLL -"KNKNlL$-"KNI
L&-"KNM6|L)-"KNM6LL-7L5 L7,>d,L ,^aD+Kc,P\ ,Or6@417@4"+B "L8,P\ 4"7$41 "4", ",Pr+Kc,BL5"B- "7@3  B3w7@3  P3w7 \06@3t,K< "3  $	,C7B3"U"8v B3"7@3!O@3!7B3!S3	 B3!7B3 +B-	b`b O@3v? 3w+B/\"4pB,7 4>+B-1P5J. .3 Od4:-"K[ULL: .3 Od4:-"K[i6LL=,Kq7B3,~1B+L?,Q4"K
8+  "3 $3 &3,KM+BJ,K< 3 B3 3!"bB3!$>9 D37"3 "1b(B B3 S3X"36 3+BBd"6@47l" LA* +Z	`+ 	b
&	`
?SCNRLF Run failure -- "E 1" for code .3O@-"K[e^LLA,R 4,Bg+BOO@4,I\,H#1P+Bu4NBU6@4+FD,Fh,Hf N4 B4O@41P+By0P1P-+C1P+C1P+B}6`40P7+B6@47 4>7+B_1P+Bn1P+BO7@4,Fh!&GF4 &1P &1P &1P &1P &fL 4,~@@4 LE*$4O@4 L*$46@36@7,3!"GB4GB4,~6@3
+B,CO+FX,IV7+B5"C`b+C7@4:4+CL424NFF5BFE6@4+FGGN4!"BB4+BN,H#,Hf6@4+FHY42 N4+C6@4+Ff:4,Fh+BMO@4+BO,H#+C!*bJ4+FJGJ4GJ4,H,Hf0P+C6@4;+FIBJ4,I\+C`b4.LF0P+FI6@4;`n`N+FMRN4RB4,H,Hf6@4;`n`N+FOYN4YB4 *40P+C.*0*4+FSO@3,H#@@3,Hf N( B(4NFU+C0P.1P75pFL5pBNO@4+BO1"0+C &C26@47 4> &C",0d
|LK,>74,CE,^,~I4d&DGFC4d&GFD(w0h("`S` 	3FLD34LF	:*hCB,~O@4DLO*"4@@46@3,3@@3z@@3z,>3z,>3z@@3xDLO*"4,^3z,^3z!"BB3zBB3z,~,R,IA4NR:4:x,D7+CZ5bFWh.k``n`+LPh.k`,>(N,D+LQ,^!"0cC0+FVQ,@@4: 41b+C`Z00"40b47+C`2"32b3+FV 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. N4"@@4# LR*"41 0`d+LS4,D`dQ"6@4:+Cz1P+Cs6 4>+Co4pCo 40F+Co0P,J,+Cs`d@+Fcab5BD5"EF4NF\+D4BF`7 4>+Cz ,Ib,J,*0H+Cz@@3
7 4>0P+D,IA LY,HH+FY ./.DA.+D,^2NLY5NFZ .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5BD+EF,+EF+Ex "]<s_0_8 * 2,HH+LZ ,3 
4"D" L[,HH+L\6 5JD$ 
 ,L * %0 */*+R ",~O@,~,H}+E@,I+E@,Hn+E@,I+E@ L^*"4 ,BL 06@31LL7+L_Z[06 4>7@+D26@3
+D3+F],CLb*"45RLb,Hj643N4+D864>+LdN4474>0H+D;N40P+R,Hj3.4+Fe,~Lf07@O@,.,~Lg,IAd4NDU0P+DU,>,I0,^ &!$qbF4"*dDF6 >"$S`X$4" Li	f7+R,> INX+DT!`P3	!$K8@f`+DT,^ $
L[4JDk .+Di,Pp=nDi "Lx,P\ .,Pr (,P,*jDf,P$=lDa,Kw+Kf,R ,,P$ "Lx,P\,P$!$~,Pq[E>,Pr "Lz,P\ZE>,P\,P$*dDp,P$ "Lu1L "Lv,P\,P$,P$ 
L[ 4JE1Z/"8Z3.1L 
F0L Z3.1L 
F(0L ,>,>!$~ &[E>bHE<,PrbHE<.&*dE,Pr1f9E (,P, "Lz,P\,^,^5dE4DE`h+E+E#`h+E "L{+E1 "L|+E1Zah+E ab+E1,+E1[`h  !$y[E33F+E*dE "L}+E1ZE3,P\4HE1!$~ZE:3B+E*dE+E1 "L,P\[E: , ",Pr+E1Zah+E' ab+E1,+E1  ",PrO"M0"0b
0"0b1Ba+E/:@,Pp @,P,*pE) ",Pr7,P\,P$*jD{=lDu,~HDlMHD|MHE
Hn|MHpMHE,MI	MID(@M<M|M4M [06D 0`d `d +EE4BEE4.Fb2n+Fa,~ 0 0P
`j$+M"d,6@31LL+EK+M(ad`l$	(M+0h+Ei0H:"6"4>3BL+EV0H4BEV`jh+M+O(BQD"2B+F]`j 0H+E]!`1Nm.`NeY`GN`N5Ex[`BN5ExnO@1(b474>0H5Exd$0$40d4+Ee/$
I;tF>|D'D*IV,D(<D'F|DAHIA@A@D@@_IaAI@$AXX*U1XX0AXX"Y1,I*1S;H6I46g^NHtiF@CJ>[2KZ-`_ aJ,j<M'=G>vJ7C&)9-"KQItM3-"KQo4M5-"KN]4M8-"KQI4M:-"KQIDM<[`-"KUGM?,H-"KUIMB[`-"KUeMDaN[`-"KUSBTMHaN[``n+FR-"KUSB<MK-"KQSBtMN .4 $-"K[g$MP-"KN]N4MS-"KQk/MU-"KQCMV-"KN]OMX5"F[-"KQkO4MZ-"KQCO4M] 0-"KQkM_6@3
+Ex 0-"KQINLMb 0-"KQ]6
Me-"KSgZdMh-"KSgZtMj 0-"KQg[Mm-"KNYZLMo-"KNa:$Mt@@4-"KNk?Mw6@47 4>7,~6B4 B3x6B4 B3x 46@ D3y6B4 B3y Mz!"bB4*$4 4 4BD3zGB3zGD3z!$| 42BL B4*dFt6@353,~,I\@@49@@48:480P+F{:49,I\5G,I\@@49O@480P+F>49,I\5G,I\@@49@@480P+G:49+G0P5G>49,I\6B49 B48O@4" Mz*"4&,QK B42000p+G+G/,I<4NH H,HH+H
,./.H0.+G7B48+HZB49[42&$/7..R426D48m/.S.,>,GuZx,^P7`49+G3.42.M{+Gi4.M{3d42 +Gi4./.H0n+G$,N4%0P+HQ4$+GA0P+G?0n+H4NH	 N4$,I\000p+GC,H~4nH0n+H*4$0n+H+GF,Gv+G@7@49+GX7 49".42+Gi,I< H,HH+H
 ./.H N4%0P+GS@n,I\000p+GL$...Gh9GH4BH0B0b+H &$2&&1bO@1BO@ H4% F4& D4&>4$>4%,Gu7`48+GX " B4# B4# " B4$,IV7+B 42,Q7 &&t.N ( &$N6  4"+N@@ 4"af B 4"2B 4"+Gb1HZ=hG\7  4"@@ 4"=hGb[4NGh,Gl 48+@$N	+Gh7`48?84#:84#,Gl  "OR B412.N
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+H]N4$0P+G,H}0.+H4.H-N4#0P+G,H}0.+H4.HIN4#7"4$i"$"64#.4#$"6V4#.4#M$)w'"Q@[+R-"KN]:$NzgI65%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9$H~,H,I\@n4;0P+Hl5H%O@0P005H'5H*,I\@n4;0P+H'S.H$$,I\O@4;+HFO@0P+H4O@4;,I\0P+H-(D(Nl+H)000p+H1($l(N..Gh+H)@@4;,I6@O@4;O@)D+HF$"P,.B41,"+N*1N+,I\,I\6@3+H=0P+H;`fpB+H=,IT+N+`fp`/0`hpP.0,I\O@4;+H80P+HF/0`hpP,I\O@4;afp+HFB+HD7@4; $ D425I 5Qh,I\,I@n000p+HO`np+He(NpN/,I\+HK,IV+HW000p1+He,I\ $G`4BN0$"
,I'6N:1N4BR^0-"KQKbN;,Ib,I@@4"-Mz*"41\"PQ+B41+N:6`3+I.0P7@3+I.,IT,~3BN?+I:P,Ib+I*,Ib,I@@4" Mz*"41\"P\ B41 N?6`3+I80P7@3+I8,IT,~3BN@+I:P,Ib+I4-"KNZ4N@,I\ . "P, B41 N*,IV+NE/0`bpP,I\+I>,I\ . "P, B41 N*,IT+NI/0`bpP,I\+ID,I\,I,I\5IJ,I\@@4" Mz*"41 "P, B41 NL6`3+IO,IT+NM1P,I\000p/+B/02BNNP.0,I\+IM,IV1P:x,~0000p=7+R000p-,~0p00 :x,~,Ib100,~1p=/0,~1P6@3,~6@3,~ P37@,~,Iv7@30P,~,R N+ $,Iv4pIl1P+Il,I\00 0p-+It/0`bpP+If0P,J,!"{X"P,Qh+Iq/"P	 0,R,~ 5"Is-"KQk<NO-"KQC<NQ -"KQS<NS,>6@3
Q0-"JQ0-"J1P+J+I}!",J.7@3"^0+I}\P31`5J-"J6@363P3+4pJ"0P,J, 0@@34p1P+1P+0P1P+J*6 4<+7 4>0P7+N]0P+,J65pJ*+ P3
8+ 7  "
",~,J:1P6`3,~6@30,~,JH7`3,~40R4PJ:0P1P?+J:1PJP3PL,~6@37Nb Nb+@,JZ,~1P 00P1P 07@4>6@3.,~7@4<6@486`49,~0P+,R,K+K603tap`6@4=5Jw,Jw3PL+K,> 3taB+Nc ",Jw3PL+K=bJs,^0P,~> 3u+K7@3t+K:3v 0G4PJ},K+K703v+K0p@@+J
` +K 3u P3u +Jw3t000p+Nd@@4=,~,^^0,~,R7`47+K[3*0BK8+K NeS3,7@R3, Nf	b+K$" B3u Nf B3t+K
3)+K003++B3+,$	dadg6$@3++KbB3+e3-(BrQ"[27D3+gadS+(	h6( $5HK',>( "32 B(
,K97+K/6`47,K9+K-@@48@@47+K/ .3 O@4:-"K[SdNg^0,R,~[3*0BK8+K7QB3, "LuQB3*[3,7@Z3	P3	 B3,@@3+Z`3v+K	 .3 Od4:-"K[S|Nj0D	1D
+R<dR9R7@3 ,~6@3t7`47+KGO@477@3t+KC,K+KG@b@f + +KG NmS3,7@R3, Nf	b+ @@3 @@4:  3w@@3w@@3t Nm*"3v,~ .3 Od4:-"K[S^LNn (435Q	7Z,> ,L+Kc7Z (P,+KW7Z (P3+KW7Z (P2,> ,LaB+Kc,Pr , +Kc7Z,> Q,LaB+Kc,Pr4.Kb[,P2,PrZ,O.6@4:,KG^"7`4>7@3 7 B3,P$,P$ 37@3
@@37@4!+Kp 4!7 4>+A7D4"+Kp Dx "7@4>+A_ D}X$R Dx+@A,K	`7@4?,~@@4?,> 36@3t+Kx
27@487 4<^0+Kz,>
,Q+L	`	b,~7`
&Ns	`,RZ[`6@Q"8wQ$6@3
Q$ ~Z&,Nz B~,>6@3
4H04A4	A`42B+AI+ADNo option ]>tLL?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
L1Illegal character "S2L5" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@3O@5KH(8Wildcard illegal in /RUN specification@P4 N4 B4+C?04/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap@4?3xh.k`+FV,^5bFW+FVD04#7@6@5,Cg[ .8+D	]>tP!.+DC2` .+DTD 4"DO@+D~,E5bR4*D$4JD% +D"@P4 0`f+D.,35D3+D.B84Minsize:maxsize6@3
+D;+F]Exit programNam:"ASCII string"Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format,Dm+Dl% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Flags are: - :	Stand-aloneYes/noProcessor type (Max=<@Decimal numberOctal numberCore value"ASCII string""SIXBIT string"Multi-word SIXBIT stringSIXBIT wordDate/time pastDate/time futureDate-timeFile specificationVersion expressionBlock size wordSwitch does not constitute a commandSwitch is globalOr bit values from switchSwitch value requiredZanen1B+EH4BEH0"	+Fa "(B?X+EH`j+EK,35Ex+EK0[0BaB8+EVZ`nh`B8+EV+F],Ib0P,J,+C`Double file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberImproper programmer nameSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisA3{D(4#8R42X.+GR42+G,Mnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+G`3"42+ 2b42_XDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0P+HA,I\000p/+HA+H<0
$ "dN/,I\+HO0P+He,I\+H_B
Illegal@character+orfieldvtoolargein/VERSIONBn5JH^4"Multiple characters illegal in switch 41H4"41Input string exceeds the size of input buffer0P+I,I\000p/+I+I?0P+I,I\000p/+I+IEH4"0P,~+IO41Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word 3
(,^,~6@O@4=,~x32H32Indirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device>@3tWildcard illegal in indirect specification,Iv+Kx

. &,>,>,>[A"1B6@4?+O
8+,O@4?,O,Pr,OP,,^`FaH@+O	 ",PrZ,P2 ",Pr,PrZx`H,P\,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`fO(B}D4?[`G4?d"`Bl7@l,~c,R 
O	j'5P$,~O*4@,~,R 
7B(+O,P, "/,Pr6B(,Pc7B(,~,P,R((B}6@l"`,P,7@(,~ "(Q"5O6Z8  ,Pc  [ 1DYR5bPu,P, ",PrR ,P, " 5O6 6B ,Pc  ,P,R !$bD bD 4FO5 ",Pr ,P, " l" 7B +Pv`h+O:`b5P' ([/",>Q(} "-,Pr  2BPy4"Py6 x+Pz,P/*HOD6 x:7@ +OD,Pp  ,P,+O@,^x+P+!`)"w,>!`,OI,Pp,^iB5Pn  & ")B5BON=fOK ")B."`d ",Pr=fOM,~ $+OS,QK $,>,Q7."z3bP|+OV.$/P|,^,> ,O\,Po,^5Of &+O\	b &,R&"  " $,On&( ,P|,Pa " V&"2 Q	f+Oe&&21B+Oe$"2. 5On (+Oh	b	 (&Q*,On,Po &"j0 ,On,Po &"t $4"P30b5P3*,Pr "5Pr0"+O{!${PP2BP*dOs5$Oy ",PrRP,P, ",Pr,~." ,> "/+P1"+P/",>
P	?",Pr,^,P,}"5Pr1"05Pr/",> ",Pr,^5PrK>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXzP"Q6@,P2"Q4BP>&"PrZ,P2 ",Pr$Q4DPu ",Pr 5P2`B?5P" Q+P!4BP" QU$*DP  Q`B +P"&" 7!(+,P3[5Pr,> ",Pr ",Pr,^,~,> "-,Pr,^2BPy4"Q,P/ ".5Pr 4DPu ")B.",Pr+P,,>[,P2,Pp,^Z7Q &5"P6  ",Pr &#`QDx6@,P6[x."0b."5Pr7Q (5"P?/&l(&" ##1&" QDx/&0B,P?5BPF4fPE "`h"Q,Pr=fPD`h,Pk[x."0b."5Pr7Q (Q(5P< &  ")B.",Pr=fPL,~,>,>!$A`+PR,>,>!$B,PV4A4BPU,Pr+PS,^,^,~,>*4AC&PX`fl"*4AXD4A*,^,~Q"A`aB,~,>7@4@
&x4BP&6@4@,Pr+P_ B4@@@4A "4@5P\,P,5Po,>,Pl,^ &,PI5Pm,> 4dPj,Pr=Ph,^,~ "5Pr "5Pr "5Pr "5Pr "5Pr "5Pr "5Pr "aB,~6@4@54@
",~,P'+O+[1D7@ ,~+O:,P,+O@  ,OE+O@L\-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-pmn@0$$B
?X,P,+P+$ ,R
7N!.Lu N 
!,>9	laLd*@ 
+@ ,`j@!,an+Q`Jl
.Q5nQ5L6NL5NRRN6Nh`N,~N.Q6(N S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+Q) N0L(5NR.**lQ& .  N[
 ,!. bNGL[
 .(N|0l N0j
 .0l3NQ67 N+R	n
$,>4"QH[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+QA&$27@aDg &/"V$":5FQE1(+QH>!$z3(Q`+QG."*dQE/Q`.*xd"%Qf),^,~ Qg	b "5BQ_	b		d,R,>&$:0d~+Q[&&.Q` *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4dQZ&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'Qf2dQg."Q,~-<KZjy'6L\X
&.5"R,R,> ,Q{  
,^O@: `f+Qq(FFdA4FR+QtF4FRA5FQt :*bQmZ4LR ,~<$Qx7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5DQ|,~	b
"`	b+R`b;xO@,~O@,~ ",~*
xQ*x,>,>,>,R>~,^,^,^,^:x,~-j(,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~ p,>,>,>,>( QDx@ &,>=fR  (y RT	f RU	d
+ 2D7RU RV D  $ D Z$ D Z$ D  &  F  $ D@@ BS$ D7RV!&>9 F  Q$	d67+R70D	1D
+R41D+R40d+RC $:~`Fl$ D +RV@+R:
` +RN?$x+R7` `B+RY"
"+R:-"RFIOE I/O error reading help file-"RFNHF No .HLP file on SYS:
&R[\$	d $ad`l$``dl$@`d 
&R_ /R_,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~@Q3R-R-R-RC:"".Bx+R:%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you

,>,>,>,>,>,>,>> wZp @x .4 .0^p1@+Rk  @+S@@@   @P! b@p+Ro  !m+U! b@p+Rr  !e+U  b@p+RuZp5`Ru   M+S  c@p+Rx U,0@+R~  c@p+R{ U,0@+R~  c@p+S U,1@+S   M @P   %+S,>x,pN`B+S>+S$ Z4BS	  c@p+S	>   E @P   m+S1b+S
>Z"RE@P4S1+S v.@~!>,~b@+UU,1@+S>R`@+@P!$qG@@+UZ`+@}!D+~c@+S)ZZ4`S)R``  `,>U/Z`,>,>,>U0,>U0,knaB+S#,>U/,>U0  `,>,>U0,>U0,h9>}`B+S%>}   E+S4 `4S'+S(>}+Tk>} v  c@p+S{! c@p+S{>Zp5@S5 . ,>U1,>,>U1,>U0,>U0,>U0,a^>}`B+S5  ! @P+TE:p pR`pZpl6`  @)g (  B D`F+S? "!M BP+U w "XZ/Zp.XBp!"cB+SV,>,>,rc>/"b0D
bU.+   pXB| "bU- "bU- p B} "|,>,>U2,>U0,>U0,>U0,b >}aB+TD @pZp."(XBp 6(+S7 wZ
j Z4dUOd  
D}1D+Sy0Dv "cBp+T<!"bBp+T<>R`p "cBp+T,>,Z>>1B+T
0B+U+T:p+p0w!"bBp+T,>5"},>,Zz>0B+TZp5BT3"+T0R`| "bU- "bU-@@}Zp."(,> "|,>,>U1,>U0,>U0,>U0,a^>}`B } aB+TVZp pZp 
bU.+   pXB| "bU- "bU- p B} "|,>,>U2,>U0,>U0,>U0,b >}aB+TD @pZp."(XBpV wZ.$XD+T wZ
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!$cD,~ $BD,~[XPORT Temporary File]DSK:XPORT.TEMPORARY;TDSK:TTY:,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>< ? .4[P .  @ .  @x .6 .2^`1@+\}  @ @X   1+^@@H xZ5@^*R`~  `^:  `^:  gQ ` @~  mX@Z`,>^@,>P,>^A,>^A,>^B,>^B,q*>}aB+],>^B,>6y,>^C,i],>^C,>^D,>,>^D <,nB,>^@,>,>{,>^B,>^B,kn:6yaB+]>z! +^*>z+^1,>P  C,>,>^E,>^B,>^B,^N>}`B+]   Y+^2! b@`+]   c@D+]    Y+^,>  L,>,>^E,>^B,>^B,^N>}`B+]&   +^2! b@`+]*  c@M+]*   +^ ,>  U,>,>^E,>^B,>^B,^N>}`B+]0   Q+^2! b@`+]4  c@V+]4   Q+^ZE5@]8 ^;`^; NX@E O @FZW4@]@! b@`+]<ZE4@]?! c@`+]@  c@D+]@  W+]F  c@D+]C   Q @X   +^ZE5@]F,>^E,>^F+]G  E,>^E,>  },>,>^B,>^B,h9ZD5@]N ^<`^< MX@D M @D0^=`P+]PZD4@]UaP+]W   c@A+]WZV4@]WZD0@+]W  S. +]Y   b@A+]]  D,>^E,>  z,>,>^B,>^B,h9>}ZE5@]a ^=`^> NX@E O @FZE4@]faP+]h "@cBA+]hZW4B]h0@+]h  S. +]h  E,>^E,>  z,>,>^B,>^B,h9ZD5@]p ^>`^? MX@D M @DZD4@]uaP+]w "cB?+]wZV4B]w0@+]w  Q. +]w  D,>^E,>  x,>,>^B,>^B,h9ZB5@] ^?`^@ KX@B L @C  c@<+^ZT4@^aP+^  N. +^  B,>^E,>  u,>,>^B,>^B,h9ZB5@^ KX@B K @BZT4@^`P+^ZB5@^  T+^  B,>^E,>  s,>,>^B,>^B,h9  q,>  R,>,>^E,>^B,>^B,^N>}aB+^1! b@`+^  c@R+^>s   U @X  " @H+^5  R. ,>^@,>^F,>,>^A,>^B,>^G,q*>}aB+^,>s,>^@,>,>,>^B,>^B,kn>}aB+^1! G@`   @X+^5,>^@  q,>,>r,>^B,>^B,kn>}`B+^3>s   U @X BH+^5   @X>s X>C,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$~6$~
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normal completionfile was successfully created and openedincomplete amount of data readfirst read on concatenated file was successfulfirst read on a new page was successfulend-of-file has been reachedinvalid memory addressmemory element not on a fullword boundaryinvalid argument listinvalid concatenated file specificationinvalid punctuationinvalid descriptorinvalid deviceinvalid default file specificationinvalid directoryinvalid data typeinvalid record formatinvalid I/O optioninvalid lengthinvalid file nameinvalid new fileinvalid nodeinvalid file organizationinvalid promptinvalid recordinvalid requestinvalid related file specificationinvalid resultant file specificationinvalid file specificationinvalid file typeinvalid file versionI/O channel assignment errorfile is already closedconflicting options or attributesfile is corruptedfile already existsfile is lockeddynamic memory deallocation errordynamic memory allocation errorfile is currently in useI/O buffering errorI/O errorrequired parameter, option or attribute missingnetwork errorfile cannot be accessedfile cannot be backed upall I/O channels are in usefile cannot be closedconcatenated file specification not allowedfile cannot be createdfile cannot be deleteddirectory does not existfile does not existinsufficient dynamic memoryfile cannot be openedfile cannot be readfile cannot be renamedinsufficient spacesub-directory does not existrequested function not supportedfile cannot be writtenfile has not been closedexpiration date has not been reachedfile is not open for inputdevice is not onlinefile has not been openedfile is not open for outputfile is currently openprogram terminated due to previous errorprivileged operationfile protection denies accessmessage output errorrecord is lockednew file cannot be renamedold file cannot be renamedrecord was truncatedwildcard errorinvalid account attributeinvalid attributeinvalid datadisk/tape cannot be read/writtenfree storage chain is invalidinvalid protection attributeinvalid character pointerinvalid record numberinvalid sizeinvalid temporary file attributeI/O channel is currently in usehost operating system errornetwork node does not existinsufficient stack spaceunexpected operating system errorinvalid descriptor classtemporary file not permittedforeground jobs not permittedappend function not permittedsequenced files not permittedfield is misplaced or duplicatedinvalid syntaxinvalid IOBXPORT logic error detectedprogram terminated due to program requestend of string reachedstring was truncatednot a temporary stringinvalid characterinvalid descriptor classinvalid string descriptorinvalid descriptor data typeinvalid string lengthinvalid maximum string lengthinvalid pattern stringinvalid string pointerinvalid string requestinvalid source stringinvalid primary stringinvalid secondary stringinvalid target stringconflicting string function argumentsinsufficient spaceno string specifiedrequested function not supportedtemporary string not permittednull string not permittedinteger value out of rangestring is too longXPORT string logic error detected*** invalid XPORT completion code ***@ $"."5\Z2D5Dh5 [XH (hh7 (hh8  H+h6.&3fh8+h- ",~$$6$?,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>@ v,>,pN`B+hB> 2(%+i9 v,>,pN`B+hF> 2(1+i9ZX X}"iX0B+hK> 2(!  (+iI0B+hvZp . ." B~ ." B} ."&"$"  h$h&2d+h[ 
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