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;   FTN2X1.CTL -- .EXE replacement control file for FORTRAN-20-V11
;   Version 1(0)
;	April 10, 1987 / TGS / MRB 
;			COPYRIGHT (c) 1983,1988 BY
;	    Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA.
;   This software is furnished under a license and may be  used
;   and  copied  only  in  accordance  with  the  terms of such
;   license and with  the  inclusion  of  the  above  copyright
;   notice.   This software or any other copies thereof may not
;   be provided  or  otherwise	made  available  to  any  other
;   person.   No  title  to  and  ownership  of the software is
;   hereby transferred.
;   The information in	this  software	is  subject  to  change
;   without  notice and should not be construed as a commitment
;   by Digital Equipment Corporation.
;   Digital  assumes  no  responsibility   for	 the   use   or
;   reliability  of  its  software  on	equipment  which is not
;   supplied by Digital.

;   This .CTL file decrypts FORTRA.EXE, FORLIB.REL, FORO11.EXE, and
;   FORDDT.REL, as patched to the latest level and delivered on the
;   Autopatch tape. Note that submitting this control file will result
;   in new .EXE's and .REL's being written to PAT:, possibly overwriting
;   files produced by a previous source-level rebuild.
;   For this .CTL file to run, the connected directory must  be
;   the patching directory (PAT:).
;   This control file is expected to run without errors.




;	Signal failure on error