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,U@P I
IYp IL,87Q @IL,J9Q IL,h4Q IL.91Q  IL.9<Q IL.=1Q KK9 u	x

	X	IAC,<Inva{lid Argument Coun{8t>
	X	IBT,<Inval{Xid Block Type>
	{xX	IML,<Invalid Me|ssage Length>
	X|8	IFW,<Invalid Fla|Xg (.MSFLG) word>
	X	NNF,<Node Blo}ck Not Found In S}8HOW Message>	
	X}X	NRN,<There are n}xo reachable remot~e nodes in the cl~8uster>
	X	IFM,<I~Xllegally formatte~xd message>		;[4]
	X	XXX,<This is 8a text buffer forX messages built oxn the fly. MAX 70 characters>


	KKN Yx+


	X	NSN,<Node ^N/G$ARG1/ is not8 known to be in tXhe cluster>
	X	IxNS,<Cannot specify the local node 8name ^N/G$ARG1/> X
	X	USN,<Messagex not sent to node ^N/G$ARG1/ ^T/@G8$ARG2/>
	X	INN,<XIllegal number ofx nodes, ^D/G$ARG1/, specified in m8essage>
	X	NSM,<XCommunication to xnode ^N/G$ARG1/ lost. Message not 8sent>
	SAM-Y9Q M-i9Q M-y9Q M.9Q M.I9Q  N:tXPP Sv>@p SDunP'SDv
RQ'xY,,8pQ  Y,,J9Q @Y,-J9Q Y,.97Q [D,^Q [D-TQ @[D.3Q @[D.)6Q  [DtP'[DtkQ p[DuI7Q ?x[Dui0P'[Dum6Q x[DuySQ x[Dv
:wP ]
,9Q @]
,<rQ  ],[PQ @]vi9Q ~]0-	6Q @]0-9Q ]0-IQQ ]0-lTQ ]0.zQ  ]6I;P ]6YP ]6X7P ]6Z7P ]6i9P ]6zP ]8,8pQ ]8,;tQ  ]8,HwQ ]8,HwQ  ]8-QQ @]8-JQ ]8-zyQ @]8.9Q ]8.)6Q ]8.8yQ ]8.:Q ]:EtP ]:e}`P ]L-	6Q @]L-
UQ ]L-lTQ ]L.9QQ ]L.zQ  ]Lum6P']Lv=Q xau[Yp a? ;x_<^L<<A>&<-<A>>>><<A>&<eD,87Q @eD,::Q eD,;tQ eD,J9Q eD-KTQ eD-Y9Q  eD-iQ @eD-i9Q @eD-lwQ eD-y9Q eD.
vQ eD.9Q eD.8yQ  eD.91Q  eD.9<Q eD.;Q eD.;TQ eD.;YQ @eD.<rQ  eD.I9Q eDtP'eDt\YP'eDuI7Q xeDui0P'eDukyP'eDumQ xeDunP'eDuySQ xeDv
RQ xeDv;vQ xgP,87Q gP,;tQ gP-KTQ gP-Y9Q  gP-iQ @gP-i9Q @gP-lwQ gP-y9Q gP.
vQ gP.9Q gP.8yQ  gP.;Q gP.;TQ gP.<rQ  gP.I9Q gPt\Y@'gPv;vA xgT-krQ @m:7 ~v
q@` IFB <C>,<A==:B> IFNB <C>,<A=:B>B <CS@P lJ9Q n9<Q (UP 0,}P uk1P '
2p '+Pp ':=p 2^=` 3p 3,p 	3<p 	3Wp 3Pp 
3-p 3H[p }3\Yp 3Rp y3
3Up 3)Wp y3I;p 3KUp 
3\sp 3]:p 
3k2p 3mp 3|p 3	p 3
1p;3)3p<p z3Mrp 3\vp 3\yp 7
+p 7
,}p 7
2p :
:$[VP 0:$\}P :%L}` :%h6` :&(sP#	:&8rP#:&:P#:&:P#:&=P#
:4H5P#:4LvP#:5]P#:L\Q` :L]` :f=` :lyP#
:uHP` :uh6` :ul}` :v8P` :v=` ;H5P#;LvP#;` ;` ;;P#;xP#	;(vP#;=` ;$H5P#;$LvP#;%6` ;%]P#K
up K
+p K
,}p K=p K=p KLxp Nrp Nr,p Nr<p Nt-p Nt:yp 
NtH[p {NtHwp qNt\Yp 
NtlRpNNuRpNpNu pNuI;p NuKUp Nu\sp Nu]:p Nuk2p Nump Nv	p 
1p Nv)3p NvJ6p NvMrp Nv\vp O%kR` O%lz` O&+P O&+VP 0O&8UP 0O&;` Rlu` Rn:=` RnY` Ruk1P >}{woP