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     MX V1.1 is a maintenance release of MX.  Several  major
deficiencies have been corrected:

     1.  MX's DECnet handling code has been rewritten:

          -  There is now a separate fork performing  DECnet
             I/O for each link.

          -  Throughput  is  improved,  particularly   where
             multiple DECnet connections are involved.

          -  Because subforks are doing the I/O, DECnet  I/O
             no longer blocks MX, which results in far fewer
             occasions where "the MAILER does not appear  to
             be running..."

              MX, by default, enables  3  VAXmail  listeners
         and  2  MX listeners.  These, plus the network mail
         sender, make for 6  subforks  running  by  default.
         The   number   of  listeners  is  controlled  by  2
         locations within MX.  NMV11 contains the number  of
         VAXmail  listeners  to  be created when MX is first
         started.  NSMTP contains the number of MX listeners
         to  start  up.  You can change these locations with
         DDT  should  you  desire  a  different  number   of
         listeners enabled.

              Because of the number of JFNs and  forks  that
         MX uses, we recommend that you NOT RUN MX UNDER JOB
         ZERO!  Preferably, MX should run in it's own job.

     2.  Improved Logfile/Error Messages

          -  All errors reported in Postmaster messages  now
             include the pertinent recipient's address.

          -  Messages are cleaner and less verbose.

          -  The "Over  Quota"  message  is  only  displayed
             once.  UPS:MX.LOG no longer fills up with these
             messages every time someone goes on vacation.

          -  Most strings written to the logfile  contain  a
             message  id.   This makes it clear which string
             belongs to which mail message.

          -  UPS:MX.LOG is renamed  to  UPS:yymmdd.LOG  each
             night at midnight.

          -  MX will  delete  logfiles  older  than  N  days
             (where N defaults to 30, and is site settable).
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                  The number of days for which MX will  keep
             old  logfiles  is contained in location LGDAYS.
             The default is 30 days.  If you wish to  change
             this default, deposit the appropriate number of
             days in LGDAYS via DDT.  If you never  want  MX
             to delete old log files, deposit 0 in LGDAYS.

     3.  Better DECnet errors displayed in the log file.

              When the VAXmail sender encounters  a  network
         error,  it used to log the message:  "Network error
         at node XXXXXX - error occurred opening  the  link"
         (or  wherever the error occurred during the Mail-11
         protocol).   These  messages  have  been  improved.
         They now say something like:

 16-Jan-89 07:00:09  1001  %Unable to connect to node XXXXXX
                             (No path to destination node)

     4.  Improved error recovery from file I/O errors  (such
         as  someone  dismounting  POBOX:) during local mail