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                                                December 1981

        I.  FLOPPY DISKS

                This version of RSX-20F is being  distributed  on  three  (3)
        floppy disks as opposed to the last release of two (2) floppies.  The
        only reason for the third floppy is  to  be  able  to  fit  the  file
        RSX20F.MAP  on floppies instead of putting it on magtape.  Follow the
        installation instructions as described in the  software  installation
        manual.   After the system is up and running off of rigid disk, mount
        the third floppy (C) in drive  0 and do the following;

        PAR>MCR MOU
        PAR>MCR PIP
        PAR>MCR DMO

                The file RSX20F.MAP should now be on your system disk.

                Customers who have DECtapes instead of  floppies  will  still
        find RSX20F.MAP on DECtape B.

        II.  Installation Procedures

                It is imperative that you follow the installation  procedures
        as  outlined in the software installation manual, especially the step
        that runs the INI task.  This is due to the growth in block  size  of
        some  of the files in [0,0].  If you fail to do so, the SAV task will
        not be able to write the core image boot file.

        III.  KLERR

                KLERR is a program that must be used to read the  new  format
        of  the  KLERR snapshot of the KL, contained in the system error file
        ERROR.SYS.  The entry in ERROR.SYS  which  is  different  is  the  KL
        snapshot  entry  made  by  KLERR  following a crash of the mainframe.
        SYSERR will report these entries as UNKNOWN 205 entries.  KLET10  has
        been  provided  for  TOPS-10  sites  and KLET20 has been provided for
        TOPS-20 sites.
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        IV.  Modem Control

                There are two(2) changes in the modem control which should be
        noted by customers using unsupported configurations.

                1.  RSX20F will not accept any characters from a REMOTE  line
        that  is  not  "connected".   A line is connected following the <RING
        raised by modem>, <DTR raised by RSX20F>, <carrier detected raised by
        modem>  sequence.   Prior  versions of RSX20F would accept characters
        from a line that wasn't connected even if the  line  was  in  carrier
        wait.   This  may  cause  problems  to  some concentrator users.  The
        concentrators built by some vendors bring up CARRIER too  soon  after
        RING  causing  RSX20F to miss the CARRIER interrupt, leaving the line
        in CARRIER WAIT and NOT connected.  There  is  an  unsupported  patch
        available  through  your  local software specialist to alleviate this

                2.  RSX20F now checks for SECONDARY RECEIVE before any  other
        modem  conditions.   This may cause interrupts to be "thrown" away if
        you have SECONDARY RECEIVE  tied  HIGH  instead  of  LOW  to  prevent
        interrupts  from  this  signal.   Please  contact  your field service
        representative to have them check this signal if you think you may be
        having trouble due to it being high or causing interrupts.

        V.  General Information

                The %DECSYSTEM-xx NOT RUNNING message may be displayed on all
        TTYs  when  the  KL is still running.  The message is actually output
        whenever communication between the  KL  and  RSX20F  is  lost.   This
        occurs  when  the  KL  hangs or crashes, but can also occur when THGA
        runs in the KL.

                The delimiter character for DEPOSITS in the PARSER  task  has
        been changed from a colon (:) to an equal (=) sign.  The colon is now
        used for list and ranges in several commands.  See the RSX-20F System
        Reference manual.

        VI.  Known Problems

                The  PARSER  diagnostic  function  EXAMINE  KL   returns   an
        incorrect  value  for PI HOLD.  Diagnostic functions are not intended
        for customer use and has no effect on system performance.

                The delimiter character for the ZERO command  in  PARSER  has
        been  changed from > to :  .  This is not documented correctly in the
        RSX-20F System Reference manual.