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The KLERR (KLET10 or KLET20) program is a stand alone tool for
dumping the new format front-end KLERR entries which SYSERR
does not understand. The new entry is collected in RSX-11 ASCII,
so that it can be printed on the front-end if the KL can't be
booted. It is then passed over to the ERROR.SYS file as a new
sub-entry (205) type of the Front-End entry.

Running KLERR:

The only options the user has when running the KLERR program are
to specify the input error file and the output listing file. The
default for the input file is SYSTEM:ERROR.SYS on TOPS-20, and
SYS:ERROR.SYS on TOPS-10. The default for the listing file is
DSK:KLERR.LST on both systems. The TTY: output indicates the
number of entries detected during the run.

TTY output:


	  0 - '030' ENTRIES	  0 KLERR ENTRIES
	925 - '130' ENTRIES	790 KLERR ENTRIES

The first line indicates the total number of entries in the input file.
The second and third lines indicate the number of Front-End entries
seen ('030' are TOPS-10 type, '130' are TOPS-20 type), and the number
of those which were KLERR entries. It is to be noted that it requires
a number (10 to 100+) of entries to produce a single report.

The end of a report is indicated by the following line in the output
listing. All other text comes from the Front-End.

	***** END OF KLERR ENTRY *****