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?p	@  ?xGC(Kb)%<@%`INXg#	tz~+{rE@@ny#
B+!*>	`py!'h!S        E    +    H    (VT61 y`T    -    W    F    R     "`VT52 VT52 ('        UPTIME    IDLE   CACHE   OVER',' UUOS DBLS CTXS CSWP PAGS FRECOR')(26X,'HIT    HEAD  SEC  SEC  SEC  SEC  SEC   USED')(F5.2,'%')(I5)Hf+ -<.C<, C<,s @0 $ D8 $ D92@e3@^++ $: D8 $5 D9C<L,
C<L,C<L,C<L,,`,eC<,O"& $ FD DO/$ DRC<
,< OOfI@f9:O; D+@d1 D< D9C<L,B@d4 __DBZDOC<,7D<+ E.N.D4:O; B+ $ DHC<,6"& $ FA DO/$ DRC<,G @85@& O &3F8+* H0f+) 92F5+* &3FIOf8@fI"I.. F1"A.FI &P/FH6F8+1"&.O FRC<z,B O7F9+t 5/f94FtOfI 1/fB5&7@fB //FL A/F6 I/F1 4/F< ;/FE 6/F> 5/FO"&.O FR 9&& FRC<x,d"$.O DR O 9&& O E& HRC<v,d"$.O DR O O <$(2&9 HRC<t,d"$.O DR O 9&& O >& HRC<r,d"$.O DR H&$t DRC<p,d"$.O DR O O B$(2&9 HRC<n,d"$.O DR O 9&& O O& HRC<l,d"$.O DR O 9&& O L& HRC<j,d"$.O DR O O 6$(2&9 HRC<h,d"$.O DR O O 1$(2&9 HRC<f,d6D8+ $.H DR OC$9 DR OC$B DS OC$L DS OC$< DT OC$E DT OC$> DU OC$O DUC<`,B O0D+d@$H DOC<,`C<,dC<],ODO DN7D9+C<[,d 5&& 4& DNC<,`C<,d 4/d17F9+ 9&(& DNC<,`C<!,dC<Y,d 4 D1 $.H DRC<V,O $.DH O 5 F9 1 FB / FL A F6 I F1 4 F< ; FE 6 F> 5 FO:O; A+ C<L,\C<U,v @94@H2@c++C<L,K 92Da+-C<L,& 92D`+0C<L,+ $2$G+3 93Db>G G0$+6 93DV:G 92DY+9C<L,+& 92Da+<C<L,q+& 92D[+CC<T,BC<S,C<L,C<R,
C<L,C<Q,G 92DY3DX+F+HC<P,C<L,+'C<N,0C<M,
+C<L,hx@Gh@W@W@Wx@Wx@:x@x@Zx@:x@VX@K@b@H@c@Rh@\@V@Nh@]@V@NX@K@d@H@d@H0@W@R@R@S@H@S@T@T@U@Uh@`@R@Rh@@R@Rh@^@R@Rh@]@R@Rh@[@R@Rh@Z@R@Rh@Z@R@Rh@X@R@Rh@W@R@Rh@V@R@R0@R@H@5@1@H@/@4@;@6@5(@R@5@I@.@4@/@;@6@5@H@Ax@@H@<@/@/@N@E@/@/x@RX@0@W@X@\@XX@0@W@W@\@Wp@]@xx@VhB`(@NgBD0hB`(@NpBD0hB`@NvBDKp@(OhB`@NwBDKp@$NhB`@NwBDLp@$N(' CPU',I1,I4,':',2I1,':',2I1,F6.1,'%',8X,F6.1,'%',4I5)(I9,':',2I1,':',2I1,F6.1,'%',F7.2,'%',F6.1,'%',4I5)(' CPU',I1,I4,':',2I1,':',2I1)(I9,':',2I1,':',2I1)I>~] \- p @- p B) p B+ p D# p F* p F' 	p H' p J" 
L,+&&+&D*+&&'&D(4mC<},`C<,d+pd*$zD)C<,`C<,dC<z,O+x7$-+uC<#@$(@$,@$*hB`(@N6BH0(@D.@.@$@(,@()@(&@$#@$(@$,@$*hB`(@N<BH0X@$-@D.@.@$hB`(@N?BH0`@D.@.@$DSK  SEQOUT    ASCII('SCREEN.',O3)(16A5)HHHg4Z: \C<8,BC<9,`C<;,dC<<,Y"&
 $C<?,]"*  J5*2 H C<A,d:; +/ H,e.$8&, DC<B,Z: ,~x@:hB`@N BPp@$XG@
@N"p@$ 9xG@
0    1    2    3    4    5    U    O    C    H    I    S    J    F    D    Z    L    UP   *TRACKING*
(PDSKSEQOUT)ASCIITRKOUT.CPU(A2,I1,I7)(I3)(I2,'%')(14X,'UUOS/SECOND')(16X,'OVERHEAD')(8X,'CONTEXTSWITCHES/SECOND')(12X,'CACHE<HIT,RATIO')(16X,'IDLE,TIME')(9X,'SWAPPINGPAGES/SECOND')(10X,'CACHESWEEPS/SECOND')(9X,'MONITORFREECOREUSED')(9X,'DOORDBELLRINGS/SECOND')(12X,'CACHEdLOSTTIME')(13X,'SWAP LOST TIME')H5H6H7H8G>dXzC"i"B- \, p @ p BN(pCBD+jC,,~7D9+q5@nC<W,]C<Y,d4@qC<[,] C<],d $3D+t N"&3F+- "7.((+H/D.&.&CF,0&+|,(+H,6,1f+~ & F,(N.8 F-(C$:D.C<T,+-+aC" B- \,+ ,,~C$,DD.$"D@d8"& $ F2D6F%:813+6(/($.H HH6b0b++@@@@@@@@@@@ (2&(.C<-,`C<a,d+!+(C&(.C<c,`C<e,d*d
:`C"- B- \,+. ,,~ $3D9+2C<|,Z D9C<9,>+-C<},Y $ D9C<6,O+-X@@1@/@2@/`@1@/@2@/`@0@2@1@3x@,`@/@2@0@3`@0@2@1@3x@,X@-@/@2@0@3X@-@0@2@1@3X@.@@C@-@0X@9@D@/@-@0X@.@@/@-@0X@-@D@,@.@0p@ 

	+   @.	`
	`&+ @ @,~,66@
&	b+ `iSH:
	`',~+Zpl 	`+ ,~ p>$p.p>& .!pP pb,~:,@*6@
    Character	Action

	F	Decrease wait time ( 1 Sec min. ) "Faster Chipmunks"
	S	Increase wait time (60 Sec max. )
	R	Refresh the screen
	H	You're lookin' at it
	E	Exit (Yes James, ^Z will do it too)
	W	Write current screen to file SCREEN.nnn (Incremental numbers)
	T	Track all data points to file TRKOUT.CPU

	+ or -	Change graphs being displayed
		Follow with ID for graph affected

		U	UUOs per second
		O	Overhead
		C	Context switches per second
		I	Idle time
		S	Swapping Pages per second
		J	Cache Sweeps per second ("Jim's graph")
		H	Cache Hit Ratio
		F	Free Core Used
		D	Inter-processor Door Bell Rings per second
		Z	Cache Lost Time (why "Z", I dunno)
		L	Swap Lost Time

To add a graph, there must be room. Only 2 graphs on the screen at a time.
Use "-x" to remove one then "+y" to get the desired one on.@
,"1"1`1Q7"1`-1G7"1`=1307"=Cp0700`=1/1(@G2@g  ,~7@S,G p4B  ,^[ Cp4B !pl A`,>  ,^4@$@) ."Bx+! !pl A` @x p  ,^4@*@) ."Bx+',^x p  
,^ Ap  ,^.Ap  
,^ Ap  ,^.Ap  
,^ Ap  ,^A (@ Ap/ap,~ ,V+7_#`$" ,V+:$ '& Ap,~ p@@5B,>,> ,V+FZ."# ,^ d3F+F  	`&+ +7@S,G p(B  .,V+l Ap  .,V+l Ap !.,V+l Ap !.,V+l Ap ".,V+l Ap ".,V+l Ap #.,V+l Ap #.,V+l Ap $.,V+l Ap "P Cp p7 +k6@,m@@' $*"/ " B' B+ pQB! B( % @	`9O@$"X Q '* g  ,~,>,>,>,>,> B, B'$"Q"X"'*"+ %	b9+~.@b&* ,@
b,>,>-@b ,@
B,^,^b Ep,^,^,^,^,^,~ ''$ +(&7@S,G,>,>,>,>,> ,V+4 _#`$  @F@@F %p>l$@Z,^3@&+'!(@  *
4L?4F?,Cg:=j<*b96@,C F$ '&F+~.FF2gp p:,~ (. d @T(@{Z@U )	`  @. (@{ @S )	b2+* +.BU=`M +,V,~.TQ  @U,~6 7@U+,,>,>Z U[`".4B]0`+]. ,^:,^+1 @7@T+..T ,~ p %pQ$A`4@f@) ."B+c,~Zp,~[p,~ pQ 	`+ ,~
    Character	Action

	nnnB	Set cache size to n blocks
	E	Exit (Yes James, ^Z will do it too)
	H	You're lookin' at it
	I	Toggle incremental display
	M	Toggle hits/misses display
	P	Toggle performance blocks/second
	R	Refresh the screen
	nnS	Set sleep time to n seconds
	W	Write data into CSHDPY.DAT

GF52 VFieldTMustTbe1FullFieldEisRequiredLetters not AllowedNumbers not allowedInvalid CharacterEnter One of:Can't Back Up Any More@ ,V@+0H	(Px008hx4x(%P6@,C@+@PHT@@T,~		`,~:x,~6$	`

,(,F,~-  G Ap H Ap- ,~@@N U* .,~7V p1b$"tl"	b+ ,~ V @N,- ,s6@0G+W 6 4,d3t07++ p(@q,~- 7Qp+,p40& 07$4 $2.2NQX N"`.2PN4rY* HN V @HOQ HOX HO* PN 07 (c,> 6,0 x,	a,u=p",^+ $2.2.12N+Y 4.14N+-02N7H V BP>=)7@0_+Z (_#` 4+!O@_w#` "2 ,Q- 6wp2v0;+6up2t07+,p,0,h p4 =,1 (o,	+ @A ?,x:7@++O@,>B@@B>,O,^B@@9(- Q NX!p 07$".#p* - ,~,>N,>L! D@ @N@@L,d,^L,^N,~O@
,> <\,G,^@@
,~O@7 +S_w#` "2 ,Q- @@I6wp2v0;+ VJ6up2t07+ TI p p2.0n(+2r07 07 RJ 0;3.  RK"T 0&0 /. @& @$ @>.J @K+nO@7 +h_w#` "2 ,Q- 6@I+n   @I @J 07 @J 0; @K  ( @KO@IPN6@+s[pA p #p1@PZ6@gX0,p I 6,l6@
,Z2tJ+ J0V,l0v(9v3vK6@L(@q,*6@
@2vK ,10@+7@0C+\7@
g"3@9y,0 (o,	+ `A ?,x :9y7@O@@- 7@,~@@7@
+",>/"Q" B " B ]	b'++',>,>,>Zh 
Q*A` " B<(& B ^	b'
,> (^ H ( H ]	h'7:
,^,~,>6@+3X+<6@0O+P28+7 (c,	a,ul.91 /0bW+` (W,	a,ul.=13Z+Y1V+C /#`6@0O1b7+P363b+E  ,xl. :2z0;+a 3b+K ([,	a,ul. =G3Z+Y`n,h (o,	+ ,x9K (O,	+W,u  W (S,	a,x   (S,	a,x  l.,^,~>@*
26+c2"+c /2`  @
 2v0;+g,0 (C,	a,u@@
9(  g$ (. o&  .N.P,~  W$ (. _&  2N.P,~l.5x(7@0O+s 8,~ 8 : (?,	,~Q A` @4@(,x+v6@+~,> d @  y @@@ d* A,^> +e,+x,>  f,u  P,  ,x  X,,^  $,~& QBx6@,[x. +x.(0_
 #`+(  +BZ
&n	b+! M	`++ @   @ ^	`'@!"|2@3*b%6 g /,~,> ",@+ B "  ,C+ ",@+1 B	   ",C++5 "	,@+ B	   "	,C+,^,~,F,6@
,~7`,~ " ,C+  " 	,C1,~ "	,C+ ,~ B q	b',~:x,~." B @ ^	b',~+B,>,>*
M (o@`B,	+ *
M,^,^,~ p HB,~*C,"B*C,~*C,BB*C,~,>B."w6# BB,1:,^B,^x,~,,~,>,!+j  f,u   \,u+j,~37m31m32m33m34m35m36m37m,,~,>,+d  z,u x,%+o  f,u  `J  ,u+o,,~,>,+l  z,u x,%+o  f,u  r,u xA @ @B,^,~rrsstuvwxxyz{|}~P@,,~,>,A(+o   ,u+u,,~,>,+
  f,uA(   ,u x,%+o  f,u  `J  ,u+o11m10m0m7m,,~,>,+A(   ,u x,%+o  `J  ,u+oGFqp A(@2HB:x,~ A(@ *
,.a:x(Hz,~ A(@ *p,.a:x(Hz,~ A(@ *@,.a:x 
(H|,~7H,~A(@7@ B1@aH G,~AA
B2H:x,~ A(?0(,~A @. ,~   @ q	`'+    @ q	`'+ 4@81@+81 +=(@G Ap,~  @   @ ^	`'+ ,~,>,>*
M (C,	a,u*
M,^,^,~HKJoY. BIM
F(0G)0h@CO@L+y0NO`M,~hOz(G,	+,u+-+[?CANNOT SET TTY NO CRLF IN "DPYINI"?CANNOT FIND TERMINAL INDEX IN "DPYINI"?DPYPAK NEVER INITIALIZEDm;1m;4m;1;4m;5m;1;5m;4;5m;1;4;5m;7m;1;7m;4;7m;1;4;7m;5;7m;1;5;7m;4;5;7m;1;4;5;7m(B(A(1(2    +/   BC>a~  ,> ,> @y! X y* @@w, 
7B* "QZ1DK+:Q"X B  "KXB*6Bx+J7B +>C"C$W/ Bx+J\"	b@aBg $  
3B +D " +D " 	b+   
	b+ [dl/"W Bx+JC4 
20B,1B<+O+Q  ,> C< 
,[+@ 	`Do you want to close all files? (Y or N):S:NC@,uM?\G,u_B-c@,uG2~9',uKbND',uS8p,u_W!`,ueR`,uoR`,uK:`,uI`,u]2I`,u]2y`,uS>f=,uM&q`,u[R~@,uM&tC@,uKbNC@,uC2|G,uI|G,uC2G,uIG,uiJ
9',uMVt=,uM\g,uS;	`,uM?|,uSI`,uSy`,u[RD\G,uC
~-,u*x.x*x,~+n`gR~ ,~ggM}ggM?}p , ^+Q ,~@@ @@ ,~KK9:  C" ,q @ !"PB PB PB PwO@ p*\  p*\ C'p2$ + 5$ " S$ .	  I  G *d ,~, $+ ,XS>(1H b,X]?H b,XS(
4H g,Xk:x
4H k,X]>0
5H n,XG_(
5H s,XG2(
6H v,XS(
6H {,X]
7H ,X]
:H!,Xg:@H!$$JERRSET: error number out of range - ignoredDIVERT: illegal to divert to unit $DDIVERT: unit $D is not openDIVERT: unit $D is not open for FORMATTED I/ODIVERT: Can't write to unit $DConcatenation result larger than expectedIllegal length character expressionNo character stack allocated - compiler errorNo memory available for character stackFirst argument to SORT must be a quoted stringSubstring range error $S($D:$D)
	on line $DSubscript range error - subscript $D of array $S = $D
	on line $DToo many arguments in call to SORTCan't get pages 600:677 for SORTCan't return pages 600:677 after call to SORTInternal FOROTS error