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DIR is a version of DIRECT with "my new SCAN//WILD" which fully
supports pathological names. DIR is basically "plug-compatible"
with DIRECT. There are some minor differences (in the formatting
of DECtape and TMPCOR directories primarily), and some new
DIR should fully support pathological names in all possible
constructs (e.g., "A:B 'NOT' X:Y"), including full wildcarding./L
DIR supports device wildcarding (e.g., DSK?:)./L
DIR supports node wildcarding (e.g., KL*_), although trying to access
any remote node will basically win you no more than an error
message (but it can be fun to watch it try)./L
DIR (i.e., SCAN//WILD) has 8 new file expression operators. The
current list of operators is:/l
	AND		Match if both simple specs match/l
	OR		Match if either simple spec matches/l
	NOT		Match if first spec but not second spec/l
	IFAND		Match if secondary file exists/l
	IFNOT		Match if secondary file doesn't exist/l
	IFSAME		Match if secondary file is the same/l
	IFDIFFERENT	Match if secondary file is different/l
	IFOLDER		Match if secondary file is newer/l
	IFNEWER		Match if secondary file is older/l
	IFBIGGER	Match if secondary file is smaller/l
	IFSMALLER	Match if secondary file is newer/l
For example, "*.* 'IFAND' SYS:" selects all your files (first spec
defaults to "DSK:/[-/]") which also exist on SYS: (defaults to *.*).
"*.* 'IFSAME' SYS:" operates in a similar manner, but the extant file
on SYS: must also be the same length, logical creation date//time, and
the same I//O mode. "*.* 'IFBIGGER' SYS:" would match any files which
exist on SYS: and are smaller than your counterpart file. The
last five operators are considered "successful" if the secondary
file doesn't exist (i.e., "BLAH.BAR 'IFBIGGER' SYS:" wins if the file
doesn't exist on SYS:)./L
DECtape and TMPCOR directories are now considered "normal" directory
listings and are handled in much the same way as disk listings. To
get an "olde fashioned" listing, use the //DTA or //TMPCOR switch
(as appropriate). Yes friends and neighbors, you can now use
//CHECKSUM etc. on DECtape and TMPCOR! You can even use //INDIRECT!/l
The more intrepid user is referred to the NFT manual
(DOC:NFT.MAN) appendices for a more detailed definition of some of
the new aspects of DIR in regard to file specifications, switches,
and so on.