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 0fH	*@*

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,~@@	 b	`'+ 6@
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2,~ d	 @	`',~+ p	`+ ,~ p>$p.p>& .!pP	 E pb,~:,@*6@
   	 " Character	Action

	F	Decrease wait time ( 1 Sec min. ) "Faster Chipmunks"
	S	Incr	 *ease wait time (60 Sec max. )
	R	Refresh the screen
	H	You're lookin' at it
	E	Exi	 3t (Yes James, ^Z will do it too)
	W	Write current screen to file SCREEN.nnn (Increme	 ;ntal numbers)
	T	Track all data points to file TRKOUT.CPU

	+ or -	Change graphs b	 Deing displayed
		Follow with ID for graph affected

		U	UUOs per second
		O	Overh	 Lead
		C	Context switches per second
		I	Idle time
		S	Swapping Pages per second
		 U	J	Cache Sweeps per second ("Jim's graph")
		H	Cache Hit Ratio
		F	Free Core Used
	 ]		D	Inter-processor Door Bell Rings per second
		Z	Cache Lost Time (why "Z", I dunno	 f)
		L	Swap Lost Time

To add a graph, there must be room. Only 2 graphs on the scr	 neen at a time.
Use "-x" to remove one then "+y" to get the desired one on.@	 @w
  "1  "1`1 7 "1`-1  	 7 "1`=1 07 " Cp(@Gd,~ p 
 !pQ I
4B	"*T(BGdB+HeHgHiHkHmHoHp p p(@q(Bq0@	"1B+3@+1`=1 07/ 1b=1"07/"2@g  ,~7@T	(D ,E p4Bs  ,_[ Cp4B !pl A`,>  ,_4@"@) ."	"
 !Bx+ !pl A` @x p  ,_4@(@) ."Bx+%,^x p  
	( A*,_ Ap  ,_.Ap  
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,_ Ap  ,_A 	  2(@ Ap/ap,~ u,W+5_#`$" v,W+8$ '& Ap,~	"A(; p@@5B,>,> v,W+EZ."# ,_ d3F+E 	("C w	`&+ +~7@T,E p(B w.,W+j Ap x.,W+j	""D(L Ap x.,W+j Ap y.,W+j Ap y.,W+j Ap z	"D(ET.,W+j Ap z.,W+j Ap {.,W+j Ap {.,W	(*T(]+j Ap "P Cp p7 +j6@,k@@& |*"- " B& B* pQB 	*D*e B& | @	`9O@$"X Q &* g  ,~,>,>,>,>,>	*"Dn B* B%$"Q"X"&*"* }	b9+|-@b&) ,@
b,>,>	(v,@b ,@
B,^,^b Ep,^,^,^,^,^ ,~	*@(&&$ *(% & *	*
.7@T,E,>,>,>,>,> u,W+2 _#`$  @D@@E %p	  6>l$@Z,_3@~+~!(@  *
4L=4F>,Bg:=j;*b8	"E ?6@,B E$ '&D+|.FE2gp p:,~ . d @T	"@U
G(@{Z@V 	`  @. (@{ @T(@.T @U T 	b2+ .BV	*D P=`M ,W,~.TQ  @V,~6 7@V+	 "*X,>,>Z V[`"4B^0`+^. ,_:,^+~6@T2 U+	( a.T ,~
GFqFieldMustbeFullField is RequiredLette	 irs not AllowedNumbers not allowedInvalid CharacterEnter One of:Can't Back Up A	  rny More@ s,W@+0H	(Px00	 5D(z8hx$`&$P6@,B@+>PHU@@T,~ 		`,~:x,~6$	`
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l"W1grQ^#\'+>UIT	D#{:	`C(<#UE%w!^\&~
 ^}BS_Y=w S_Yl@S_Yor	D"_5zi_5zi
D"2I;D"i3kD"i7%D"rD"u"	D D#i&TD#g-pz2x
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Vd2MVd2PVdHA?&?*[o)	D"[z(\G']o-]t,^
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