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?p`?x+	,!L	|v@	4LN:@F4
,+=j ,,
,^,^,&+,,6+-<	 " $4,L+b 
 $`J  $`J@ $ DQA*0j+b,,
7 q,~  q "	bB,~+ " $4,L+b0b+b+
 6+; 6+? 6	+; 6	+? 64+; 64+?,  q "	bB+6,~,  q "	bB+6 6 4  q "	bB++B-<	 " $4,L+b0b+b 
  q "	bB+6 "	b
+, 6+T 6+W 6	+T 6	+W 64+T 64+W," # q "	bB+6+Z,& ( q "	bB+60R,~ 6 (  q "	bBa+[,,~ $4 ",L+b0b+b BR ",L+c0b+c BR ",L+c BS ",K+d ",K+d0bD+d BS R,
<@v R > q "	bB+6 > q "	bB,~,@ , "A,# S, "B,# S, "D,#Z, "E,#[, "F,#,
 S,^,~@@V@@T@@V@@W, BU,+ ,/U BU,+ R1B+! S 4 F q "	bB+ar+:V R,
G,~+0B1B,~:V+6,L,~+K SQBB " $B &,L+ Vd$@ DV2Ba+K,R,~,,~ "b4 S/$,pa+K,W,~ S 4  q "	bB+:V:T/S#` 4ar++ Y q "	bB+.+! Y q "	bB+.+!:W,~ $4 ",L+b0b+b BR ",L+c BS " R,
o@v@@ > q "	bB+6@@V@@T@@V@@W, BU,@+ ,/U BU,+ 6B q q "	bB+:V[B BS R,
q,~+@+K " $B &,L+ Vd$@2Ba+K,R,~,G,~ "b4[B/$,pa+K,W,~:T 6B s q "	bB+6+KO@q 6 t q "	bB+6 Tq"t0B1B+^,{,+ 60@x | q "	bB+5+K-"e-"e-"e-"e-"e-"e "~-<	 
 " B4 " $4,H  $4,H, ,,
 64  q "	bB+5,~,:+IIS|pdMup,q>~,pa:~~>~,~Waiting for a connect from DTS]
-<t "y+lConnect from DTS on node -<t "~+lH 4Error trying to Reject a Connect:
-<t "+g,>,pa:,^,~2`F/X56789:Connect Reject Test]
-<t "+l@(Connect Accept Test]
-<t "+l @x NOPQRSSynchronous Disconnect Test]
-<t "+l@8Abort Disconnect Test]
-<t "$+l@@H Data Sink Test]
-<t ")+l,+,~Data Sequence Test]
-<t "-+l,0,~Data Pattern Test]
-<t "2+l,5,~Data Echo Test]
-<t "7+l,9,~,16; XSeg: -<t "?+l, Msg: , RQUEUE: , RFLOW: , SFLOW: ]`xNo EOM flag on received message
-<t "I+iComparison of sequence numbers failed
-<t "N+iComparison of standard data failed
-<t "S+i`p@pInterrupt Sink Test]
-<t "Z+l,\,~Interrupt Sequence Test]
-<t "_+l,b,~Interrupt Pattern Test]
-<t "d+l,g,~Interrupt Echo Test]
-<t "j+l,l,~^cin@hFGMR@`@$Unexpected state after Enter Passive, see next message
-<t "u+gRejecting unsupported test request in field -<t "}+gm WISO3Bq,~"G0B+
,H q "	bBa+6Otq,~7 q+-<I6 q,+,~"G0b\" 
%,l "M,# "N,#"O, "O,#"P, "Q,#"R, "R,#"S,,,
,~,\,~0"0b " 
",#,~]^_`abdeffgghhiijjk k q "	bB,~+K 64 l q "	bB+6+K 64 l q "	bB+6+K,6+,>,n,^1b+p $, "q,#"s0b
 !$&(*-/12457  "96  ";+dO@%,g p,,
+s,>,>=O@% "+m,>,>>O@% "+m,>,>> "-,+ , "?,#,^,+ "?,#,^,#O@t,~
(,~,w1B@@%,~-<T6@o+ Q7@&1D+|1D+}7@%+}
"7@Q,~6@n,1BO@n,$,~,~-<@O@o,I,+,P,*@@o@@n,~7@Q+	,:@@q C*"400P1P1+
&C,!"q@$,mIO7@}}U"Ks7@~ B~X"qQ" $X&
@@oOnn,~,"J,g,"N,g+# "
B+*-<Q,:,> "X,#,^,/,
,~,>, "\,#,^ "\`D,# "``D,# "b`D,# "d`D@,# "g,#,~,:@nQ,~@@Q,>o,^(@@@@
g(4FC.&F=hA &/QF,~ &4fK,H(B|=F[:QHhhb,~ &+L &-<h0f+N .,>[2h+j,^ hk.,>)B|=fS,^()B+K-<I!*BX*Z<h
QL,~7` "$"  8 : l q "	bB+d+K,o,~-<I[
4JB,+=jg,~4dK[ .QFhq.( u4FmF=dm,~4dK-<q u4Fq

2J,~=f}+K $1B $t1B $x1B ${1B $~1B $1B $1B $1B $
1B $1B $1B $1B $1B $1B $ 1B $"1B $%4D ,#,~,> "(,#,^,,~	b	3"&.* B&,~-<q,
,* "+,# U, ",,#,
,* S, ".,#,
 T W,),
 V V,),
,* , "4,# , "6,# "t$&U,>, ",+,^$"2&U $,W "7,#,
4J* $S$"t&U ,$
, "9,#,
,* , ";,#,
7`T,~,* $"2&T, "?,# T, "B,#,
,~,>,,~$@@P,>,>,pa:,^,^,~ state, NDA: B, NDR: @, IDA: F, IDR: D>~,pa:~~>~,~No DECnet channel is open
-<T "Y+gUnknownNoneSegmentMessageErroneousToo Big (illegal)Zero (illegal)CWCRCSRJRNDRDSDCCFLKCMNRX0HNSP. error: -<T "m+i $# 
>+9, function $$(0) Unknown Error Code(1) Argument Block Format Error(2) Allocation failure(3) Bad channel number(4) Bad format type in process block(5) Connect Block format error(6) Interrupt data too long(7) Illegal flow control mode(10) Illegal function(11) Job quota exhausted(12) Link quota exhausted(13) No connect data to read(14) Percentage input out of bounds(15) No Privileges to Perform Function(16) Segment size too big(17) Unknown node name(20) Unexpected State: Unspecified(21) Wrong number of arguments(22) Function called in wrong state(23) Connect block length error(24) Process block length error(25) String block length error(26) Unexpected State: Disconnect Sent(27) Unexpected State: Disconnect Confirmed(30) Unexpected State: No Confidence(31) Unexpected State: No Link(32) Unexpected State: No Communication(33) Unexpected State: No Resources(34) Rejected by Object(35) Disconnected by Object(36) No Resources at Remote Node(37) Unrecognized Node Name(40) Remote Node Shut Down(41) Unrecognized Object(42) Invalid Object Name Format(43) Object Too Busy(44) Abort by Management(45) Abort by Object(46) Invalid Node Name Format(47) Local Node Shut Down(50) Access Control Rejection(51) No Response from Object(52) Node Unreachable(53) No Link(54) Disconnect Complete(55) Image Field Too Long(56) Unspecified Reject Reason(57) Bad combination of NS.EOM & NS.WAI flags(60) Address ErrorIllegal function codeEnter activeEnter passiveRead connect informationAccept the connectReject the connectRead connect confirm informationSynchronous disconnectAbortRead disconnect dataRelease the channelRead the channel statusSend interrupt dataReceive interrupt dataSend normal dataReceive normal dataSet quotasRead quotasSet job quotasRead job quotasSet PSI reasonsUnknown command: Ambiguous command: "+$ ---- ,>,pa:,^,~r[A log file spec must be the last command on a line]
@H%Wild cards in log file name not supported, logging disabled
~>|,~% Output I/O error, logging stopped ( IO.IMP:Software Detected Error IO.DER:Device Error IO.DTE:Data Error IO.BKT:Block Too Large )HH ,>,pa:,^,~H Unable to set buffer quota
-<T "l+gH ,>,pa:,^,~RSNDBO: Disconnected/Rejected by ObjectRSNRES: No ResourcesRSNUNN: Unrecognized Node NameRSNRNS: Remote Node Shut DownRSNURO: Unrecognized ObjectRSNIOF: Invalid Object Name FormatRSNOTB: Object Too BusyRSNABM: Abort by ManagementRSNABO: Abort by ObjectRSNINF: Invalid Node Name FormatRSNLNS: Local Node Shut DownRSNACR: Access Control RejectionRSNRNO: No Response from ObjectRSNNUR: Node UnreachableRSNNLK: No LinkRSNDSC: Disconnect CompleteRSNIMG: Image Field Too LongUnknown reason code: L\Test ran for  milliseconds	bytes per message, Send statistics:Receive statistics:	messages ( errors),  messages/second	characters/second	effective baud rate = 8 * chars/sec%	line efficiency on a  baud line@@4 X*(s ^V@@W,E[,. F5,.ZF>`F[`F 
,.[FAZ`,>,.7@ & F?4FRSX(U[0f	 &	*(U,.[FBZFA,. FB^0O@V	b
+  B40J+Y:lO@mO@PO@O "7@U1J B,,^,O@C	b
,pQB> Q( B>\",	b7+l@b!$Lu
+l 4!$YR (	h X@+l"Y$"j0(D~A$pA&G, B@6@U,
t7@l+t!"K8 BU,
t5	 (&".$)D}=hq[,~7@5+	
6+	O@,4px4Nw4N	1P8Jw Z7 ,<+	4p	1P+
6m0,:+|O@qZ5^0 PD+	 5,<+	O@n0P,}!$cDBO@m7`@@DZ5Z"/,~
6m0,:5p		O PD,~,8 x DW Q( D>,E D ^V,
A,.[F9ZF:,.`faF+	[F;ZF;,.[F<ZF<,.[F:ZF=,.ZF=Z^s:@C+	6@m6@s+	+	)2^V+
Z >YB(d"2B	b+ 6@s+	'6@U+	&6@F+	)6@m,E3P[+[7`^0Z",,8O@q@@r@@t6@9,96@s+	.,5B	,
, ,0P +	44"	4!$bDB+
\+	[ 
6@<,<4p	JO@r"]5B	N!$}[	;d0F@*d	8 
	;+0d	>@l	A@|	AA$	AA<	AA,	A
b "bB=6 q+	N+	B:@q+
^ "bB=+	I <`b!+
_,;+	T4J	U =aBaB+	N7 q+
]O@r:q "bB=+	T <bB]+
`LF7@6 F+
`,;,m4,	\5p	/6`H+[6@r,~6@U+	6@s+	6@m,~+	,
m@@D 0+	.,8 ^VO@s,
,.d&/&( F8ZJ7[.&( F8,. F@ C,82^V+
 +	r D5p
a,:@V?@V+	f @,	w+	f1P+	l0P +	v!$bDB+
m4p	f5
b,E,>s@@s,>D,>E@@D@@E,>DZ^D,>W,>V $
( DW ,$ DV7 s+
( JV LF,.5F
\&	f+
) F?7 s,
 ^*"=@@> ^*"GO@C _*"F,
#:@V>V *80
#OpD@@D, ?`bp+_h"*b
0P1P 00P+
( V6 s4N
( b,MaB+
( ,,
,],,^V,^W,^D,^E,^D,^s@@?,~INXg^NHtS:O@@t@@s x DW ^V C1D $5d
77 n@@C6`n@@n#`n,8 $ D6 q3P[ $7@U6` $.Dx7`@@C^E6` DC2P[OpD4B
P[,. F5.&Q& F5,.[7@7cQ( H7Z7@7cQ( H6,.Z7@7cQ( H6,.2Fc+
P\&	f & F97`D@@D@@HO@V,L6 s,
7 s,
@@G@@f,P,~^0 PD7@?7@U5E,,~
2	b+
m-"M6|p-"M6Lt7{ ~,>d,M ,^aD+*,# ,Z6@f7@W+
l "~,# W7$f "W, ",++*,5"
 "7@U B,7@U P,7 \06@), "U $	,m7BWU"8v BW7@VO@V7BVS> BV7BU+
	b`b O@+? ,+\"4p
~7 s+
1P5 .UOdo-"#UL .UOdo-"#i6L,87BF,~1B+,64"E
8+  "F $P &R,+, R BT Q!"bBH!$>9 DR7"O "1b(B BUSPX"R6 P+d"6@ll"	b V,> 
,M ,^aD+,,+ "F,,
2 (+ .FO@-"#e^L
,< G,:+!O@G,4,1P+F4N'6@:+:,],Z N: B;O@G1P+K0P1P-+S1P+R1P+N6`H0P7+Q6@G7 s7+21P+A1P+!7@:,]!&GF< &1P &1P &1P &1P &f] G,~@@: *$GO@C _*$F6@:6@7,:!"GB<GB<,~,
b5"l`b+m7@G:G+mLg4N<5B;6@:+= N:!"BB<+!,,Z6@;+>Yg N;+l6@H+Z:H,]+O@H+!,+l!*bJ<+AGJ<GJ<,,Z0P+Z6@p+?BJ<,4+j`b4.0P+?6@p`n`N+DRN=RB=,,Z6@p`n`N+FYN=YB= *=0P+j.*0*C+HO@E,@@E,Z N( B(4NJ+c0P.1P75pB5p!O@G+"1"0+n &
6@G7s"&t,0d7@: F: .7@: F; -7@: F:6@;+|!&GF<GF< . F; !&cF<*(B /D<GF< /GF<!(|  C3Fc  6 F C*h
7 G6@:+
!&Lu F:6hC2(C+
|,>7 H,
,^,~ <d&DGF <d&GF (w0h ("`S` 	3Fc  C F	:*h
,~O@6 *"9@@H6@:,:@@/@@/,>/,>/@@- *"5,^/,^/!"BB/BB/,~,?,4NK:G:x,
l+,^!"0cC0+KQ,@@o G1b+
12"72b8+K 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. NW@@X *"f 0`d+4,
D6 s+
A G0F+
e4BT7 s+
K ,:,}*0H+
b 0,<+
P/0 .+
e5"O " )B!( cI0+
b,>  0,<+
^7 s0P+
e,  ,<+N ./.
e,^2N!5NN .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5B
h++]<s08 * 5,<+! ,5 
s #,<+#6 5J
+T+61L "7,# 
#4J+# .,+ (,*j
=l>+.[06D 0`dP`d +
b@@o6` 0 PDR0>G,~C
S;H6g^NHtiF@KZ-`_ aJ,j<M'=G>vJ7

C&)9-"ItJ-"o4L-"]4O-"I4Q-"IDS[`-"GV,-"IY[`-"e[aN[`-"SBTaN[`-"SB<b .: $-"#g$e-"]N4g-"k/i-"Ck-"]Om5"O-"kO4o-"CO4q 0-"kt6@?+
y-"gZd|-"gZt0-"g[-"YZL-"a:$@@H-"k?6@G7s7,~6B:B-6B:B-;6@D.6B;B.!"bB<*$5<<BD/GB/GD/!$|C2BcB6*dh6@<5<,~,4@@n@@m:m0P+p:n,45z,4@@nO@m0P+t>n,45z,4@@n@@m0P+x:n+y0P5z>n,46BnBmO@W*"[,Bg000p++#,4N,<+./.0.+7Bm+{Bn[g&$/7 ..Rg6 mm/.S.,>,iZx,^P7`n+3.g.+^ .3dg +^ ./.0n+ NZ0P+,q4nz0n+| NY+;Z1D7n@7+^1D+1D+/$
b g,n &&t. ( &$6  W+@@ Waf B W2B W+W1HZ=hQ7  W@@ W=hW[4N],a m+@$+]7`m?8X:8X,a  "C Bf2.5-"I? Y$".X$".X$"t [$$.[$$.Z$$.Z$$.Y/50P,~,q4.z0.
+|0NY0P+t,q0.+|4.z,NX0P+t,q0.+|4.z(NX7"Y`"$"6X.X$"6X.X,$)w'"Q@++K-"]:$!-"]B4$-"Id)-"IT,-"kl/-"S32-"kt6-"[$9-"IRl<o%i9i#.,rMJLH<g&\RgVtH<[>tH<iV.9UvX9M-0[:CC[HUVtPUVgCV>\zgI6,%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$(i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9$~,,4@np0P+l5O@0055,4@np0P+S.$$,4O@p+:O@0P+(O@p,40P+!(D(Nl+000p+%($l(N..Gh+@@p,6@O@pO@)D+:,"+Bf1" ?,?,7,46@F+10P+/`fpB+1,.+5`fp`/0`hpP.0,4O@p+,0P+:/0`hpP,4O@pafp+:B+87@p $ Dg5 5,4,7@n000p+C`np+Y(Np@,4+?,.+K000p1+Y,4 $G`4BA$"
b/02BRP.0,4+(0000p=7+K000p-,~0p00 :x,~,:100,~1p=/0,~1P6@F,~6@E,~ PF7@,~,N7@F0P,~,L ? $,N4pD1P+D,400 0p-+L/0`bpP+>0P,}!"{X"q,+I/"q 0,P,~ 5"K-"k<R-"C<T -"S<W,>6@C+Z6@E^E@@E6BD+6`^0-"l+k+S+[-"j-"l+h+X+[+U-"l+h+X+Z+aQ0-"f-"l+d+^+]Q0+b-"l+d+^+`Q0-"fQ0-"f1P+[+U!",7@U^0+U\PE_`5j-"j6@C+U+S BD PD,^,~6@C+],7`F+s4ps2PF+,3PF+4ps,} 0@@F4p1P+1P+0P1P+{6 q+7 s0P7+_0P+,5p{+ PC5PK 0*C,~6@s+7 +6@m,~6@U+`6@B5B
8+ 7  "
1P6`F7 0,~,40K4P
000p+^01P+b1P, PD,~6@s5s6@U+%3P[,~6@A5A
(1P00P1P 07@q6@m6`n,~0P
P6@)55@@+ U	papap+*\`+,L "U $^ &`,+ " B` ") B_ `QX$c4B3ab*$g $cab D`,P,M+L60)ap`6@r5>,>3P[+L,> )aB+c ",>3P[+L=b;,^0P,~> *+I7@)+L:+ 0G4PE,M+L70++L0p@@+G
` +L * P* +>)000p+d@@r,~,^^0,~,L7`l+V[_0BK8+V fSa7@Ra f	b+V$" B* g B)+g
^+x0`+B`,$	dadKg6$@`+hbB`eb(BrQ"[47D`gadS+(	h6(,$5Ho,>(6"g,B(+t@@m@@l+v .UO@o-"#Sdg^0,P,~[0BK8+QBa "LuQB[a7@Z>P> Ba@@`Z`++P .UOdo-"#S|j0D	1D
+K<dK9K7@U,~6@)7`l+O@l7@)+,M+@b@f + + mSa7@Ra f	b+ @@U@@o  ,@@,@@) n*"+,~ .UOdo-"#S^Ln (h5@7Z,> ,M+*7Z (+7Z (+7Z (,> ,MaB+*,+ , +*7Z,> Q,MaB+*,+4.)[,,+Z,6@o,^"7`s7@U7 BD,
 D7@?@@F V7 s+	f7DW+7 Dx "7@s+
1 D}X$H Dx+	,E	`7@t,~@@t,> D6@)+>
27@m7 q^0+A,>
66@)5ps2P[^0@@C@@D@@E@@F2P[^0 PD,^,~,8,@@l@@m@@q6@A5A,6+K	`	b,~7`
&t	`,LZ[`6@Q"8wQ$6@?Q$~Z&,z B~,>6@?,,^,P,~,
W5p	)+	6
No option ]>tab?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
xIllegal character "S2|" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@FO@5ERun linkage failure e24Wildcard illegal in /RUN specification : N= B=+c=/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap`6P-h.k`+K,^5bL+KX[ .8+
eC2` .+
i 4"
w +
s H 0`f+
	:6@?+'t write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
1Double file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisP0
xX8RgX.+Rg+ Mnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+T3"g+ 2bg_XDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0
$ "d@,4+C0P+Y,4+SB
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JHWfInput string exceeds the size of input bufferHWfUnknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word C@@C1P 0+k C@@C1P^0+m^0+7@+,~Z"+@@D+,^,~6@O@r,~xgHgIndirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device)Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,N+>

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@t+
8+ O@t,
,+,abS``H,,^`FaH@+	 ",+Z, ",+,+Zx`H,#,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f(B}Dt[`Gtd"`Bl7@l,~c*u,~Z8  ,,(  [ 1DYR5b., ",+R , " 5( 7B +!,,(  ,R !$bD bD 4F' ",+ , " l" 7B +/`h+,`b5 ([/",>Q(} "-,+  2B24"26 x+3,*H66 x:7@ +6,)  ,+2,^x+!`)"w,>!`,;,),^iB5'  & ")B5B@=f= ")B."`d ",+=f?,~,n."z3b5+F.$/5,> ,I,(,^5P	b,<&"  " $,W&( ",5,# "  &"2"5	b	&;  $,W,( &"j0 ,V,( &"t $4"0b5*,+ "5+0"+c!${Pl2Bl*d\5$a ",+Rl, ",+,~." ,> "/+k1"+h/",>
q?",+,^,}"5+1"05+/",> ",+,^5+K>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXz"<6@,"<4B}>&"+Z, ",+$=4D. ",+ 5`B?5
 =+	4B
 >U$*D >bB+
&" 7!(+,[5+,> ",+ ",+,^,~,> "-,+,^4"?, ".5+ 4D. ")B.",++,>[,,),^Z7@ &5"  ",+ &#`QDx6@,[x."0b."5+Q"A`aB,~,>x4B,++% "5+ "5+ "5+ "5+ "aB?,~6@u5u
",~,+[1D7@ ,~+,,+2  ,7+2L\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
?X,+,B7N!.Lu N 
!,>9	laLd*@ 
+@ ,`j@!,an+K`Jl
.lnmL6NL5NKN6Nh`N,~N.m(N S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+a N0L(5NK.**l] .  N[
 ,!. bNGL[
 .(N|0l N0j
 .0l3Nn7 N+K	n
$,>4"[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+y&$27@aDg &/"V$":5F|1(+>!$z3(+."*d}/.*xd"%),^,~ 	b "5B	b		d,<,>&$:0d~+&&. *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4d&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'2d."Q,~-<KZjy'6L\X
&.5":,?,> ,3  
,^O@: `f+)(FFdA4FK+,F4FKA5F, :*b$Z4LK ,~<$/7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D4,~	b
"`	b+;`b;xO@,~O@,~ ",~*
xQ*x,>,>,>,L>~,^,^,^,^:x,~-j(,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~ J	w[,.`FX!X ahQ[H	id(,>,.[F	jZF	j6@	j7@	j+\,.ZF	h[ F	i,.ZF	kZ
 F	lRd(x(HRH	k,.ZF	l,^5J4 "	b 6 B	c@@	d 7*"	h 7O@	d	b$@@	d	b
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 0S0O0000URSRSUUU7@	6@	++Search list empty for device g2,NNo such d]N$RDIlS is empty	Non-existent]b$WSome files protected gYAll files protected C\Some directories protected g_All files rejected by conditions CbNo such files as ]N4fNo file name specified ]i	d
0$0pP7B( 	cab 3B	c+s B( 	c B(+sOPEN failure on g|u$	qNull name in output wild-card]|xNull directory in output wild-card]:|{Too many wild-cards in input for outputi^Insufficient wild-cards in input for outputS^+  ".$ 8af +!.8`fg +! 8[8+
P	edirectory on ,T+!:	,~Open failure for I|,^5
$ in use by job >	:	,~>	,~,^,^5
]c,W,^,^,~Lookup/enter failure  failureNon-existent UFDProtectionFile being modifiedAlready existingRIB or directory read errorNo roomWrite lockedCan't supersede directoryNon-existent SFDSearch list emptySFD too deepNo createError S>,;,^,^,^,~ while reading MFD.UFD.SFD file  directory irectory  BxO@y+L[w0BYR+N v Bx v Dy+N on 
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"+g-"sIOE I/O error reading help file-"sNHF No .HLP file on SYS:
& \$	d $ad`l$``dl$@`d 
& `d 
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,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3ZZZo:"".Bx+g%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you