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A:bG:bN:bR+ 	` {
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+n "	b+ ,^@@U "` BU
&pBT,y * ,`7@H+W
*+R0B	b?+!"	b?+		`3*U+U "	b+ +L $,p,s=dU9
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*6"I1BJ BI7`I+b "	b+ +!"	b?+!"	b?+	 
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&8,+@b A,%+0&0f/5/&`hpF7@m"p(}+4B x  A2F*h5(/x " ;,$,^x,~@b,%+"0&0f5$O@(BG"h+7@O@:x,~
(4F%0F1F+%1F+%0&00f=1/&,> &(GxcF.:,^,~ @,","!.6@E,Z+Y L8_Z.4 @ P8`13 P8`+X,","!.6@F,Z+Y  P8_!Z8` \8` X8a+X,","!.6@F,Z+Y L8_ X8`!Z8` \8a+X,","!.6@G,Z+Y L8_ R8`13 P8`+X,","!.6@G,Z+Y L8_  P8`  P8`13 P8a+X,","!.6@H,Z+Y  P8_+XO@I,","!.1,Z+Y@@8_@@8`@@8`@@8a+X:UXP8^,B,B,b>0I60D3Q41,b156 E3PE1,b,"pB.T)z ..nU0.`@nU..,B8^ P8^15Q4 P8_:,boperation initiation at RNXGOasynchronous status detected by CHKATNinterrupt exit in CALFIOCONECT calls to CMDWAToperation initiation errors at RNXDWNhung transfer timeouts at RNXSTPJe;FLQ*(e;FLQE&p
[Type an altmode to exit]
? Couldn't remove breakpoints
&+}? Couldn't undefine breakpoints
?Can't OPEN output channel.  Have you assigned logical device RNXTRC?

?Can't ENTER output file RNXTRC.BIN[-]

?TRPSET failed.  Are you privileged?

?Output error writing file
RP20 trace program

Select output mode (Termination,Continuous): iZ7G>vJ7p&Use defaults (Yes,No)? s]<p*CPU number: Kontroller number: Log  (Yes,No)? Insert SNOOP. level exit breakpoint (No,Yes)? ]<sp6Number of additionl entries to record after SNOOP.
*blevelexitsrequesthasdbeendetected:BH?B4&WQX$3*$3 F3@@5@@P,>,^,^.B3Q"3Z3*",~B4&]QX$6*$6(F F5@@3@@P,^5y,,e,$,p 52bN+b(B:*5,p ,~ 50b +g"`S`7D+k 6d&@ Fm."*dh7B3,~0b +m"`S` 3d$@ D
+{`d+=bt,~ "l	b
&,{, 	b?+}!"	b?+},~
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 "	b+ BF "	b+ BH #	b+ BH "J BI@@J@@J #	b+ BK $	b@@ BK $	b@@ BL %	b@@ BL %	b@@ BM &	b@@ BM@@N &	b+ BN
F++@H+/5+6@77/+<[0D+AZ`0b@+F B/,~,,@@6A" ./"`3nO OQ,C"`.NO6 O,~,0+% "',2_DOZDOaDe l ZO52 O."d BO,>(B{ ( //47`+J:$KZ /.3b3"94/Z .4D>.,?+O xA"7oO@x,^,~(B@P;x
` ,~+T o*6(&.6*6,G*bC,~`B4 IaB5 I,~ o d$@`t@l$ D. 
(L (l F-Fd&@5FV o D.6 (l+T 05 D-,a . D05 .l$ D(l=jM7J3,~ (
 F-Fd&@5F` o F.6 (
+^ (3 D-,a . D(3 .l$ D(
=jX,~,>,c,^,~!$ -3B.+kcD-+ibD.+n B. - B.,~cD.+n+lcD-,~!$GD.!$BD.,~!$GD.,~7J5,~ 
(L[06(T( 4(+Q4` T06=jq,~UWY^bcegd "	b7w,~0"0b7h@+k "	b
+|d"(B B
*.F,B,1:,B,B,b? Called GETADR with negative count
&R	`+V? Called SETBRK with negative word count
&X	`+\? Too many breakpoints for this monitor
&^	`? Too many breakpoints for SNUP subroutines
&c	`? Too many reference symbols for SNUP subroutine
&h	`? Undefined breakpoint symbol(s)
&n	`? Multiply-defined breakpoint symbol(s)
&s	`? Undefined MONREF symbol(s)
&x	`? Multiply-defined MONREF symbols
&|	`Unable to reduce core but continuing
5?SNOOP. failed -- Not an errorIllegal argumentNot privilegedSomeone else snoopingExceeded max breakpointsFunction illegal when breaks already insertedNo monitor free coreAddress checkIllegal if not LOCKedChecksum of running monitor doesn't match disk copy (hpx0? Can't open device where monitor lives
&'	`? Can't find monitor on the disk
&,	`? GETTAB failed (trying to find disk copy of monitor)
&0	`x.? Error reading directory of monitor
&8	`? Bad .EXE file -- header code not good
&=	`? .EXE directory too big for program
&B	`? Desired address not in .EXE file
&G	`6$ /? EOF before address found
&L	`Xn? I/O error reading .EXE file
&Q	`LOCK not implementedno LOCK privilegeIf LOCKed couldn't run largest existing jobIf LOCKed couldn't guarantee corminNo room in EVMIllegal subfunctionPage unavailableTried to LOCK again in an illegal way
'	`