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Beware file for WHO

For details on how to use WHO, please read WHO.HLP and  WHO.MAN.
WHO  is an unsupported product.  Therefore, DEC is not obligated
to fix bugs found  in  WHO.   Comments  and  suggestion  may  be
addressed to Bill Meier and/or Don Mastrovito, although there is
no guarantee that they will be addressed before the end  of  702
field test.

WHO is a general purpose SYSTAT program that reports job,  line,
node,  and user information gathered from the running monitor or
a crash file.  It is invoked with a WHO command  and  modes  are
selected    using    the    /MODE:[JOB,LINE,NODE,USER]   switch.
Alternately, a WHO may be invoked by a command whose name is one
of the legal arguments to the /MODE switch.

WHO was written to run privileged (JACCT'ed).  It will  function
without   privileges,  though  some  job,  line,  and  all  user
information will be unobtainable.

JOB  mode will allow any user to display DDB information for any

NODE  mode  currently  will  not display DECnet information.  In
this mode,  WHO  is  a  suitable  replacement  for  the  NETWORK
program.  hence, WHO may also be invoked by a NETWORK command.

LINE mode will attempt to display node_line locations  based  on
the  contents  of SYS:LINES.INI file.  LINES.INI contains ANF-10
node names, line numbers, and ASCIZ  location  strings.   It  is
generated by assembling LINES.MAC with the following command:


WHO will always try to lookup SYS:LINES.INI, but  will  function
correctly  without  displaying node_line location mapping if the
file cannot be found.

USER  mode depends on the ability to read ACCT.SYS, as this mode
will display all fields in  an  ACCT.SYS  entry.   It  will  not
display passwords, unless the job is [1,2].

WHO does not correctly simulate DEVCHR, DEVNAM, and DEVTYP  UUOs
when  reading  a  crash  file.   There  is a bug in MAP where KL
paging simulation on a crash file fails to correctly do  address
translations for non-zero sections.