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 REP 16/1	;07C1
	GLXLOD==:001137		;Sum of GLX module edits
	GLXLOD==:001141		;Sum of GLX module edits
 INS 47/1	;07C2
	;;GLXLOD 001141
	;;		When a program intends to open TTY: using K%OPEN, TTYnn: is
	;;              opened instead where nn is the line number associated with 
	;;		TTY:. If the program is exited or pushed and the job detached,
	;;		TTYnn: hangs.
	GLX KBD,57,1141,1558,JCR, 8-Nov-83,

	;;GLXLOD 001140
	;;		IST crashes are being caused due to interrupts occuring
	;;		when P contains an invalid stack pointer.  This is due
	;;		to text processing routine reseting the ACs back to the
	;;		user context.  During that time, disable interrupts.
	GLX TXT,52,1140,1536,DEK, 8-Sep-83,

 REP 109/1	;07C3
	GLX TXT,51,1123,1216,DPM,12-Feb-82,
	;;GLX TXT,51,1123,1216,DPM,12-Feb-82,
 REP 267/1	;07C4
	GLX KBD,56,1057,0,DEK, 8-Jul-81,
	;;GLX KBD,56,1057,0,DEK, 8-Jul-81,
 SUM 80429