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 REP 16/1	;08C1
	GLXLOD==:001141		;Sum of GLX module edits
	GLXLOD==:001146		;Sum of GLX module edits
 INS 47/1	;08C2
	;;GLXLOD 001146
	;;		In routine OPNERR check for a JFN and if found, release it.
	GLX FIL,105,1146,4,,29-May-84,.2.1579

	;;GLXLOD 001145
	;;		Support making selected GALAXY components into system processes by defining 
	;;		IB.SYS and processing this bit in IB.
	GLX INT,106,1145,4,, 3-May-84,.2.1576

	GLX MAC,236,1145,4,, 3-May-84,.2.1576

	;;GLXLOD 001143
	;;		This edit will define a new word in the Message Descriptor Block which will
	;;		contain the enabled capabilities word (word .IPCFC of the Packet Descriptor
	;;		Block) of the sender of the IPCF message.
	GLX IPC,65,1143,4,, 2-May-84,.2.1574

	;;GLX MAC,235,1143,4,, 2-May-84,.2.1574

 REP 76/1	;08C3
	GLX FIL,104,1135,1495,DEK,20-Aug-82,
	;;GLX FIL,104,1135,1495,DEK,20-Aug-82,
 REP 97/1	;08C4
	GLX MAC,234,1132,1427,, 8-Jul-82,
	;;GLX MAC,234,1132,1427,, 8-Jul-82,
 REP 102/1	;08C5
	GLX IPC,64,1130,1394,DPM,22-Jun-82,
	;;GLX IPC,64,1130,1394,DPM,22-Jun-82,
 REP 162/1	;08C6
	GLX INT,105,1114,1167,DPM,11-Jan-82,
	;;GLX INT,105,1114,1167,DPM,11-Jan-82,
 SUM 5579