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 REP 16/1	;09C1
	GLXLOD==:001146		;Sum of GLX module edits
	GLXLOD==:001150		;Sum of GLX module edits
 INS 47/1	;09C2
	;;GLXLOD 001150
	;;		GLXIPC gives up trying to send IPCF packets if the reason it can not send
	;;		them is due to low swapping space. This results in the calling component
	;;		crashing.
	GLX IPC,66,1150,4,,27-Jul-84,.2.1584

	;;GLXLOD 001147
	;;		The status of batch and print jobs that were submitted with the /AFTER
	;;		switch using absolute time often show a time of a minute earlier. This
	;;		is corrected by adding 500 milliseconds to the time returned by CNTDT.
	GLX TXT,53,1147,4,,10-Jul-84,.2.1580

 REP 64/1	;09C3
	GLX IPC,65,1143,4,, 2-May-84,.2.1574
	;;GLX IPC,65,1143,4,, 2-May-84,.2.1574
 REP 82/1	;09C4
	GLX TXT,52,1140,1536,DEK, 8-Sep-83,
	;;GLX TXT,52,1140,1536,DEK, 8-Sep-83,
 SUM 250067