Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - bb-y390o-bm_tops20_v41_atpch_20 - autopatch/glxver.c14
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 REP 16/1	;14C1
	GLXLOD==:001356		;Sum of GLX module edits
	GLXLOD==:001357		;Sum of GLX module edits
 INS 47/1	;14C2
	;;GLXLOD 001357
	;;		In routine VALPAG, also check that the returned page number is greater
	;;		than or equal to PAGSTA.
	GLX MEM,46,1357,5,, 1-Apr-86,.1233

 REP 79/1	;14C3
	GLX MEM,45,1344,4,, 3-Oct-85,.2.1622
	;;GLX MEM,45,1344,4,, 3-Oct-85,.2.1622
 SUM 11528