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 REP 34/1	;10C1
		VEDIT==167		;EDIT #
		VEDIT==171		;EDIT #
 INS 2/2	;10C2
	;171   Do not reset the density when dismounting a tape.
	;      GCO 4.2.1606
	;170   If a tape is initialized with leading zero(s) in its volume i.d.,
	;      do not suppress them.
	;      GCO 4.2.1600
 INS 50/24	;10C3
	;**;[171]Add 1 line at DAEPC:+1L  JCR  1/29/85
	UNLD:	BLOCK 1			;[171]Tape being unloaded flag
 INS 33/58	;10C4
	;**;[171]Insert 1 line at SALMS1:+10L  JCR  1/29/85
		SETOM UNLD		;[171]Tape being unloaded
 INS 55/77	;10C5
	;**;[170]At KGTVOL:+4L add 1 line   JCR  1/8/85
			SETOM RSBIVN(RSB)	;[170]Consider as non-numeric
 REP 72/77	;10C6
		SETZM T4		;[164]T4 will contain the integer value
	;**;[170]At CHKNXT:-1L replace 1 line with 5 lines   JCR  1/8/85
		ILDB T3,T1		;[170]Get the 1st volume i.d. character
		CAIN T3,"0"		;[170]Is it a zero?
		JRST NONUM		;[170]Yes, so consider it as non-numeric
		SETZM T4		;[170]T4 will contain the integer value
		SKIPA			;[170]Continue to check the first character
 REP 76/77	;10C7
		JRST [ SETOM RSBIVN(RSB)	;[164]No, not a numeric i.d.
		       MOVE T1,TMPSIX		;[164]Get the sixbit i.d. value
		       RETSKP ]			;[164]And return
	;**;[170]At CHKNXT:+3L replace 3 lines with 1 line  JCR  1/8/85
		JRST NONUM		;[170]Not numeric
 INS 85/77	;10C8
	;**;[170]At CHKNXT:+11L add 2 lines   JCR  1/8/85
		SKIPA			;[170]Numeric, so skip the next
	NONUM:	SETOM	RSBIVN(RSB)	;[170]Indicate that not numeric
 INS 29/197	;10C9
	;**;[171]Add 3 lines at MATOPO:+19L  JCR  1/29/85
		SKIPE UNLD		;[171]Skip if the tape is not being unloaded
		JRST [ SETZM UNLD		;[171]Reset tape unloading flag
		       RETSKP ]			;[171]Return +2, T1/ JFN
 SUM 54328