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 REP 34/1	;13C1
		VEDIT==172		;EDIT #
		VEDIT==332		;EDIT #
 INS 2/2	;13C2
	;332	5.1230		Jan-10-85
	;	In routine MTRLS, notify the operator that a mount request for a
	;	volume of a multi-volume set is canceled due to a dismount.
	;331   Version 5 only 
	;330   Increase version 4.2 maintenance edit number to correspond with version
	;      5 maintenance edit number.
 INS 46/166	;13C3
	;**;[332]At MTRLS:+8L Add 3 lines	JYCW 1/8/86
		LOAD T1,RSBSTE		;[332]Get the status
		CAIN T1,RST.WM		;[332]Waiting for next volume?
		CALL WORCAN		;[332]Yes, Tell OPR of cancelation 
 SUM 159036