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 REP 34/1	;14C1
		VEDIT==332		;EDIT #
		VEDIT==333		;EDIT #
 INS 2/2	;14C2
	;333	4.2.1623	Feb-3-86
	;	In routine UNLOAD, REWIND the tape before UNLOAD.
 INS 21/208	;14C3
	;**;[333]At UNLOAD:+10L add 3 lines  JYCW  2/3/86
		MOVEI T1,.MOREW		;[333]Get the rewind function 
		MOVEI T2,1		;[333]Repeat count
		CALL XMTOPR		;[333]Rewind before we unload (TM03)
		 JRST .+1		;[333]Don't care if it fails
 SUM 57147