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 REP 45/1	;11C1
 INS 717/12	;11C2

	1237	QSRMAC	Preserve the external request ID when a queue entry is 
		QSRQUE	modified.   GCO 4.2.1607

	1240	QSRMAC	Ensure delivery of notification messages regarding deletion
		QSRSCH	of archived files by making .EQAFT in the EQ entry of the
		QSRT20	notification request larger than G$NOW.
		QSRQUE  GCO 4.2.1610

	1241	QSRMAC	Correct short create processing of the /USER switch to place
		QSRQUE	into .EQOID of the EQ corresponding to the job request the
			user number corresponding to the user specified in the /USER
			switch.  GCO 4.2.1612

	1242	QSRMAC	Before an IBM termination node is shut down, ensure that both
		QSRADM	the reader is idle and the printer is not busy. GCO 4.2.1613

 INS 27/25	;11C3
	;**;[1242]Add 1 line at OBSSNA  JCR 4/16/85
		OBSIBM==1B17			;[1242]Object belongs to IBM node
 INS 74/37	;11C4
	;**;[1237] Add one line after .QIRET    JD  15-Feb-85
			.QIMOD==1B20	;[1237] If bit 20 is set, this is a
					;modify request, so don't increment
					;the external request id number
 SUM 89207