Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - bb-y390o-bm_tops20_v41_atpch_20 - autopatch/qsrque.c10
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 INS 44/2	;10C1
	;**;[1234]Add 1 line at STATS:+18L  DRB  1/11/85
		[0,,0]				;[1234].OTSNA
 INS 47/14	;10C2
	;**;[1234]Add 1 line at BLKTBL:+23L  DRB  1/11/85
		CRQSNA,,.QCSNA			;[1234]FP Word for SNA-Workstations
 INS 22/19	;10C3
	;**;[1234]Add 10 lines at CRQFRR:+7L  DRQ  1/11/85
	CRQSNA:	CAIE	T2,1			;[1234]Block length must be 1
		$RETF				;[1234]No,,thats an error
		MOVEI	S1,EQHSIZ(P1)		;[1234]Point to the FP
		LOAD	T3,(T4),FP.TAB		;[1234]Get tab flag
		STORE	T3,.FPINF(S1),FP.TAB	;[1234]Save the tab flag
		LOAD	T3,(T4),FP.NXL		;[1234]Get the notranslate flag
		STORE	T3,.FPINF(S1),FP.NXL	;[1234]Save the notranslate flag
		LOAD	T3,(T4),FP.RCL		;[1234]Get record len
		STORE	T3,.FPINF(S1),FP.RCL	;[1234]Save the record len
		$RETT				;[1234]Return ok

 SUM 165743