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                 BEWARE INFORMATION FOR TOPS-20-2020-V4-1                       
                     BEWARE INFORMATION FOR EDIT 2995   IN MONITR               

**This edit delivered first on Autopatch tape 7**

This edit breaks switch processing in RUNOFF.

The following Patch should fix the problem:

P.AEB/   3020,,P.AEC   3000,,P.AEC
P.AEF/   3020,,P.AEG   3000,,P.AEG
P.AEI/   3020,,P.AEJ   3000,,P.AEJ
P.AEN/   3020,,0   3000,,0
P.AEQ/   3020,,0   3000,,0
P.AFG/   3020,,P.AFH   3000,,P.AFH
P.AFK/   3020,,P.AFL   3000,,P.AFL
P.AFO/   3020,,P.AFP   3000,,P.AFP
P.AFX/   3020,,0   3000,,0
P.AGE/   3020,,0   3000,,0
P.AGI/   3020,,0   3000,,0
P.AGO/   3020,,0   3000,,0


                     BEWARE INFORMATION FOR EDIT 3115   IN MONITR               

**This edit delivered first on Autopatch tape 8**

     Edit 3115 causes jobs to be started with no special capabilities.
This  means that ALL bootable packs must allow non-wheel access to the
file EXEC.EXE and the directory it resides in.  We  suggest  that  the
file and directory protection be set to 771212 and 774040 respectivly.

     If you get the NO EXEC message when logging on you  can  go  into
the  MX  at the CTY and do a GET SYSTEM:EXEC.EXE (This will work since
MX at the  CTY  gives  you  wheel).   Use  that  EXEC  to  change  the
protection  of SYSTEM:EXEC.EXE to 771212 and the protection of SYSTEM:
to 774040.

     NOTE:  If you have reason to change the startup  capabilities  of
jobs  they  are stored in word JOBCAP in module FILINI.  This word may
be patched using DDT to include any special job startup capabilities.
                     BEWARE INFORMATION FOR EDIT 3185   IN MONITI               
Edit 3185 to the monitor will catch an unmounted structure error if an attempt
is made to expunge that structure. The error determination is made in RCDIR%,
and the error condition passed back to EXEC1. The error message has been
"No such directory" ; this is now insufficient, and Edit 1015 to the EXEC will
make that message "No such directory or structure not mounted" . These edits
are not interdependent, however, installing the Monitor edit without the EXEC
edit could result in a user getting a possibly confusing error message.
END OF  TOPS-20-2020-V4-1