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 Creates a merged cross-reference listing from one or more data files.
 The data files are created via the BLISS/MASTER-CROSS-REFERENCE 
 qualifier.  The data files have the default file type CRF.


      @BCREF  file-spec[,...]

 Where "file-spec[,...]" specifies one or more data files to be included
 in the merged cross-reference listing.  

 Wild cards are not allowed in the file-spec's.

 If you have a lot of input files, then you can append the files 
 together and use that appendation as input to the BCREF command.

Qualifiers appear below:

 /HEADER (D)		Specifies whether or not BCREF should include 
 /NOHEADER		page headers in the listing file. By default,
			page headers are included.

 /LOG (D)		Indicates whether or not the BCREF should print 
 /NOLOG			messages describing the progress of the listing 
			production.  These messages go to the primary 
			output device.  By default, messages are put out.

 /MULTIPLE		Indicates whether or not the merged cross-reference 
 /NOMULTIPLE (D)	listing should include multiple references to a 
			given symbol with the same reference type and line 
			number.  By default, multiple references with the 
			same type and line number are excluded from the 

 /OUTPUT[=file-spec] 	Provides a file specification for the output listing
			file.  By default, BCREF creates an output file with 
			the same file name as the first input file and a 
			file type of LST.

[end of BCREF.HLP]