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@[?x+ 1[Og 1b`1O,> [4\4ZXDp+5Z DY 4\7[QDp,>"<."&".",>,&v> ,^,~$		CROSS REFERENCE MAPLine #      Event	 File ...-----  ---------------  ---------  Module Library #Source (start)Require (start)Source (end)Require (end)  Eludom ,>,>,>@v "@cB|+V D."3b+V,#r+X,I,I,I,>',>(,>(,",I,I,>),>(,>(,",I,>),>(,>(,",I Y BY Y4B[,>,>*,>*,,>+,>(,>(," Y"'/"+h+j+r+~+	,>+,>(,>(," w $Q$Q`,> "Q"`,>,>(,">~+.6,>,,>(,>(," Vx,>*,>,,,>-,>(, 
,>/,>(,>(,"/8 \x,0,I Y"'1B+ \x,0+Zp BY>{+a "bB|+$ "bBG+$,>F,>*,>*,,>/,>(,>(," w $Q$Q`,> "Q"`,>,>(,",I Y BYZ5B">{>{,^,^,^,~$p<B?B}EFG
HIKMN,.m " BRO@T Y4B5,>,0 BY>+2,>=,': BZ,>=,': B[ Z [XBQD\&~GF D[>,~@@S@@Q@@W@@[7@T,~@@T " 0!& BF="A,~,k,>H,/R $dG>,~$,>,>,>@  $Q$` "?b  Ob 3D+T 0F+N ` ,>,>,n.",>,>,>c,nL5BY,>+Z,>,>,n cBD.61V+_2V+\,* Bw>|,^,^,^,~Y,k,>H,/R $dG>,~,k,>H,/R $dG>,~7@T,~ $2$T+r,>H,/R $dG $dw\$.DT>+l,>H,/R $dG Tdw@@T>,~$$,>,>,k ~!" GBp:TXBp,>=,/R $dG pXX$!&0(F 5$!$cDp+ $+ ~dw$w0D+
,>H,/R:$dG,pQD:W>!"@bB`+R $dG>,~,>,>,k ~!" GBp:TXBp,>=,/R $dG pXX$!&0(F 5$!$cDp+ $+ ~dw$w0D+%,>H,/R $dG pQD:W>!"@bB`+(!"@GB`:S>,^,^,~,> Zp4B-$w4D4,k,>=,/R $dGX\!"@bBp+3!"@GBp:S>,^,~,k:T,>=,/R $dG XD &fw!"@bB+=!"@GB:S>,~,>,>,> ~"p0B+G ` p"0B+E!$bDp+n1B+n+b `ZX }1B+J0B+K4\n+\0B+S4\n!"bB`+Q!" bB`+\ "3"}+\!"@bB`+\+n0B+n4\[!"bB`+X!" bB`+\!"@bB`+\"1B+\,>,*+n"q4Bn "bBV+n"0B+b!"bBp+n,k[p5Bg!" bBp+g,>,>q,>!" bBp+j,>,>r,>,>H,/R $dG pQD:W>,^,^,^,~$`$$p,>H,/R $dG  QF>,~,>H,/R $dG>,~,>,k  FXBp:QQBp p."&".",>,/R $dG pdw *Q*` p p pb+ >,^,~@,>,>,k ~!" GBp:TXBp,>=,/R  "b7 pXB`!$@bD+!$@GD:S"/"4"31"
++3+3+3+3+3+++*+3+.+%+3+3+3+$+&+2+3+3+3+3+!+3+)+"+# "+3 "+3 "+3 "+3 "+3!"cBp+) "+3 "
+3 "+3 "cBp+- "+3@+3 "cBp+1 "+3 "+3 "+3,#b8 ~[d8>,^,^,~$`$$`6$`,>@6@F,k 	Z "Q"`4D>9= ."&".",>,/R  "bM|N 	Z $Q$` "Q"` O+J0"0b?1BB.(3(+H>,^,~$$$ "bBG,~,k,>H,/R $dG>,~> x B{ 
z@+[ ({. {&y D  {&y B{.&3fy+W y B{ { "{.7@1d+b zB>{+] {9f "{. ."B=dc >{,~> "x,> ",> "~,> "},> "|,> "{,> "z,> "y,>,>w, w,>{,>,>,>,>,T  "B x $<Q$` " ( 
b+   "B,>x,>,>,>,>,T  "B,>u,>,>,>,>,T  "B,>r,>,>,>,>,T  "B,>o,>,>,>,>,T >k,~@,>Z[ $"Q@_ 
| &" B( } &" &" Bp } 
($* p$<.
/ F ~ .$ &" D.(~L &":X  &":X (H &":X  &":X l &"Z 
 &"Z &"  |$&.$&2..&n F`B+2&"24D20(.(@2hB+6 { /& F+7."1b+2 { {  /B F ~ H,^,~JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec-<KZjy'6,>R,!],>S,!] "PbB|+Q "cBN+Q:D /"3d+Q " B6>,~,> E4B~7`}+~ NABN "cB|+Y "BBN0\+]!"@cB|+] "BBN "@cB|+_@@E+` NBBE7@N+~ "cB6+g "FB6 "bB|+g "@cB|,#r,>,!]7@
4Bo Bx,!]+q,>,> 4Bs Bx,!]+u,>,>,>F,>S,>,,>,!],>M,>S,>,,>,!],>,>,>,",I>y \N,^,~	:7B,>  } BT ~ BU  BU,>~,>S,)5 \x,)>,^,~ "bBI,~,>,>~,>~,>},>~,~,>,>,>~,>},>~@,~,>,>,>~,>},>~,~; Information:	; Warnings:	; Errors:	,7!"@BB|7@N+",I,I H.I.H4B4 " BN,>7,>,>,",>H,>S,>,,I,>8,>,>,",>H,>S,>,,I,>8,>,>,",>I,>S,>,,I " BN>w@@I@@H@@H6@N,I,~P.AA@E.AA@,>@@Y@@Y "
 } B| ~3B}+C	b@ ~ B}Q$;X$` "*$?@@F,>,>g,)5>`B+O <,>, >=<I "
 } B|+F,: "\ BA@@A@@E " B6@@V@@V@@G "R@@QX$*$E@@z@@z,>,': Be BR@@!@@! h." h  
hbg+  i." i  
ibg+ @@m,q,>,>j,)5>~,^,~@8J9N "cB|+m"n+m@bo,~
||P.AA@E.AA@  B " BR@@M@@L@@P@@J@@H@@H@@g@@g@@f@@Y@@Y B BQ@@D@@(@@'!"bB+ 1." 1  
1bg+  2." 2  
2bg+-@@m@@C@@G)"BN@@I@@Y@@X@@K@@M"BL@@@@@@@@@@@@$@@$@@#@@x@@x"@@QX$*$[QB|XB|B~"/B},j@@w@@v@@v@@x@@xB"0b0@@y@@y@@}@@@@@@"bB|gOBC>B>"B{B{"$0&BF=$$$?`4B)!&~BF[+'=$&"Bo!&GF."1bC+*!"cB|,=,~||oJpN,>,>,> "~ .6,S "cB|+;!"bB|+;,>,>t,)5>!"bB|+?,>A,>,>t,)H>~6@I+o  E@@E "bBC+b "cB|+G,>,>u,)5+a "cB|+J,>,(>,>A,>u,)5 "cB|+N,>,(>,>A,>,)5 "cB|+S,>,(>,>A,>,)5 "cB|+W,>g,(>,>A,>v,)5 "cB|+\,>,(>@@x,>v,)5 "cB|+`,>,(>>|>+e "cB|+e,>,(>,,e "cB|+i "bBC+i,I,I,>Q,)] B BQ \E "cBX+q Xx,)+q "cB|+r,>,(>,^,^,^,~; Size:		 code +  data words; Run Time:	; Elapsed Time:	; Lines/CPU Min:   ; Lexemes/CPU-Min:; Memory Used:	 page; Library Precompilation Complete; Compilation CompleteEND,>,> ~ Bd,>,>,)5,;@@{@@| "bB|,( "cBG+ |3BA+,>R,>R,>},
,5,I,>,>,>," F$"j0&,>,>S,>,,I>y 
@@7@N+W,>,>,>," Lx,>S,>,,I>}7@N+c {."&" 
,>,>,>," Lx,>S,>,,>,>,>,"1L+b,>,!]>,I>|7@N+j "cB|+g,>+g,>,>,>,",I>~ " BN "cB|+z,I@@D,>,!],>,>,>,"7@v+x,>,!] v $Q$Q`,> "Q"`,>,>,">~,I,>u,!]>},}!"cB|,/_+P @vwxz{}}}9
g,"	`,,$ @z0,>}	b+
 J(~5Ha7=&\ &/ y3$   y/$"3b+h "/y $z. "Q"	,>,>,>,">x,^,~
P  X
@@@p!!p!p,,h$3d+|["3n2F+zQq,F+z="w"?,]2F+} +~="{O4d 5B,>,!]+,>,>,~@?,>,>,>,~,> ~ p $Q$Q`,> "Q"`,>,>,""!$~(D 5" "cBp+ }.p p/ D} }4\4<,>,!]> \x,>,>,>>~ ,^,~$p{,>,>,>,> } E <Q<`[+*18+$1x?+%0X+* "A2bE+(,>,>, 
P 4x@,>,>Q,>R,,>R,!] &"
P >+B,>S,>S,>," &",  &",,>,>Q,>R,,>R,!] &",>,>Q,>R,,>T,!] &",>,>Q,>,>y,^,^,~L\4B A+i7INX08
6+ ,~@	b,~	b	 B
@	b B,~	b	/B
@	b/B,~r3b+B@,~a$ illegalIllegal data mode for deviceSyntax errorPATH UUO failureDEGILMNon-existentNon-existent UFDProtection failureFile being modifiedAlready existingRIB or directory read errorDevice not availableNo such deviceNo roomWrite lockedSearch list emptyNo create
eg?  file ,>,>,>,> N " BN,>,>,>,"Z{5X h /6\<+[{2Bpi+ pi+.<3|+ &" O "Q"`,>,>,>,">~ |7@p+,>,>,>,"Zp "Q"`,>,>,>,">},I TN \x, >~@,^,^,^,^,~tBuC; File:		 " BN,>",>,>,"Z "Q"`,>,>,>,",I " BN>},~,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>@|@ z@@QX$*$
 z!" BP!" BPO@P
O@P	 y 6Q6`O@x+ "%3bx+ y[3Bxg0P1P+1P+0P1P+8+9 "+0P+@6 P+<!"FBP "~,>,>,- BP@ +0P+K!"cBP+!"FBP!"BBPT`P 4\6@P+O@P "~,>,>,- BP@+0P1P-+M+\!"bBP+!"GBP!"GBPO@P0@+V "~,>,>,-(wQBP+Z4\[6@P+[O@P "~,>,>,- BP>@  =+0P1P.+^+n1@5x`+0X+e "~,>,>,">XBP5"l+ $" B . "~,>,>,- BH .~O@H>@O  >+0P+0@=1@+q+08+y "~,>,>,">4" .2aX+xXBH+QBH+ $" B . "~,>,>,- BH .~O@H>.80x+@ +5P0@1@=+0@+	 "~,>,>,-(wQBP+4\6@P+O@P "~,>,>,- BP>+10+0000p=+/0 $~Q$A` bP.<0|=1@1|+ "+:x y[2"x+06@P+! Lu @P ">~,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~,>@ ~ $Q$` 
++1&+(1f+)O+, (H <-.=*%,^,~
>@@x~ "Q"` $Q$@ +3/&F=(2 x>,~ $~Q$@ *4B: .( H=*7,~,> $~Q$`@ *5B?5J? <a\+B .( H=*=,^,~,>,>> ~ }Z "Q"` Bx,>` ",>,5 "B,>` "~,>,5[`4BS "B~[`(B	,> "},>,5> `!"cB`+ga|P0a\X0 "-B~[\x "~,>,; "B}Z\x "},>,;@ .7@+e "B} .,> "|,>,5>.<1|+] ".B}>@B~>},^,^,~,>,> }#7@p+n,>,#>,>,':XBp4x| } $Q$`Zp "Q"`[0fA &A9vH=fu,>},>},"`B+z>~+~ } B|> \x,>},D> ",^,^,~"~,>,>~,>,j,>},>},>},>,o>|,~,>,>>
,>q,>q,>+,q#,>,>q4"r,>,jaB+4x.$r Dp5p6@`+U$$k D`,\,Xx,>,>,o>4B>~+U"+,B`,\Xx,>,>,o>}>s,^,^,~,>,>,>,>,>>,>,o>`B+A!$cDP+A!$BDP@@`=6+>q,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,>,>,>,>>+g@,~,>,>,>,> | "$C@@QX$*$ } B$C7BX!"Lu B$D " B$E "bB}+z"gbg@|!"cBX+ Xa|P0a\X0 \X@ $& . 4B ( B$U.$1d+aH+ j B$E \$U+ \$E X B$F[XQB$F"h(B
+ X
 B$H($D	x4X+"3B|ax+ax++"@GB|,>],>+d@} &(F"h $(D	. F$Z A$Z3B$Z+ "+d <$C	| ++ !"+d "cB}+" "+#[$"p B$Y |[P4B(,>ZP,>,&v>,>$Y,':XB( (QBPZP $Y D $cD}!" B$D(T Gj+@+1+2>!"+d "cB}+6 " B$Y "+7 " B$Y " B$Z $Y(D
$Cbi+  $S4BM Bx,>$C,h> ."ax+[ T$T k	d$+Q+S> "+d $U D@ $& . $U F.$1d+T $T BX!"GBX+_ 	|+] \X@@Z`X@@X,>{,>,D "bB|+c,>z,#Q>>~ ",^,^,^,^,~0X"$E$X}@$T
$C$EP$T,> 7@+|0B+s6@I+q $bD|+s,>, +|(Bl"r+@ [p4Bx,>Zp,>,&v>Zp,>,>,&v@@p@@p>>,^,~,> <,>,l>=<~,^,~,> 7@+ 
	b'@[p4B,>Zp,>,&v>Zp,>,>,&v@@p@@p>,^,~,>,> N!$0(D 5"  ~28E+ ,I "cB~+ ,> ,!]>3xE+  /<d3|E+ ,>  ,!]>+ 3xE+ ,>  ,!]>+ ,^,^,~ ZD
 O( 59 13B+ 24F 2 OF."=( . O& 5/f 5,~$$$,>,>,>,> J 8B 	Z> + D(D l"\+@+ 9 	(BG ]+@+ B,>,#L>+ 9@B "+ Z 	Z`@  $cD+ N$0D+ J 6+ L 6  D
\$}.D:+ 9"+4\90V+Q1\+90V+ S1\+ 9<x T\1<+ V1|+ W0\
` ,>,>,> "cB_+! t(t !%b!&@d t t 
tb!&+ Z@@,>!(,#QZZ u/t t(t6!' !%v!' td "pQ"@v!'@
j!b!&+.(.& "cB}+ ~0V+ y[p$"//" B + }[p$$ $"//$ D $pQ$A`+!
 &"@5D! 6g ".[p//$ D`Vg ". $pQ$Ib B @@_>Z 
.* ~ }  /5"! " B_   Bt ( Bt FuaX+! !(+!# $`+!#Z  ([p/6aX+! "+! "$./ ."".V f( F(aX  ,^,^,^,~H`0@0_,>ZZ,>,>, ]Z[p/$3D+!0,>!(,#Q>>,^,~,>  Zp6`+!: (Bl"\+@+!8,>!<,#L> ::Zp>,^,~Z6`+!@,>!B,#Q>Z> D,~,>,>8!X ~ 3X+!O (BGl"x+@ (Bl"\+@+!M,>!<,#L> ~ X:+!RZpZ &Q&	 FZ FZp &!Y/ D &!Y. D,^,^,~t~~,>!B,#Q l"z +@>,~ N+!^+!+!z+!b+!+!g+!p+!+!+!|7@+! ZDZ>`+!,>!B+!o "@bB|+!z "bB6,#r7@+! ZDZ>`+!,>],#Q+!{ "@bB|+!z "bB6,#r7@+!x ZDZ>`+!x,>],#Q>!"@bB|+!,>, !>+! "Q"q`,>,>, #> N!$0(D 5""
 0"1B?+":E,~0B+" $ DE,~0B,~ E/"d." BE,~                                                                                                                                  ,>,>,>,>,>,>,>>@r@@x N+"+"d+"(+"d+"d+""+"%+"d+"d+")  @b@|+"(O+"*  @b@|+"(O! @b@|+"*O+"*O@x7@@5P"-5R"-7@x+"d4P"B@ zZ  9"<3\{+"25X"3 +"=X081X?+"6:E+"<0X+"8 $+";0X+"< E/$d.$ DE.<=b"0OZ @,>,#Q4v"A>+"B>+".4R"\@ z "cB6+"IZ $2$+"I 4B"I,#rZ  9"W3\{+"M5X"N +"XX5P"W081X?+"Q:E+"W0X+"S $+"V0X+"W E/$d.$ DE.<=b"KOZ @H56"\,>],#Q>+"C VH7@x+"`,>z,>z, # >2<{+"d,>"i {/,>,>,">~>,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~"
? Compilation Aborted,> N " BN,>~,>,>,",>},>"},>,,I,>"~,>,>,",I,I \N "bB$[+"|7@+"y	t+"|,>],lZ(,>>{,^,~"i? Internal compiler error ,>#,>,"l>,~"~? Insufficient dynamic memory available? I/O error on input file? I/O error on object file? I/O error on listing file? Source line too long? MACRO or STRUCTURE declaration within structure body? REQUIRE declaration within macro body? I/O error on library file? Nested expression too deep. Simplify and recompile? Unrecoverable source errors. Correct and recompile? Library precompilation size exceeds implementation limits? Number of source errors exceeds /ERRLIM? PLIT or INITIAL size exceeds implementation limits? LIBRARY source file begins with "MODULE"? I/O error on require file##########!#!#'#,#2#7#<#A  #D "Q"`,>,>,"l>,~ (Bl"^+@,~ "2B+#V,>!B+#V,>],#L>,~Symbol  Type  Defined  Referenced ... -------- ----- ----------------,>,>#n,>,>," U/",>,,>#n,>,>,",I U+#i,>#o,!]>=<#h,>#o,>,>,",I>{,^,~#W#X#\;Page; (),> N " BN@@6@@6:
,"@cB|+$9,"bB|+$9@@D,>],!] "cB|+#~,>$;,>,>,">~ w4B$ $Q$Q`,> "Q"`,>,>,">~,>$<,>, 
,>"},>$@,,I,"cB|+$,>$@,>,>,">~,x4B$,Bx,>!(,->,>$<,>,$B,>,>,">{>~,I,I "bBQ,#`>r@@D \N,^,~#o 
#q#q,>,> } &(F/& $(D/$ ~0"/" (bH}+$g1"+$e@ +$k D%8%+$k1"+$j@O+$kL /"4"$r1"+$m+$r+$t+$v+$w+$z+$|+$+%+%+%+%,>%,#>+%3x~+%+%3x~+%+$}2<~+%28~+%+%2<~+%28~+%+%38~+%3|~+%+%38~+%3|~+%+%  ~h"h$3b+%  ~h"h$3b+%+%  ~h"h$3b+%  ~h"h$3b+%+%  ~h"h$2"+%  ~h"h$2"+%+%  ~h"h$3"+% "+%  ~h"h$3"g ",^,^,~
?[XFZ[QFQBXB,~ [  XHZ[QHQDXB,~ [  XHZ[QHQDXB,~,>,%,>,>~,%$>~,~ @Z3D ",~%E%= "%< %6,>,>,,>~,>,%/>~,~$     Z3B+%D2f+%C3F3(+%?[,~[,~ ,~ "//",> .",>,'WQBXB>,~ (BG,>,>%P,%F>,~,>,> ~Zp }$" .83\~+%,>,':QBXB } D p D p D p D,>~,>,%7Zp>~+%U,>~,%s>,^,^,~,>,% Bx,>,&v>,~,>,>,> ~ X9%p $$ . 58%ph8,>,%e Xx `$8.8,>,&v>=|%h,^,^,^,~,>,>,>,> }4X&
Zp,>"&+%{+%}+%~+&+&+&,>&+&,>p,>&,&v>,>&+& p$"."+&,>&+&,>,%e p$".">,>,&v >+%x[X4B&,#,>,>&,&v>,^,^,^,^,~$X,>,>,>,>,>,> |  | Z` `Zp3\g p3X+&22T+&% {$$ . p F . p DZp3\g pZ` `+&3t+&/Z` `[`[`,> $".",>,%b2X+&->+&2>2t+&&+&Zp3\g p2v+&/+&,>,%s> ,^,^,^,^,^,^,~,>,>,> }"&G!$(D@5$&= ".& [X$" .83\+&E } .,>,>},[p>+&@,^,^,^,~$,>,>,>,>,>,> |.$ { | |"&l+&N+&P+&P+&[+&a [X3X+&h .4@+&Y,>P $$ .,>,>,H>~.<3|`+&T[`+&Q [P3\+&h,>p,>p,>,H[p>~+&\ [P3\+&h,>p,>p,>,H,>p,>p,>,H[p>}+&b,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$Z&[&/d3B}+&s .$2b 	b+&s+&tO,~  B}@,~ ".B| "
+&z .+&} Z4B&}[3(+&z  XHQFXB,~ ( 
5B'O,~Z F
,~,>,> (9' `
4\'Zp B`
 |./( B| .(,> /(,>,&v> +'.81x
+'O,^,^,~,>,>,> 8
Z`4\'$[p5(2V+' pXB`+'" ."36+'# pXB` |./ B| .,> /,>,&v> +'% +'O,^,^,^,~ |.(3b}+'*O,~ (.b|/(,~>l2"'9+'/,(
3"(+'5,'5"'9,'5"'9,'5"'9,>':,#L>+'/,''4"'/,~|,> .B| {3"| | B{  B( "
3"(+'F,' 5<'L,'' 5<'L,' 5<'L,'+'H,' 5<'L,'' 5<'L,', 5<'L,>'V,#> (5F'R @@ $3D(+'UQX$.(*$+'UQX .(*$@@( ,^,~  B(,>,':>,~,>,>,> |/}."?&"@ @@m <
`4J'kZ( B` /}& .(m Z 4B'h2"+'h +'eZ 5B'iQJXB(XJ +'`=<'_,^,^,^,~ "? m6@m+'p Hm+'r4H's &m[XH@@m="'n "mZm4D( [.2F|+'yR` D|,~Z3F+'| Z+'tZ[[
.QH XHT`\`+'t,~,>Zm4F(
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[3<+( XDXF +(,^,~,'Z,'m+([)5B(g ,~	b	 C@	b C,~ "(j@@QX$*$
,($B(s,>(,>(,(>,~(t(t,>>,(,,"x,>",>,( }$$ /(t.B(k  B(t /(s.B(j \(s ~/(t.B(k ~ B(t>~,^,~	LEXSYN	FLOWAN	DELAY	TNBIND	CODE	FINAL(*(+(,(-(.(/;			COMPILER INTERNAL TIMING;	Phase	     Faults	  Cpu-time	Elapsed-time;	Total,>,>,>,>,>,I,>(e,>(e,>(f,",I,I,>(f,>(e,>(f,",I@r@v,>(g,!],>`(0,>(e,>(f,",>(g,>(f, 
|(:E2N<`E2N<`E39iE2N<`E39iE39iE39iE39iE39iE39iE2N<`E39iE39jE39iE39jE39i? Cannot get Segment 

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TXzCO[1gfl+vE&t\G>mY7Y&(9qd(Q"[VfJ8M&-IS:NJ0_C%4e$XvTOPS-10 Bliss-36    (8Undeclared name:  %FDeclaration following an expression in a block%ZSuperfluous operand preceding "%K".  Replaced operator with "%J"BEGIN paired with right parenthesisMissing operand preceding "%K".  A literal zero has been insertedControl expression must be parenthesizedSuperfluous operand following "%K"Missing operand following "%K".  A literal zero has been insertedMissing THEN following IF%ZMissing DO following WHILE or UNTIL%ZMissing WHILE or UNTIL following DO%ZName "%O" longer than 31 charactersMissing DO following INCR or DECR%ZMissing comma or right parenthesis in routine actual parameter list%ZMissing FROM following CASE%ZMissing TO following FROM in CASE expression%ZMissing OF following TO in CASE expression%ZMissing OF following SELECT%ZMissing SET following OF in SELECT expression%ZMissing colon following right bracket in SELECT expression%ZMissing semicolon or TES following a SELECT action%ZAddress arithmetic involving REGISTER variable %FField reference used as an expression has no valueMissing comma or right angle bracket in a field selector%ZValue in field selector outside permitted rangeValue of attribute outside permitted rangeALIGN request negative or exceeds that of PSECT (or stack)Illegal character (decimal value %A) in source textIllegal parameter in call to lexical function %FAttribute illegal in this declarationAccess formals must not appear in structure size-expressionConflicting or multiply specified attributesTwo consecutive field selectorsSyntax error in attributeInitial value %A too large for fieldThe %U attribute contradicts corresponding %S declaration of %FLiteral value cannot be represented in the declared number of bitsLower bound of a range exceeds upper boundNumber of routine actual parameters exceeds implementation limit of 64Name used in an expression has no value:  %FLEAVE not within the block labelled by %EMissing comma or right parenthesis in parameter list of lexical function %F%ZMissing label name following LEAVELabel %E already labels another blockEXITLOOP not within a loopMissing structure name following REFMissing attribute list following colonModule prematurely ended by extra close bracket or missing open bracketSyntax error in module headMissing or invalid switch specifiedName already declared in this block:  %FSyntax error in switch specificationExpression must be a compile-time constantInvalid attribute in declarationName in attribute list not declared as a structure or linkage name:  %EMissing equal sign in BIND, LITERAL or COMPILETIME declaration%ZMissing comma or semicolon following a declaration%ZValue of structure size-expression for REGISTER must not exceed %ALeft parenthesis paired with ENDRegister %A cannot be specifically declaredMissing SET following OF in CASE expression%ZMissing left bracket preceding a CASE- or SELECT-label%ZMODULE declaration inside module bodyMore than one CASE-label matching the same CASE-indexValue in CASE-label outside the range given by FROM and TOMissing equal sign in ROUTINE declaration%ZTwo consecutive operands with no intervening operator.  A "%J" has been insertedMissing comma or right bracket following a CASE- or SELECT-label%ZName to be declared is a reserved word:  %JSize-expression required in STRUCTURE declaration when storage is to be allocatedNumber of structure formal parameters exceeds implementation limit of 31Missing comma or closing bracket in formal parameter list for %F%ZMissing control variable name in INCR or DECR expressionMissing equal sign in STRUCTURE or MACRO declaration%ZMissing actual parameter list for macro %FMissing closing bracket or unbalanced brackets in actual parameter list for macro %F%ZExtra actual parameters for structure %F referencing data segment %GMissing colon following right bracket in CASE expression%ZName to be mapped is undeclared or not mappable:  %FMissing comma or right bracket in structure actual parameter list%ZIllegal characters in quoted string parameter of %FQuoted string not terminated before end of lineMissing comma or right parenthesis following a PLIT, INITIAL or PRESET item%ZActual parameter list for macro %F not terminated before end of %YExpression must be a link-time constantString literal too long for use outside a PLITName declared %L is not defined:  %FSize of initial value (%A) exceeds declared size (%B)Missing quoted string following %FSyntax error in PSECT declarationMissing semicolon or TES following a CASE action%ZNo CASE-label matches the CASE-indexSome values in the range given by FROM and TO have no matching CASE-labelNo structure attribute for variable %E in structure referenceRoutine specified as MAIN is not defined%%REF built-in function must be used only as a routine actual parameterModule body contains executable expression or non-link-time constant declarationLength of quoted string parameter of %F must not exceed %BCannot satisfy REGISTER declarationsSimultaneously allocated two quantities to Register %ADivision by zeroName to be declared is missingNull actual parameter for structure %F has no default valueIllegal up-level reference to %FMissing ELUDOM following module%ZLanguage feature not yet implemented in %W:  %F %GREQUIRE file nesting depth exceeds implementation limit of 9Structure and allocation-unit or extension are mutually exclusiveAllocation-unit must not follow INITIAL attributeMissing quoted string following REQUIRE or LIBRARYOpen failure for REQUIRE or LIBRARY fileComment not terminated before end of %YDefinition of macro %F not terminated before end of %YMissing semicolon, right parenthesis or END following a subexpression of a block%ZInvalid REQUIRE or LIBRARY file specificationExpression identified by a label must be a blockValue of structure size-expression must be a compile-time constantValue of structure size-expression must not be negativeMissing left parenthesis in PLIT or INITIAL attribute%ZALWAYS illegal in a SELECTONE expressionRange spanned by FROM and TO exceeds implementation limit of 512Percent sign outside macro declarationRecursive invocation of non-recursive macro %FRecursive invocation of structure %FExpression nesting or size of a block exceeds implementation limit of 300Operand preceding left bracket in structure reference is not a variable nameValue of PLIT replicator must not be negativeRETURN not within a routine%S name %F used in its own definitionMissing comma or right parenthesis in actual parameter list for %F%ZOmitted actual parameter in call to %F has no default valueExtra actual parameters in call to %FTranslation table entries in call to CH$TRANSTABLE must be compile-time constantAllocation unit (other than BYTE) in call to CH$TRANSTABLELength of table produced by CH$TRANSTABLE (%A) not an even number between 0 and 256Length of destination shorter than sum of source lengths in CH$COPYCharacter-size parameter of %F must be equal to 8Built-in routine has no valueMissing equal sign in GLOBAL REGISTER declarationIllegal use of %%REF built-in function as actual parameter %B of call to %S %FIllegal use of register name as actual parameter %B of call to %S %F%S %F has no valueMissing quoted string following CODECOMMENTMissing comma or colon following CODECOMMENT%ZExpression following CODECOMMENT must be a blockIllegal OPTLEVEL value %AENABLE declaration must be in outermost block of a routineMore than one ENABLE declaration in a routineHandler specified by ENABLE must be a routine nameIllegal actual parameter in ENABLE declarationName used as ENABLE actual parameter must be VOLATILE:  %EMissing comma or right parenthesis in ENABLE actual parameter list%ZLANGUAGE switch specification excludes %WMissing OF following REP%ZIncorrect number of parameters in call to lexical function %FNumber of parameters of ENTRY switch exceeds implementation limit of 128Unknown name in BUILTIN declaration:  %EConditional out of sequence:  %F%F:	%VConditional not terminated before end of %YMisspelled or missing formal parameter name or missing equal sign in call to keyword macro %FFormal parameter %G multiply specified in call to keyword macro %FMissing %%THEN following %%IF%ZActual parameter %B in call to BUILTIN function %F is illegalLanguage feature to be removed:  %FLanguage feature not present in %W:  %FName declared STACK is not properly definedName declared ENTRY is not globally defined:  %FIllegal value %A in LINKAGE declarationFetch or store applied to field of zero sizeMissing equal sign in FIELD declaration%ZMissing comma or right bracket in FIELD declaration%ZMissing left bracket in FIELD declaration%ZMissing comma or TES in FIELD declaration%ZMissing left bracket or SET in FIELD declaration%ZNumber of field components exceeds implementation limit of 32Field name %E invalid in structure reference to data segment %FParameter of FIELD attribute must be a field or field-set nameNumber of parameters of FIELD attribute exceeds implementation limit of 128Missing equal sign in LINKAGE declaration%ZInvalid linkage type specifiedIllegal register number %A in LINKAGE declarationMultiple specification of register %A in LINKAGE declarationInvalid parameter location specifiedMissing comma or right parenthesis in LINKAGE declaration%ZInvalid linkage modifier in LINKAGE declarationMissing left parenthesis in LINKAGE declaration%ZMissing global register name in LINKAGE declarationNo match in linkage %F for EXTERNAL REGISTER variable %GGlobal register %F specified by linkage %G not declared at callWORD or Radix-50 item number %A allocated at odd byte boundaryMultiple GLOBAL declaration of name:  %FMultiple declaration of name in assembly source:  %F Library source module must contain only declarationsLIBRARY file has invalid formatLIBRARY file must be regenerated using current compiler releaseLIBRARY file must be generated using %WLIBRARY file contains internal consistency errorWarnings issued during LIBRARY precompilation:  %AIllegal declaration type in library source moduleIllegal occurrence of bound name %F in library source moduleNumber of parameters of ARGTYPE linkage attribute modifier exceeds implementation limit of 128%F linkage modifier not available with this linkage typeLength of SYSLOCAL specification not in range 1 to 15BUILTIN declaration of %E invalid in this contextBUILTIN operation needs a register declared as NOTUSEDNOTUSED linkage modifier of caller is not a subset of that of called routineCalled routine does not PRESERVE register declared NOTUSED by callerIllegal character or field too large in VERSIONStack pointers in different registersUse of uninitialized data-segment %FNull expression appears in value-required contextExpression(s) eliminated following RETURN, LEAVE or EXITLOOPLanguage feature not transportableLanguage feature not transportable: %FLanguage feature not transportable: %JGLOBAL or EXTERNAL name not unique in 6 characters: %FImplicit declaration of BUILTIN %F to be withdrawnEmpty compound expression is illegalPRESET items have overlapping initializationMissing left square-bracket in PRESET attributeSource line too long. Truncated to 132 characters.Name used in routine-call not declared as ROUTINE: %FINTERRUPT general routine call is invalidInvalid linkage attribute specified %F is assumedValue of a linkage name %F is outside permitted range of 0 to 255Effective position and size outside of permitted rangeBuiltin machop %F has no valueParameter %B of builtin %F has value outside the rangeParameter %B of builtin %F must be a link-time constant expressionInvalid linkage attributes specified CLEARSTACK is addedOTS linkage specified twiceOTS linkage (%F) not declared before first routine declarationOTS linkage (%F) may not use global registers or pass parameters by registerOTS linkage (%F) not defined before it's usedFirst PSECT declaration appears after a declaration that allocates storageExponent for floating or double floating literal out of rangeRecoverable internal compiler error. Please report.String exceeding implementation limits (1000 characters) was truncated%J declaration is illegal in STRUCTURE declarationToo few formal parameters specified for an RSX_AST linkage routineOutput formal parameter %F in ROUTINE declaration was not described in linkageOutput actual parameter was not described in linkageLinkage conventions are incompatible with ENABLE declarationAssignment to VOLATILE %F will require multiple accessesFORWARD declaration of %F cannot be satisfied by BIND declarationCharacter-size parameter of %F must be equal to a compile-time constant in the range of 1 to 36%A is an illegal character size for a global byte ptr. A local byte pointer will be generatedEXTENDED addressing is not supported under TOPS-10.Referenced %S symbol %F is probably not initializedSymbol %F is declared %S in an outer blockTest expression is always %TAction %A %P PRESET attribute must be preceded by a structure-attributeOffset in PRESET-item cannot be negativeFilespec TRUNCATED, too long for DEBUG DST/SFC Record: "%O"Number of actuals exceeds number of declared registers in JSYS linkagep"p$p)p0p4p;p?pCpJpMpQpUpYp]pdpgplpppspxpqq	qqqqq$q*q/q3q9q=qAqDqHqNqUqZqaqfqjqrqvqzq}rrr
rrrrr,r$r+r2r7r>rBrFrKrQrUr[rarernruryss	ssss s)s0s6s<sCsHsMsUs\s`sesisosrsvs{stt
vvvvv$v'v-v2v7v<vBvIvNvQvWv_vcvgvhvlvvv}wwwwwwww!w%w+w/w4w9w@wFwMwUwYw]wbwhwlwrwww|xxxxxxxx%x(x/x3x8x=xBxIxRxXx^xcxhxpxwx|yyy	yyyyy!y&y*y/y4y9y?yCyHyOyUyXy^yeykynyty|zz	zzzz"z)z1z6z=zCzJzTz]zczhzmzpzqzwz|{VOLATILENOVALUEextensionallocation-unitADDRESSING_MODElinkagestructurePSECT||
|||||DelimiterUnboundLOCALOWN/GLOBALREGISTERFormal ParameterEXTERNALEXTERNAL LITERALROUTINEBIND/MAPLITERALGLOBAL LITERALComplex-relocatableLABELLINKAGEMACROBUILTIN FunctionMACRO FormalLexical FunctionLexical FunctionSTRUCTURE FormalSTRUCTUREFIELDFIELD SETCOMPILETIME||||||| |!|#|$|%|&|(|*|+|,|-|/|0|2|4|6|7|8|8|9|:falsetrue|I|Jnever true. Action code eliminatedalways true. All succeeding actions eliminated|L|OINFOWARNERR |U|V|V  L1:  L2:  L3:  ; FORWARD  ROUTINEBLISS-36 The incorrect delimiter was ",>,>,> "cBG+|j "bBG+~ "GBG T+|k+|m+|n+|n:H+|o;H:I " BN } " B},S V} " BN!"@bB|+|x "@bB|+|x T,>|Y,!]> " BN,>~,!] " BN,>~,!] T,>|W,>~,>~,",>~,!] {,>,>~,>~,7@U+}*,>~,!]@ZU1bC 7@U+}ZU0dC+} 3"  ZV0dC+} 3"  @+}ZU2X+},>~+}ZU2X+},>~+}ZV2X+}7@U+},>~+},>~,!]>.83x+},>~,>~,>~,"[U,>,>~,>~,7@U+}*,>~ ,>~,>~,"[U,>,>~,>~,,>~ ,>~,>~,"[V,>,>~,>~,>z>|,I " BN!"@bB|+}1 "@bB|+}1,>~!,>~,>~,">~ " BN,>~!,>~,>~," " BN@ ^{
4V}|0V+}{4V}|1V+}{,/"]+}<+}I+}J+}K+}L+}N+}O+}P+}Q+}R+}T+}U+}V+}W+}X+}Y+}[+}6+}6+}]+}q+}r+}t+}v+}6+}y+}z,>R+}L,>S+}L,>S+}L,>T,>~",>~",+}x,>A+}S,>R+}S,>S+}S,>S+}S,>T,~&+}u,>A+}X,>R+}X,>S+}X,>S+}X,>T,t+}u,>R,>S,>S+}w,S,>|U+}v R$~0D+}6$~h$2$~#+}6$~!&0(F45$}g+$cD+}g,>~#,>~,>~,">~ R"~,>|<,>~,>~," R$~0D+}x $cD+}x,>~$,>~,>~,">~+}x S,>|K+}v S,>|+}v,>S,>+}6,>~$,>~,>~,">~+}6,~y+}6 8+}6 Vx,!]+}6,IaX+~
,>~,>~,>~ "bBp+~m p4\~m,>~r,!] ",2"E+~i,I " BN!"@bB|+~d "@bB|+~d,>~s,>~,>~,">~ " BN,>~s,>~,>~," " BN>+~j,>~",,>~t,>~,>~,">}+~n>~+~o>~+~M,I>~,^,^,~~9U~<~=~>REQUIRE fileprogrammacro expansion6@W+~} "cBV+~|,>+~~,>+~~,>,>~,>~,">~,~~t~u~v-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday &"." B &".$ D,~xpX>@ 	b++ " &|. B.$1d+ = Bx,>~ ",>, } $Q$` " ( 
b<+  J ~&"2,> "~,>, }&"2,> "},>, "B},>y "|,>, "B|,>y "{,>, "B{,>x "z,>,@Bz[y.$ &"$$ Dy y  D  D>v,~@
iSHE2N<`iRA`e`YOGJ0XM0YOGJ0,>,>,>,>>Q$="|X["*$,> "|,>,>,@@x, !,o  Gb B| QB| 5XU,>+Y `2x+\ Xx,^aB+[,>,>,v>}+
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,0,9>} ">|,^,^,^,^,~(||&|$|~ ~ $Q$` ."   
b+ ,*,>,>~,)p ~d>,~@6$Y,>,> } g++ . 4B+,>,>} "cB}+(,>+(,>-, |4D+. B>~=<",^,^,~		.FORTRAN.BLISS10BLISS36CFORTRAN_SUB





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 < $8,>gA,>q,>-, Bp+ gAd[gAXD gBdi$idj[gBdj$kdk>~=<a , B> B> B@ , B@,>r,>q,>-, B? ? @&fl XF&ifl[fm&jfm&kfn 6 $8,>g,>r,>-,  \X) gXBp[gQBp g4B Bx,>,'W Bp> g Bp g Bx,>,'W Bp g Bp g Bx,>,'W Bp>}=6y + B=,>s,>s,>-,  X< "bn "bo,>t,>
,'W B` 8,>g(,>s,>-, $do .<0X+,>t,>u,'W Bp < D+,>u,>*,'W Bp>}=8Q$-X$] "*$?,>v,>v,>-,>w,  , B; - B< 8[ g. $Q$` ."   
b+ ,* B`o=8% w." w  
b+ ,* BK,>x,>-,>x,>w, ,>y,>-,>y,>w, ,>z,>-,>z,>w, ,>{,>{,>|,>w, ,>|,>},>},>-,  @ $Q$` ."   
b+ ,*Z DI A $Q$` ."   
b+ ,*Z DI "	 BJ . B^ 8 `0 ? D $dp $dp $ D $GD $GD,>,>w,)p>=8N 7@@ $BD 5@@ $BD 5 > D 8,>gP,>~,>-,!$GD gR D>~=8]Q$`X$; "*$? | B} } B~>p,^,^,^,~$$gB$$6$6$gB6$6$$$$6$6$$`6`66$$+H
4	"	'.@0@@0 /*(1^ ^1A@@1A,,[, F0,ZF0(`F[`F 
,[F0+Z`,>,7@&0F0)4F F0,^0O@1@	b
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,+QB0( Q( B0(\",	b7+'@b!$Lu
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6+NO@,4pN,J,t+?,Y4p64N44NN1P8J4 27 ,f+D4pN1P+=
6m0,+9O@1\Z0^0 P0.+G000p/+4 .Gp(N N1B "J B1Q,, 0,f+MO@1Y0P,J!$cD0,O@1W7`@@0.Z0Z"/,~
6m0,5pLO P0.,~, x D1A Q( D0(,, 0. ^1A,
& 0. 0(YB(!"bB0,+fZ0(2B	b+ 6@1^+k6@0@+j6@01+m6@1W,3P2+37`^0Z",L, 0.O@1[@@1]@@1^6@0#,0#6@1^+s,
j ,0P +y4"y!$bD0,+
6@0&,0&4p	O@1]"45B	!$}[	d0F@*d} 
	+0g	@o	@	A'	A?	A/	
. "bB0'6 1[+	+	:@1[+
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+,0%+	4J	 0'aBaB+	7 1[+
)O@1]:1[ "bB0'+	 1'bB5+
,L117@6 10+
,,0%,:4,	!5pt6`12+6@1],~6@0@+`6@1^+`6@1W,~+`,
9@@0. 0+s, ^1AO@1],
,d&/&( F0"ZJ0![.&( F0", F0* 0-0P50	.@@1W@@0-1P 0,2^1A+
&7@0- 0.,
#3p2,~Z"7@1^7@1W,L^0,m+	; 0.5p
O:@1@?@1@+	. 0*,	@+	.1P+	50P +	?!$bD0,+
94p	.5
.,,,>1^@@1^,>0.,>0/,>0-@@0.@@0/@@0-,>0.Z^0.,>1A,>1A $	s D1A ,$ D1A7 1]+	N 
+	s J1@ L01,5F	Q\&	f+	tafp+	t6@0@+	t F0)7 1],c 5*"1(@@1( 6*"11O@1- 6*"11,
:,7@1@+	n:@1@>1@>@1@:1@ *80	nOp0.@@0.,_ 0)`bp+7h"*b	`2N*b	`5"	g7@1@1P+	d+	h6@1@0P+	g,_3N1@+	h4p	\,+	gO@4p	\0P1P 00P+
.,m+	h 0.+	h5J	s 1@6 1]4N	s :,$aB+	s ,J,B,,Z,^1A,^1A,^0.,^0-,^0/,^0.,^1^@@0),~INXg^NHtS:O@@1^@@1] x D1A ^1A 0-0D5$
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#`1Y6`1Y@@1Y#`1Y, $ 0.6 1\3P2 $7@0@6` $.Dx7`@@0-^0/6` D0-2P2Op0.4B
[, F0.&Q& F0,[7@7:Q( H0!Z7@7:Q( H0 ,Z7@7:Q( H0 ,2F;+
\&	f & F0#7`0.@@0.@@12O@1@,36 1],c7 1],g@@12@@1Q,6,~^0 P0.7@0)7@0@5,Z,~
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'-"lSO>-"lKNoB-"lID-"lM6G-"lM6OK7S U,>d,$ ,^aD+,z ,6@1Q7@1B+
8 "V,z 1B7$1Q "1B, ",+,
K "7@0@ B17@0@ P17 \06@1,Z "0@ $	,:7B0AU"8v B0A7@0@O@0A7B0@S0( B0@7B0@+
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K1P5L .0@Od1Y-"yUOX .0@Od1Y-"yi6O[,7B01,~1B+],4"
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h,Z 0= B0? 0;!"bB03!$>9 D0=7"0: "1b(B B0?S0:X"0=6 0:+
`d"6@1Wl" _* +Z	`+ 	b
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?SCNRLF Run failure -- "E 1" for code .01O@-"ye^O_,# 12,+
s6@1%+b,, N1% B1%O@111P+0P1P-+1P+1P+6`120P7+6@127 1]7+
m7@1%,!&GF1' &1P &1P &1P &1P &f4 11,~@@1$ c*$11O@1- 6*$116@0$6@7,0$!"GB1&GB1',~6@0)+
.5"9`b+97@11:11+9L1Q4Nd5Bc6@1$+e N1$!"BB1&+
l,A,6@1&+fY1Q N1&+96@12+:12,+
m,A+9!*bJ1'+hGJ1&GJ1',;,0P+&6@1[+gBJ1&,z+6`b4.d0P+g6@1[`n`N+kRN1'RB1(,;,6@1[`n`N+mYN1'YB1( *1'0P+6.*0*1-+qO@0/,A@@0/, N( B(4Ns+00P.1P75pj5p
m1"0+:"&P6@1271]@&@,0d7@1% F1% 17@1% F1%6@1&+H!&GF1&GF1' 1 F1& e!&cF1'*(1- 1D1'GF1& 1GF1'!(}  1-3F;  1  F 1-*hM7 116@1$+R!&Lu F1$6h1-2(1.+U-"lENf6h1.2(1/+W-"lC
i,>7 12,c,^,~ 1&d&DGF 1'd&GF (w0h ("`S` 	3F;  1- F	:*h`,~O@1  m*"1$@@126@0$,0$@@1@@1,>1,>1@@1 m*"1 ,^1,^1!"BB1BB1,~,%,_4N2:12:x,
9+o,^!"0cC0+tQ,@@1Z 121b+~Z00"1$0b117+~2"0!2b0"+t 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. N1B@@1B p*"1P 0`d+q4,
6 1]+
24B~7 1]+
/ 0,f+
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25"y " )B!( cI0+
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*7 1]0P+
2,_ w,f+w ./.
2,^2Nw5Nx .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5B
4++"]<s08 * 0,f+x ,0 
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,-* %0 */*+1 ",~O@,~,+
j 06@0'1L-7+}Z[06 1]7@+
Q+{,: *"1151,6 1/3N1/+
V6 1]+ N1/ 127 1]0H+
Y N1"0P+1,3.1/+,~ 07@O@ .,~,_d4N
s,>,N,^ &!$qbF1B*d
d6 >"$S`X$1A 	f7+1,> INX+
e" ",z,B+
 , "1L ",z 
y4J+z ., (,J*j
y4JZ0.1L,80L Z0!.1L F0L ,>,>!$~ &[


F@5?9;7>[06D 0`d `d +
`ja+@d,6@0'1L-+20H:"61]3B;+O@1(b(1271]0H5d$0$1$0d11+/$Q$1B."  *$ 127 1]0H52"0!2b0"5.0".0"*&7@1Z+1P,1P+N0P5p
.@@1Z6` 0 P0.R0>12,~C
-gA@A@D@@*IaAI@$AXX*U1XX0AXX"Y1,I*1S;H6I46g^NHtiF@CJ>[2KZ-`aJ,j<M'=G>vJ7C&)9-"oIwQ-"oo7S-"l]7V-"oI7X-"oIGZ[`-"sG],;-"sI`[`-"sebaN[`-"sSBWfaN[``n+p-"sSB?i-"oSBwl.1$ $-"yg'n-"l]N7q-"ok/s-"oCt-"l]Ov5"y-"okO7x-"oCO7{0-"ok}6@0)+0-"oINO.0-"o]6-"qgZg-"qgZwn0-"og[-"lYZOZ1D87n0*7+1D8+1D9+/$60d+K[1R..S`6 1Xl+4 -"o[,4.$0P"+T 1X B1X4B%0.+& N1D,z, .Q1D+0P+]0n+&4N' N1D,z000p+a,4n$0n+&*1D0n+&+d,+^7@1X+v7 1X".1R+,Z :,f+( ./.0 N1D0P+q@n,z000p+j$...Gh9f4B)0B0b+) &$2&&1bO@1BO@ H1E F1E D1F>1D>1D,7`1X+v " B1B B1C " B1C,t7+
. 1R,U &&t.  ( &' 6  1B+%@@ 1Baf B 1B2B 1B+1HZ=hz7  1B@@ 1B=h[4N,
  "p B1Q2.(59-"lI?( 1C$".1C$".1B$"t 1F$$.1E$$.1E$$.1D$$.1D/ 5l0P,~,4.$0.
+&0N1C0P+,0.+&4.$,N1C0P+,0.+&4.$(N1B7"1C`"$"61C.1C$"61B.1B,$)w'"Q@++1-"l]:'+-"l]B7.-"lIg3-"lIW6-"lko8-"lS3<-"lkw?-"l['C-"lIRoEo%i9i#.,rMJLH<g&\RgVtH<[>tH<iV.9UvX9M-0[:CC[HUVtPUVgCV>\zgI6%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$ i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9'0~/,,z@n1[0P+>l5CO@0P00 5E5H,z@n1[0P+ES.  $,zO@1[+dO@0P+RO@1[,z0P+K(D(Nl+G000p+O($l(N..Gh+G@@1Z,26@O@1[O@)D+d "J B1Q " H I,},z6@00+[0P+Y`fpB+[,r+I`fp`/0`hpP.0,zO@1[+V0P+d/0`hpP,zO@1[afp+dB+b7@1[ $ D1Q59 5,z,}@n000p+m`np+(NpM,z+i,t+u000p1+,z $G`4BN$"
7@(N,"96B1Q59,z,"1P0"1P,z5.0000+$...Gh,z+";1B1Q1P((N1P%(N1P!(N0P!1P++0P(1P%7g,z+9,z1P5),:1P5/000p5"$...Gh,z+1P,z*"Q\B1Q "1P%6"t1P&0W1P#+X$0b,z58,z,:,>-*000p50(N..Gh$*.*Gh,z++1P,^1P5" "P B1Q "1P%,"1P&/"	1P#",z+b,z,},z5h,z@@1B *"1P "J B1Q j6`00+m,r+k1P,z000p/+
./02BlP.0,z+k,t1P:x,~0000p=7+1000p-,~0p00 :x,~,100,~1p=/0,~1P6@00,~6@0/,~ P007@,~,7@000P,~,3 I $,4p
,z00 0p-+/0`bpP+0P,J!"{X"&,+/"' 0,6,~ 5"-"ok?m-"oC?o -"oS?q,>6@0-+u6@0/^0/@@0/6B0.+6`^0-"4+3++!-"2-"4+0++!+-"4+0++ +)Q0-".-"4+,+$+#Q0+*7@00+&Q0+*-"4+,+&+(Q0-".Q0-".1P+!+!",L7@0@^0+\P0/_`52-"26@0-++ B0. P0.,^,~6@0-+x,T7`00+7`00+@5p:Z`0B"+@+3P00+<1P++,T3P00+4p@0P,J 0@@004p1P+1P+0P1P+H6 1\+7 1]0P7+{0P+,T5pH+ P0-5P2 0*0-,~6@1^+P7 +O6@1W,~6@0@+|6@0,50,
8+ 7  "
",~,X1P6`00,~6@000,~,f7`00,~4024PX0P1P?+X1Pn3P2,~6@0+7 +@,x,~1P 00P1P 07@1^6@0@,~7@1\6@1W6`1Y,~0P
6@15@@1 0@	papap+\`1,3 "0@ $0I &0J,k+i " B0J "1 B0J 0KQX$0M4B
ab*$0Q $0Mab D0K,6,$+#601ap`6@1\5,3P2+#,> 1aB+ ",3P2+"=b,^0P,~> 1+7@1+#:1 0G4P,$+#701+#0p@@+
` +# 1 P1 +1000p+@@1\,~,^^0,~,37`1W+-[0I0BK8+- S0K7@R0K 	b+-$" B1  B1+=
0I+N00K+B0K,$	dad1g6$@0J+>bB0Ke0L(BrQ"[07D0KgadS+(	h6(,$5HE,>(6"0R,B(+K@@1W@@1W+M .0@O@1Y-"ySg^0,6,~[0I0BK8+UQB0L "LuQB0I[0K7@Z0(P0( B0K@@0KZ`1+' .0@Od1Y-"yS0D	1D
+1<d1927@0@,~6@17`1W+eO@1W7@1+a,$+e@b@f + +e S0K7@R0K 	b+ @@0@@@1Y  1@@1@@1 *"1,~ .0@Od1Y-"yS^O
 (1R5'7Z,> ,$+7Z (J+u7Z (Q+u7Z (P,> ,$aB+, , +7Z,> Q,$aB+,4.[,P,Z,L6@1Y,e^"7`1]7@0@7 B0.,B,B 0.7@0)@@017@1A+ 1A7 1]+	.7D1A+ Dx "7@1]+	} D}X$/ Dx+`,	`7@1_,~@@1_,> 0.6@1+
27@1W7 1\^0+,>
66@15p2P2^0@@0-@@0.@@0/@@002P2^0 P0.,^,~,,Z@@1W@@1W@@1\6@0+50+,+#	`	b,~7`
&	`,3Z[`6@Q"8wQ$6@0)Q$ ~Z&, B~,>6@0),Z,^,6,~//+/8/Fh0,eVpgR-w0,
1&q1$1)X1.2B+	g+	bNo option ]>w89?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "KbOIllegal character "S2S" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@01O@5q,Wildcard illegal in /RUN specificationH1% N1' B1(+/(1'/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap1!x1h.k`+t,^5bu+t(1C7@6@5,
[ .8+
2C2` .+
5 4"
C +
@H13 0`f+
Y+{Exit programNam:"ASCII string"Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format,
% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Flagsare:?-:	Stand-aloneYes/noProcessor typea(Max=<@DecimalcnumberOctalunumberCorelvalue"ASCIIxstring""SIXBITstring"Multi-wordcSIXBITstringSIXBITowordDate/timebpastDate/timedfutureDate-timeFileespecificationVersionoexpressionBlockmsizewordSwitchrdoesrnotmconstitutehagcommandSwitchlisFglobalOrbitnvaluesifromAswitchSwitchvaluewrequiredZanen1B+Ambiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisx1 1B8R1RX.+4R1R+JMnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+~3"1R+ 2b1RXDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0P+,z000p/++Z0
$ "dM,z+m0P+,z+}B
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH 1BMultiple characters illegal in switch 1PH1B1PInput string exceeds the size of input buffer0P+9,z000p/+9+]0P+9,z000p/+9+cH1B0P,~+m1PUnknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word 0-7@0.+@@0-1P 0+3 0-@@0-1P^0+5^0+7@1,~\"+P@@0.+c,1^,|,0+
(,^,~6@O@1\,~x0QH0RIndirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect device81Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,+

. &,>,>,>[A"1B6@1_+
8+ O@1_,4,,+ ,^abS``H,J,^`FaH@+' ",Z,P ",,Zx`H,z,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f3(B}D1^[`G1^d"`Bl7@l,~c,# 
7	j'5B,~6*1_,~,# 
7B(+<,J "/,6B(,7B(,~,JR((B}6@l"`,J7@(,~ "(Q"5TZ8  ,  [ 1DYR5b,J ",R ,J " 5T 6B ,  ,JR !$bD bD 4FS ", ,J " l" 7B +`h+X`b5E ([/",>Q(} "-,  2B4"6 x+,M*Hb6 x:7@ +b,  ,J+^,^x+I!`)"w,>!`,g,,^iB5
,5& ")B5Bl=fi,")B."`d ",=fk,~ $+q,i $,>,U."z3b+t.$/,^,> ,z,
&( /, " V&"2  	f+&&21B+$"2. 5
 (+	b	 (&!*,
,&"j0 ,
,&"t]$4"Q0b5Q*, "50"+!${P"2B"*d5$ ",R",J ",,~." ,> "/+ 1"+/",>' ",,^,J "51"05/",> ",,^5K>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXz"!6@,P""4B2>&"Z,P ",$"4D ", 5P`B?5@ #+?4B@ #U$*D> $`B +@&" 7!(+,Q[5,> ", ",,^,~,> "-,,^2B4"$,M ".5 4D ")B.",+J,>[,P,,^Z7% &5"T  ", &#`QDx6@,T[x."0b."57& (5"]/&l(&" ##1&" QDx/&0B,]5Bd4fc "`h"&,=fb`h,	[x."0b."57& (Q(5Z &  ")B.",=fj,~,>,>!$A`+p,>,>!$B,t1a4Bs,+q,^,^,~,>*1aC&v`fl"*1aXD1a*,^,~Q"A`aB,~,>7@1
&x4BD6@1,+} B1`@@1` "1`5z,J5
,^ &,g5,> 4d,=,^,~ "5 "5 "5 "5 "5 "5 "5 "aB,~6@1_51_
",~,E+I[1D7@ ,~+X,J+^  ,c+^L\-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-pmn@0$$B
?X,J+I$ ,(7N!.Lu N 
!,>9	laLd*@ 
+@ ,`j@!,an+2`Jl
.SnSL6NL5N2N6Nh`N,~N.T(N S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+G N0L(5N2.**lD .  N[
 ,!. bNGL[
 .(N|0l N0j
 .0l3NT7 N+1	n
$,>4"f[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+_&$27@aDg &/"V$":5Fc1(+f>!$z3(~+e."*dc/~.*xd"%),^,~ 	b "5B}	b		d,#,>&$:0d~+y&&.~ *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4dx&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'2d."Q,~-<KZjy'6L\X
&.5"!,%,> ,  
,^O@: `f+(FFdA4F1+F4F1A5F :*bZ4L1 ,~<$7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D,~	b
"`	b+"`b;xO@,~O@,~ ",~*
xQ*x,>,>,>,2>~,^,^,^,^:x,~-j(,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~ p,>,>,>,>( QDx@ &,>=f> (y r	f s	d
+ 2D7s t D  $ D Z$ D Z$ D  &  F  $ D@@ BS$ D7t!&>9 F  Q$	d67+U0D	1D
+R1D+R0d+a $:~`Fl$ D +t@+X
` +l?$x+U` `B+w"
"+X-"dIOE I/O error reading help file-"dNHF No .HLP file on SYS:
&y\$	d $ad`l$``dl$@`d 
&} /},^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~@Q3KKKa:"".Bx+X%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you