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-*- Text -*-
This directory tree contains TOPS-20 Common Lisp.

The root directory (will) contains the original distribution from
Rutgers University. 

<CLISP.UPSALA> contains the modifications and bug fixes done by
Uppsala University.

<CLISP.CARMEN> and <CLISP.AIDA> are for fixes that are only for the
local machine.

The <CLISP.OLD> branch contains the previous release, until it is
deemed to be worthless keeping.

The <CLISP.NEW> branch might contain the very latest distribution from
Rutgers, that hasn't been rehacked by Uppsala yet.

The <CLISP.FLAVORS> branch contains a Flavors implementation,
originally for Spice Lisp by Columbia University, modified for Common
Lisp by Uppsala University (in the .UPSALA leaf).

The <CLISP.PCL> branch contains Portable CommonLoops from Xerox PARC.
It is being hacked (and the Common Lisp is, too) to port it to
TOPS-20 Common Lisp.

<CLISP.SYS> only contains a bootstrap program, CLISP.EXE, which boots up
some file CLISP:CLISP.EXE, and is indented to be the only directory 
included in the system-wide SYS: logical name.

Please contact Bjorn Victor (Victor@CARMEN) if you have any questions.