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25 sep	dks	Implemented #,

17 sep	dks     Changed var CONSTANTS-LIST (in LAP.CLISP) to
		CONSTANTS-LST since Constants-List is used in

4 sept  josh	Fixed CG-OPTIONAL-ARG to work when the optionals
		(without defaults) have to be put on stack (eg, more
		than 5 required args).

18 jul  dks	PROCESS-DEFUN and PROCESS-MACRO now put the arglist on
		the lisp::%args-documentation property.

11 jul  dks	make sure that all uses of %CONSTANT, CONSTANT-VALUE,
		LISP:: (in files CLC, TRANS, and LCLC).  Also removed

12 may	clh	fix BR-IF-NOT to not set a value before checking the test

5 may   clh	fix COMPILE to return function object when given NIL

5 may   clh	fix CLC-VALUES to set O1 to NIL for (VALUES)

30 apr  dks     changed calls to CLC-ANALYZE1 to be LISP::ANALYZE1 in
                DEFTRANSFORM and DEF-CG.  This means that we no longer
                need ANALYZE.CLISP.

15 apr  clh	fix if.  It didn't handle the case where if was in a
		predicate position.

15 apr	clh	fix progv.  It was not poping p into w2 before calling

6 apr	clh	fix 4-mar edit: it used an internal form (pop w2).
		this resulted in bad code when for the normal Lisp
		macro POP, since these got confused.  Change the
		internal thing to POPREG.

5 mar	josh	put throw in cg-function and catches in process-macro
		and process-defun and compile to pass closures uncompiled

4 mar	josh	put mvp sym prop in boot.mid, altered lap,
		and fixed mvsetq and mvbind to allow more than 5 vals