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;;; The kernel-kernel allows object-oriented systems to share hooks.
;;; Written by Steven Handerson.

(in-package "SYSTEM")

(export '(send alloc-instance get-self %instance-ref instance-ref slot-unbound-p
	       instance-descriptor instancep pointer-to-fixnum))

(eval-when (eval load compile)
  (defmacro pointer-to-fixnum (object)
    #+spice `(%primitive make-immediate-type ,object 16)
    #+upsala `(%cl-pointer-to-fixnum ,object)
    #-(or spice upsala) "?"))

(eval-when (compile eval load)
  ;; Test code.
  #+(or spice common)
  (eval-when (compile eval load)
    (defsetf %instance-ref (instance slot) (new)
      `(setf (aref (%instance-vector (get-self ,instance)) ,slot) ,new))
    (defsetf instance-ref (instance slot) (new)
      `(setf (aref (%instance-vector (get-self ,instance)) (1+ ,slot)) ,new)))
  (defstruct (%instance (:print-function internal-print-instance)
			(:constructor internal-make-instance (vector))
			(:predicate instancep))

  (defun internal-print-instance (instance stream depth)
    (send instance 'print stream depth))

  (defmacro alloc-instance (size id &optional (initial-element ''unbound))
    "Allocates a new instance."
    `(let ((array (make-array (1+ ,size) :initial-element ,initial-element)))
       (setf (aref array 0) ,id)
       (internal-make-instance array)))

  (defmacro %instance-ref (instance slot)
    "Doesn't follow 'forwarding pointers'."
    `(aref (%instance-vector ,instance) ,slot))

  (defmacro instance-ref (instance slot)
    "Follows 'forwarding pointers'."
    `(aref (%instance-vector (get-self ,instance)) (1+ ,slot)))

  (defmacro get-self (instance)
    "Follows 'forwarding pointers' to get the REAL instance."
    `(let* ((self ,instance))
       (loop (let ((new (%instance-ref self 0)))
	       (if (instancep new) (setq self new)
		   (return self))))))

  (defmacro instance-descriptor (instance)
    "Follows 'forwarding pointers'."
    `(%instance-ref (get-self ,instance) 0))
  (defmacro slot-unbound-p (instance slot)
    "Follows 'forwarding pointers'."
    `(let ((thing (instance-ref ,instance ,slot)))
       (eq 'unbound thing)))

  (proclaim '(inline send))
  (defun send (instance message &rest args)
    (let* ((self (get-self instance))
	   (id (%instance-ref self 0))
	   (send-fn (aref id 0)))
      (apply send-fn instance message args))))