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;;; -*-Lisp-*-
;;;; this file is the loader for the compiler/lap package

(in-package "COMPILER" :nicknames '("CLC"))

(defun user::icc () (setq *package* (find-package "CLC")))

(export '(lisp::compile lisp::compile-file lisp::uncompile lisp::compiledp)

;;; various kernel stuff mostly used by LAP
;;; internal functions used by lap to create the code:
(import 'lisp::%allocate-bps)		; rtns (consts . code) addrs
(import 'lisp::%sp-set-definition)	; of a fn, of course
(import 'lisp::%sp-get-value)		; of a spec var
(import 'lisp::%deposit-instruction)
;; the following two actually do exactly the same thing
(import 'lisp::%deposit-object-pointer)	; to a constant
(import 'lisp::%deposit-value-reference) ;to a special
(import 'lisp::%deposit-word)		 ; deposits bare binary wd
(import 'lisp::%function-address-block)  ; for doing calls to the fn
(import 'lisp::%int-ent-tab)		 ; finds internal entry pts

;;; atoms we need EQ to the system ones
(import '(lisp::sym lisp::subr lisp::macro))
 '(lisp::w2 lisp::w3 lisp::w4 lisp::o1 lisp::o2 lisp::o3 lisp::o4
	    lisp::o5 lisp::o6 lisp::sp))
(shadow '(n p q))
(setf (get 'n 'sym) (get 'lisp::%sp-n 'sym))
(setf (get 'p 'sym) (get 'lisp::%sp-p 'sym))
(setf (get 'q 'sym) (get 'lisp::%sp-q 'sym))

;;; various support entry points used by compiled code
(import '(lisp::%too-few-args lisp::%too-many-args lisp::ufo))
(import '(lisp::unbind lisp::ub1 lisp::ub2 lisp::ub3 lisp::ub4 lisp::ub5))
(import '(lisp::ccatch lisp::cthrow lisp::cunwind lisp::bindv))
(import '(lisp::rest1 lisp::rest2 lisp::rest3 lisp::rest4 lisp::rest5
                      lisp::restn lisp::restx lisp::get-key))
(import '(lisp::push-values lisp::pop-values lisp::values-to-list
			    lisp::values-call lisp::adjust-values))
(import '(lisp::mvp))
(import '(lisp::clogen lisp::alloc-closure-vector))

(defvar *clc-package* (find-package 'clc))

;;; These are added here after the compiler package has been defined.  See
;;; MISC.CLISP for use of this var.

(setq lisp::*implementation-properties*
      (append '(clc-transforms synonym assumed-expr
		inline-expansion declared-function-type cg
		recognized-declaration lisp::macro-in-compiler
		lisp::constant-in-compiler cp1 cp2 pss1)

(defmacro pp (x)
  `(pprint (symbol-function ',x)))

(defun p1 (fun)
 (laprint (get fun 'pss1) *standard-output*))

(load "lap.clisp" :verbose t)
(load "lap.lap" :verbose t)
;(load "analyze.lap" :verbose t)  ; not needed anymore
(load "clc.lap" :verbose t)
(load "trans.lap" :verbose t)
(load "optimizer.lap" :verbose t)
;(save "clc.exe" "=*= compiled CLC =*=")