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;;;; -*-Lisp-*-
;;; This is the optimizer for the JoSH version of the Tops-20
;;; Common Lisp Compiler.  Copyright (c) 1985,86 J S Hall, C L Hedrick

(in-package "COMPILER")
(shadow '(lisp::optimize))	;[Victor] not a function in CLtL

;;; Optimizer v 0.010 only peephole stuff yet.

(eval-when (eval)					;all these macros
(defmacro docode (&body body)
  `(do* ((prev lap-code (if flag (cdr prev) prev))
	 (inst (cadr prev) (cadr prev))
	 (next (cddr prev) (cddr prev))
	 (op (car inst) (car inst))
	 (a1 (cadr inst) (cadr inst))
	 (a2 (caddr inst) (caddr inst))
	 (flag t t))
	((null inst))
	. ,body))

(defmacro zap-inst ()
  '(progn (setq flag nil) (setf (cdr prev) next)))

(defmacro zap-next ()
  '(progn (setq flag nil) (setf (cddr prev) (cdr next))))

(defmacro zap-2 ()
  '(progn (setq flag nil) (setf (cdr prev) (cdr next))))

(defmacro jumpto ()
  '(cond ((memq op '(jrst jrst1 jumpa jumpa1)) a1)
	 ((memq op '(jumpe jumpn)) a2)))

(defmacro setsd ()
  '(progn (setq mem (cond ((null a2) 0)
			  ((numberp a2) (incf n))
			  ((memq a2 '(o1 o2 o3 o4 o5 o6))
			   (or (cdr (assq a2 regs))
			       (cdar (setq regs (acons a2 (incf n) regs)))))
			  ((gethash a2 memmap))
			  (t (setf (gethash a2 memmap) (incf n)))))
	  (setq ac (or (assq a1 regs)
		       (car (setq regs (acons a1 (incf n) regs)))))))

)							;end of eval-when

(dolist (x '(skipa skipe skipn label  ;; label can be tgt of jrst1
	     came camn camg camge caml camle)) ;; and maybe more...
  (setf (get x 'skipinst) t))

(defun optimize ()
  (let ((labtab (make-array (1+ *label-counter*))) z)
    ;; labtab tells if a label is referred to (for removing spurious ones)
    (dolist (x entry-points) (if (numberp x) (setf (svref labtab x) t)))
    (docode (case op
	      (skipa (unless (get (caar prev) 'skipinst)
			     (case (caar next)
			       (label nil)
			       (continue (zap-next))
			       (t (zap-2)))))
	      ((continue top-contour contour) (zap-inst))
	      (t (cond ((and (memq op '(jrst jrst1))
			     (not (eq 'label (caar next))))
		  ((and (eq op 'jrst)
			(do ((x next (cdr x)))
			    ((or (not (eq (caar x) 'label))
				 (eq (cadar x) a1))
			     (and (eq (caar x) 'label) (eq (cadar x) a1)))))
		  ((setq z (jumpto)) (setf (svref labtab z) t))))))
    (docode (if (and (eq op 'label) (not (svref labtab a1)))
      (let* ((jp (assq op '((jumpa (skipe . jumpn) (skipn . jumpe))
			    (jumpa1 (skipe . jumpn1) (skipn . jumpe1)))))
	     (si (cdr (assq (caar prev) (cdr jp))))
	     (nj (cdr (assq op '((jumpa . jrst) (jumpa1 . jrst1))))))
	(if jp (if si (cond ((regp (caddar prev))
			     (rplaca prev `(,si ,(caddar prev) ,a1))
			    (t (rplaca inst nj)))
		   (rplaca inst nj))))))
  ;; excise excess loads
  (let (memmap (n 1) regs ac mem tmp)
     (case op
       (move (setsd) (cond ((eq mem (cdr ac)) (zap-inst))
			   ((setq tmp (rassoc mem regs))
			    (rplaca (cddr inst) (car tmp))
			    (rplacd (cddr inst) nil)
			    (setf (cdr ac) mem))
			   (t (setf (cdr ac) mem))))
       ((came camn camg camge caml camle     ; we only skip jumps
	 jrst jrst1 jumpe jumpn jumpe1 jumpn1) nil)
       ((add addi sub subi) (setsd) (rplacd ac (incf n)))
       (movem (setsd) (if (memq a2 '(o1 o2 o3 o4 o5 o6))
			  (rplacd (or (assq a2 regs)
				      (car (setq regs (acons a2 nil regs))))
				  (cdr ac))			  
			  (setf (gethash a2 memmap) (cdr ac))))
       (label (setq memmap (make-hash-table) regs nil))
       (t (setq regs nil)))))
  ;; remove redundant stores
  (let ((used (make-hash-table)) (labs (make-hash-table)) flag)
    (setq lap-code (nreverse lap-code))
     (case op
       (movem (if flag (if (symbolp a2) (setf (gethash a2 used) t))
		  (and (symbolp a2)
		       (not (gethash a2 used))
       (label (setf (gethash a1 labs) t))
       ((jumpe jumpe1 jumpn jumpn1)
	(unless (gethash a2 labs) (setq flag t)))
       ((jrst jrst1)
	(unless (gethash a1 labs) (setq flag t)))
       (t (if (symbolp a2) (setf (gethash a2 used) t)))))
    (setq lap-code (nreverse lap-code))
    (setq *temps* (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (or (get x 'gt5arg)
						   (gethash x used)))