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 x3d0k5BH C
	(D"*4E1tw+14x+1t}+1t+0t+ T1+7TF6TTF5T4E	 
.7t74Ft8 8,~@xFDiagnostic no.	  XXXX from phase AFFirst word not IDENTIFICATION.FBlocking factor greater than 	 4095.FMore than one PROGRAM-ID.FImproper PROGRAM-ID.WDECsystem-10 assume	 "d.FMore than one OBJECT-COMPUTER paragraph.FImproper paragraph name.FThe 	 *word SELECT expected.FFile SELECTed more than once.FASSIGN is the only allow	 3ed word here.FNo device name specified.FOnly one device of this type allowed.	 ;FNo file name given.FProcessing mode must be SEQUENTIAL.FImproper ACCESS mod	 De.FClause duplicated.FThis cannot be a data name.FImproper clause.FImproper 	 LSEGMENT-LIMIT.FThis file not SELECTed.FThis cannot be a file-name.FPosition numbe	 Ur required.FNot on same device as previous file listed.FCannot be used as a mnem	 ]onic name.FPositive integer required.FCannot be used as a condition name.	 fFMust be a single-character non-numeric literal.FAlready in use as a mnemonic name.	 nFMore than one RERUN clause for this file.FParagraph appears more than once.	 wFNo DATA DIVISION.FNo PROCEDURE DIVISION.FAll records for this file must have sam	 e usage.FThis file already defined.FRecord name not unique within this file.	 FThis is a multi-device file.WThis record not mentioned in DATA RECORDS clause.	 FNo record name given.FThis is not previous item at this level.FThis is not a 	 numeric item.FUsage conflicts with group item.FThis clause not valid for group it	 !em.FImproper section name.FNot a SORT file.FThis must be a literal.FNot allow	 *ed in this section.FData name not defined in this record.FNew record expected here	 2.FNo value given.FImproper PICTURE - this character invalid.FImproper PICTU	 ;RE - this character not
allowed in combination with preceding characters.FA word ma	 Cy not begin with a hyphen.FA word may not end with a hyphen.FToo many characters	 L in the word.FToo many characters in the literal.FInvalid character.FCannot be	 T used as an index name.FThis item does not have usage INDEX.FNot uniquely define	 ]d.FMore than three levels of OCCURS.FVALUE OF ID must be a DISPLAY field of 9 cha	 eracters.FVALUE OF DATE-WRITTEN must be a DISPLAY field of 6 characters.FLevel num	 nbers must be in range 01-49.FInvalid clauses for group item.FREDEFINES not valid	 v at record level in FILE SECTION.FFOR expected.FINDEX USAGE items may not have a P	 ICTURE.WJUSTIFIED clause invalid with numeric items.WNo ending quote on this 	 literal.WNo leading quote on continued literal.FToo many characters in PICTURE.	 FImproper continuation character.FLibrary routine not found.FNo library specifie	 d in command string.FImproper character for numeric literal.FMore than one 	 !decimal point.WShould not be preceded by a space.WShould be followed by a space	 ).FFile descriptor expected.WPreceding space assumed.FSource line too lon	 2g.FImproper device name.FRight parenthesis expected.FAlready in use as a cond	 :ition name.FRelational operator expected.FON or OFF expected.FIntermedi	 Cate result too large.FValues not allowed in LINKAGE SECTION.FAltering independen	 Kt segment from another segment.FNot implemented in this version of COBOL.FExte	 Trnal program name expected.FDummy argument must be an 01 LINKAGE SECTION item.	 \WThis paragraph is never ALTERed.FIllegal entry name.FDecimal places not allow	 eed.FNo file-descriptor for this file.FMust be an integer in the range 0 - 66.	 mFMust be a printer channel.FNot yet implemented.FIdentifier expected.WNot 	 va device name -- TTY assumed.FCannot be a data-name.FNot defined.WNo CORRESPONDI	 ~NG elements.FNot a group name.FERROR expected.FSIZE ERROR assumed.FSIZE	  ERROR clause incorrect.FNumeric literal or identifier expected.FAt least two i	 tems must appear before GIVING.FCannot be ALTERed.FPROCEED expected.FParagraph	  name expected.WALTERed to proceed to itself.FFile name or AREA expected.	  FNO REWIND or LOCK expected.FNO REWIND expected.FBY or INTO expected.FGIVI	 )NG clause required.FALL, LEADING, or UNTIL FIRST expected.F1-character non-numeric 	 1literal expected.FBY expected.WPeriod assumed.FDEPENDING ON clause expected.	 :FTIMES expected.FEND expected.FAT END or INVALID KEY clause missing.FIden	 Btifier, index, or TO expected.FIdentifier, index, or literal expected.FIden	 Ktifier, index, TO, UP, or DOWN expected.FIndex or identifier expected.FIlle	 Sgal item in expression: compiler error.FUnbalanced parenthesis in expression.FTO e	 \xpected.WDIVISION expected.FParagraph or section name expected.FSection name e	 dxpected.WSECTION expected.FOnly comments may appear in remainder of this paragrap	 mh.FNot a declarative sentence.FBEFORE or AFTER expected.FBEGINNING, ENDING, 	 uor ERROR expected.FREEL, FILE, or UNIT expected.FLABEL expected.FPROCEDURE	 ~ expected.FStatement expected, or invalid identifier or keyword.F'=' Expected.	 FTALLYING or REPLACING expected.FA group item may not be a minor key.F'.' or EL	 SE expected.FSENTENCE expected.FINPUT, OUTPUT, I-O, or AREA expected.FProcedure	  name expected.FToo many levels of VARYING.FFROM expected.FUNTIL expected	  .FRecord name expected.WThis statement does nothing.FKEY expected.FDECLARATI	 (VES expected.FExternal name expected.FMACRO, or FORTRAN expected.FFIRST expected	 1.FALL, LEADING, FIRST, or UNTIL FIRST expected.FIllegal sequence of prioritie	 9s.FNull PROCEDURE DIVISION.FNull DECLARATIVES.FRUN or literal expected.	 BFDuplicate section name.FDuplicate paragraph in this section.FThis file already a	 Jppears in a SAME RECORD AREA clause.FThis file already appears in a SAME AREA cla	 Suse.FImproper character for CURRENCY SIGN.FFD expected.FLABEL RECORDS clause req	 [uired.FTwo sections have this name.FThis paragraph name must be qualified.FA se	 dction, as well as a paragraph in the current section,
has this name.FThis procedure	 l name is not defined.FNot a PICTURE.FNull literal.FIllegal use of figurativ	 ue constant.FImproper reference of procedure name in or out of DECLARATIVES.FFigu	 }rative constant or non-numeric literal must follow ALL.FThis procedure name is m	 ultiply defined.WThis statement cannot be reached.FToo many levels of qualificat	 ion.FImproper qualification.FThis file is never OPENed.FOnly one device allowed.	 FLABELS must be STANDARD.FVALUE OF ID required.FNo data record specified	 .FNo devices specified.FThe word DATA expected.WFile never OPENed.FORGANIZAT	 (ION must be RELATIVE or INDEXED.FNot a record in the FILE SECTION.FMust contain a	 0n integer.WAT END assumed.WINVALID KEY assumed.FThis literal may contain	 9 only DISPLAY-6 characters.FImproper class.WCondition always true.WCondition	 A always false.FWrong number of operands passed from PHASE D: compiler error.FFoun	 Jd outside an expression: compiler error.FExpression generator confused: compiler	 R error.WImpossible to get SIZE ERROR.WRounding not necessary.FImproper range	 [ of PERFORM.FPICTURE required.FPICTURE not permitted.FBLANK WHEN ZERO not allo	 cwed at group level.FBLANK WHEN ZERO allowed only on numeric display items.FJUST	 lIFIED clause not allowed at group level.FSYNCHRONIZED clause not allowed at grou	 tp level.WAt least one and no more than eight data names must
be given in a FILE ST	 }ATUS clause.WThis record not mentioned in DATA RECORDS or
LABEL RECORDS clause --	  DATA RECORD assumed
.FA maximum of 4095 occurrences allowed.FCondition-name mult	 iply defined for this item.FCONTROL identifier or FINAL expected.WEXIT for this 	 procedure cannot be reached.WOTHERS expected.FVALUE clause at higher level super	 sedes VALUE
clause at this level.FVALUE clause may not appear in a data description	 ' containing,
or subordinate to an entry containing, an OCCURS clause.FGroup ite	 0ms may have only figurative constants or non-numeric
literals as values.FVALUE cla	 8use not permitted in FILE SECTION.WNon-numeric literal in value clause truncated to 	 Asize of item.FDivision by zero not permitted.FACTUAL KEY must be a COMPUTATIONAL	 I item of ten or fewer digits.FClass of data item inconsistent with VALUE.FNon-stand	 Rard characters in VALUE clause.FSwitch numbers must be in the range 0 through 35.	 ZFUSAGE conflicts with PICTURE.FToo many digits to left of decimal point in 	 cVALUE clause.FToo many digits to right of decimal point in VALUE clause.FAn item s	 kubordinate to one containing a VALUE clause must not
OR0DISPLAY-9.FVALUEnnotainerange described 	 |by PICTURE.WVALUE may not be signed.FWrong number of subscripts.FImproper 	 subscript.FVALUE greater than number of occurrences.FData items with levels o	 
a RENAMES clause.FData items requiring subscrip	 ting may not appear in a
RENAMES clause.FData items appearing in a RENAMES ... T	 HRU ... clause must
belong to the same record.FData items appearing in a RENAMES 	 '... THRU ... clause may neither be
subordinate to the other.FThe area defined by	 / the second data item in a RENAMES ... THRU ...
clause must follow the area defined 	 8by the first.FLiteral or figurative constant expected.FAnother independent item	 @ has this name.FIF syntax scan error -- improper unnesting--compiler error.	 IFUnbalanced parentheses.FNo current paragraph - compiler error.FNull table link - c	 Qompiler error.FInteger literal or identifier expected, or NEXT/PRIOR/FIRST/LAST.	 ZFOnly group items allowed in CORRESPONDING.FMay redefine only the current data item	 b.FMust be an 01-level report group item.FMore than 12 nested redefinitions.	 kFAn item containing, or subordinate to an item
containing,manlOCCURSoclauseomaynnote	osbeiredefinedFVALUEsclause is notpermittediniairedefinition.ARedefinitioneisfnot	m|mthetsameesizeAasEtheNredefinedEitem.FThismustNbeegreater.thanNtheSfirstcinteger.	eFImproperpuserofrALL.FMustbe subscripted.FMayonotnbepsubscripted.FBadA	rning DISPLAY-7 items may not
cont	 /ain items of any other usage.FThis cannot be a library-name.FCOPY statement must	 7 be terminated by a period.FLeft parenthesis expected.FIdentifier, numeric lite	 @ral, or mnemonic-name expected.FFILLER may not be referenced directly.FThis must	 H be a SWITCH ON or OFF STATUS.FThis file must not appear in an SD.FCannot ha	 Qve both USING and INPUT PROCEDURE.FMust have either USING or INPUT PROCEDURE.FCann	 Yot have both GIVING and OUTPUT PROCEDURE.FMust have either GIVING or OUTPUT PROCE	 bDURE.FVALUE expected.FThere is an independent item of this name.FImproper 	 jfigurative constant in VALUE clause.FNo result found -- compiler error.WRoun	 sding not done with COMP-1 fields.FBLOCK CONTAINS must be specified for a file opene	 {d for
INPUT-OUTPUT.WOnly eight significant places used for COMP-1.FTHRU expe	 	cted.FAt least 3 devices must be assigned to a SORT file.WSyntax scan suspend	 	
ed at this character.WSyntax scan resumed at this character.FThis procedure-name	 	 must be in DECLARATIVES.FThis procedure-name must not be in DECLARATIVES.FThis	 	 procedure-name must be in an INPUT PROCEDURE.FThis procedure-name is in an INPUT	 	& PROCEDURE.FThis procedure-name must be in an OUTPUT PROCEDURE.FThis procedure	 	.-name is in an OUTPUT PROCEDURE.FLiterals and reserved words may not be replaced.	 	7FA word may not be replaced by a reserved word.FAn item may not exceed 262,143 cha	 	?racters.FThis is neither a data-name nor a procedure-name.FAT END clause requi	 	Hred.FINVALID KEY clause required.FAT END and INVALID KEY not allowed.FThis item	 	P must not be COMPUTATIONAL-1.FA record in the FILE SECTION may not exceed 4095 chara	 	Ycters.FMore than 24 nested IF/SEARCH statements.FMore than 24 conditions neste	 	ad in IF statement.FOCCURS is illegal at 01 level in FILE SECTION.FVerb name expe	 	jcted.FInvalid DENSITY.FODD or EVEN required.FNon-sixbit character in VALUE	 	r of DISPLAY-6 item.FA numeric item may not exceed 18 digits.FTwo literals may no	 	{t be compared.FInsufficient qualification.FFewer than 6 characters in DATE-WRITTEN	 
.WFewer than 9 characters in IDENTIFICATION.FSecond half of project-programmer 	 
number missing.FMust be an octal integer of 6 digits or less.FImproper mode.	 
FREPORT name must be unique.FFILE SECTION must precede REPORT SECTION.FData	 
 item has improper size for this use.WShould begin in A-margin.FREPORT not spe	 
%cified in a REPORT clause in FILE SECTION.FLine number greater than PAGE LIMIT.	 
.FPAGE LIMIT must be positive and less than 512.FCONTROL identifier expected.FIf u	 
6sed, FINAL must be the first CONTROL.FDEPENDING variables must be COMP and 10 digi	 
?ts or less.FClause not legal in report group.FUSAGE not legal in REPORT SECTION.	 
GFClause legal only in report group.FPAGE expected.FMust be less than P	 
PAGE LIMIT.FNot a CONTROL identifier.FOnly one GROUP of this type allowed per	 
X report.FHEADING or FOOTING required.FReport item type required.FNot declared a	 
as a CONTROL.FItem referenced by a SUM clause must be source item in
ir item in TYPE CONTROL FOOTING which has
a SUM clause.FReport-name expected.	 
rFItem will not fit in print line.FNot a TYPE DETAIL item.FItem is SUMmed in REPORT	 
z SECTION, therefore it must be numeric.FOnly a CONTROL FOOTING GROUP may have a SUM.	 FItem referenced by a SUM UPON clause must be TYPE DETAIL.FADVANCING/POSITIONI	 NG clause illegal with RECORDING MODE other
than ASCII.FVALUE OF USER-NUMBER mus	 t be a COMP item with
fewer than 11 digits.FMust be defined in either the FILE or W	 ORKING-STORAGE SECTION.FRESET may be used only with CONTROL-FOOTING items.FMust	 % be a CONTROL.FMust be a higher level CONTROL than that of this GROUP.FValid onl	 -y for files with ACCESS MODE INDEXED.FADVANCING allowed only on SEQUENTIAL files.	 6FImproper usage.FINDEXED files must not be BINARY.FRECORD KEY must be in appropr	 >iate record.FREDEFINES nesting confused -- compiler error.FSearched items must	 G have OCCURS clause with INDEXED option.FA key of more major priority than this 	 Owas not specified.FOne operand in every WHEN condition must be a search key.FAsso	 Xciated data item must be a search key.FCondition name must have only a single value	 `.FSEARCH ALL requires KEY clause in table definition.FCODE must not contain no	 in-sixbit characters.WON/OFF expected - ON assumed.FOnly equality conditions	 q allowed in SEARCH ALL.FWHEN expected.FThe only connective in WHEN clause is A	 zND.FRECORD KEY required.FRECORDS or CHARACTERS required.FCALL argument must 	 
be word-aligned.FDuplicate ENTRY definition.FIllegal to call internal ENTRY.	 
FPAGE-COUNTER and LINE-COUNTER may not be independently defined when report writer fe	 
atures are used.FImproper punctuation.FNot declared in an ENTRY or PD USING cl	 
ause.FDuplicate WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.FSet-name or ANY expected.FSET 	 
$expected.FERROR-STATUS expected.FIllegal combination of ERROR-STATUS USE PROCEDURE	 
-S.FArea-name expected.FDuplicate SCHEMA SECTION.FALL, RECORD, AREA, SET, 	 
5or set-name expected.WThis name shouldn't be more than 6 characters.FINTO expe	 
>cted.FALL or set-name expected.FCOMPILE expected.FINVALID, ONLY, SELECTIVE	 
F, ALL or no qualification expected.FSELECTIVE, ONLY, ALL, or record-name expecte	 
Od.FRecord-name, set-name, area-name, or RUN-UNIT expected.FRECORD expected.	 
WFFOR expected.FAREA or SET expected, or invalid previous identifier.FSUB-SCHEMA or 	 
`sub-schema name expected.FINVOKE statement must follow SCHEMA SECTION.FSet-	 
hname expected.FCURRENT expected.FAmbiguous or incorrect RSE specification.FEXCL	 
qUSIVE, PROTECTED, or RETRIEVAL expected.FSet-name or area-name expected.FRECO	 
owtPROCEDURERDIVISION.FDuplicateeCOMMUNICATIONPSECTION.FCOMMUNICATION-SECTIONpmu		FThis section is out of order.FSchema name may not also be a reserved word or da	 
ta name or PROGRAM ID.FDuplicate CONTROL HEADING GROUP for this identifier.FDupl	 icate CONTROL FOOTING GROUP for this identifier.FColumn number must be greater than	  previous one in report line.FSOURCE or VALUE or (for CONTROL FOOTING only) SUM clau	 #se required.FRESET clause not allowed at GROUP level.FGROUP INDICATE clause no	 ,t allowed at GROUP level.FCOLUMN NUMBER illegal at GROUP level.FSOURCE or SUM 	 4or VALUE clause not allowed at GROUP level.FNEXT GROUP clause allowed only at an 01	 = GROUP level.FRESET FINAL clause allowed only if there is a CONTROL FINAL.FGROU	 EP INDICATE clause allowed only for TYPE DETAIL.FCONTROL FOOTING line number must b	 Ne from FIRST DETAIL to FOOTING inclusive.FCONTROL HEADING or DETAIL line number m	 Vust be from FIRST DETAIL to LAST DETAIL inclusive.FPAGE HEADING line number must	 _ be from HEADING to FIRST DETAIL inclusive.FREPORT HEADING or REPORT FOOTING line n	 gumber must be from HEADING to PAGE-LIMIT inclusive.FPAGE FOOTING line number must	 p be from FOOTING to PAGE-LIMIT inclusive.FRecord must be in a SORT FILE.FHEAD	 xING must be .le. to FIRST DETAIL.FFIRST DETAIL must be .le. to LAST DETAIL.FLAST	  DETAIL must be .le. to FOOTING.FCOPY not allowed within a library.FNot allow	 	ed in LINKAGE SECTION.FSubscript may not be in LINKAGE SECTION.FSubscripted su	 bscript not allowed.WLeft-most truncation.FThere must be a LINE clause with o	 r before the FIRST COLUMN clause in a report group.WMost significant digits trunc	 #ated.WLeast significant digits truncated.ALeft-most truncation onARight-mos	 +t truncation onAMost significant digits truncated onALeast significant digits	 4 truncated onAZeroes put intoFConflicts with a USE procedure in SECTIONFClas	 <s conflicts with class of literal specified as
VALUE for condition nameWFUSAG	 EE must be INDEX.FClass must be alphanumeric.FWrong size for this item.FUsag	 Me must be DISPLAY.FClass must be numeric.FCan not have any decimal places.FCan 	 Vnot be in the LINKAGE SECTION.FCan not be in the FILE SECTION.FCan not have a	 ^ JUSTIFIED clause.FCan not be edited.FCan not be subscripted.FBLANK WHEN ZERO not	 g allowed.FMust not be signed.FMay not be used as a FILE STATUS item.FIllegal C	 oANCEL of internal ENTRY.FEBCDIC files may not have non-standard LABELS.WCan not f	 xollow a level 77 item - assuming level 01.WMaximum compare length of 2047 characte	 rs is exceeded.FNeither a non-numeric literal nor a long numeric literal nor a f	 	igurative constant may be used to identify a record to be retained.FA COMP value m	 ust be used when identifying a record of a SEQUENTIAL or RANDOM file to be RETAINed.	 FA data name or literal used to identify a record of an INDEXED file to be RETAINed m	 "ust match the SYMBOLIC KEY of the file in usage and size.FOnly sixteen files may b	 +e opened by a single OPEN statement.FFiles being opened for simultaneous update m	 3ust be opened for INPUT-OUTPUT (I-O).WThe presence of a FOR clause alone does not 	 <open a file for simultaneous update; an OTHERS clause is required.FReceiving item	 D may not be edited or justified.FInvalid RECORDING MODE.FBoth WRITE ADVANCING and	 M WRITE POSITIONING clauses are used on this file.FIdentifier or numeric literal expe	 Ucted.FOnly AFTER POSITIONING is allowed.FPositioning item must be described	 ^ by PIC X.FMust be an integer in the range 0 - 3.FAll records in a file whose r	 fecording mode is F must be the same size.FOnly densities of 800 or 1600 BPI are a	 ollowed with STANDARD ASCII.WThis report group will cause blank lines to be printed	 w since it contains a LINE clause but no COLUMN clauses.WMaximum ALTERNATE AREAS 	 exceeded; set to maximum value of 62.FVariable in this context must be defined in 	 SUB-SCHEMA.WMaximum of 1023 characters will be accepted.WRounding ignored.	 FWITH SEQUENCE CHECK expected.FOCCURS maximum of 32,767 exceeded.FTransacti	 on-name expected.FRELATIVE KEY required only for RELATIVE files.FBYTE and BINAR	 "Y mode not both allowed.FHas a DEPENDING variable not declared in an ENTRY or PD USI	 *NG clause.FLINKAGE subscripts must be usage COMP with fewer than 11 digits, and 	 3may not have an additive.WSequenced (/S) source file assumed.FMaximum of 18 	 ;decimal places exceeded.FIllegal for this dataname to have a scaling factor.F'=='	 D Expected.WDevice missing -- TTY assumed.FLibrary file not found.FCorrespon	 Lding END DECLARATIVES not seen.WRERUN count maximum of 65535 assumed.FKey not c	 Uontained in sort-file.WDISPLAY-6, DISPLAY-7 or DISPLAY-9 expected -- DISPLAY-6 ass	 ]umed.FThis item may not have a DEPENDING variable.FSort key must not contai	 fn an OCCURS clause.FRecord size must match RECORD CONTAINS clause in FD of file whos	 ne RECORDING MODE is F.FIdentifier or non-numeric literal expected.FIdentifier, no	 wn-numeric literal, or SIZE expected.FALTERNATE RECORD KEY not supported.F.	 FMust be a key or subordinate item with the same starting position.WIncorrect and 	 ambiguous syntax.WPeriod ignored.WRECORD CONTAINS clause does not match max. r	 ecord size, RECORD CONTAINS clause ignored.FBLOCK CONTAINS character count too smal	 l, file is unblocked.FALTERNATE KEY may only be specified for INDEXED files.	 !FSimultaneous update not supported for RMS files.FKEY IS allowed only when file is I	 *NDEXED.FKey must be DISPLAY mode.FKey size must be less than 256 characters.	 2FCALL/ENTER arg expected.FIllegal CALL/ENTER arg.FOPEN EXTEND may only be speci	 ;fied for sequential files.FIF or SEARCH not allowed in WHEN clause of SEARCH	 CFEnding == not found.FMust be an integer in the range 0 - 255.FThis data item	 L must be described as an integer.FMay only appear in a USE BEFORE REPORTING procedu	 Tre.FSUPPRESS not allowed for DETAIL lines - use GENERATE <rdname>.FZERO is the on	 ]ly figurative constant allowed.FIdentifier must be one-word computational or inde	 exFREDEFINES not allowed at 01 level in COMMUNICATION SECTION.WDISPLAY-7 assu	 nmed - it is the only usage allowed here.WSize of user-defined CD entry is not eq	 vual to the default size.FPositive integer expected.FMay not reference a report in	  a USE BEFORE REPORTING
 procedure which uses the same file as the USE report group.	 FData-name illegal at this point, statement or paragraph name expected.FOnly	  the last part of a record can have a variable number of occurances.FMissing 9 in P	 ICTURE clause after S.FReserved word BY allowed only once in UNSTRINGWLibrary m	 !odule name too long - truncated to 8 characters.WLibrary file-name.ext too long - t	 )runcated to 9 characters.WNo room for significant digit before first commaWMEMO	 2RY SIZE too large, maximum assumedFOperand too large to use in literal compareFUsag	 :e must be DISPLAY to write from an ASCII recordADEC extension - HIGH-VALUES is hig	 Chest collating sequence value, not the highest numeric valueADEC extension - Hig	 Khest numerical value usedADEC extension - ZERO is only FIGURATIVE CONSTANT allow	 Ted for numeric fields by ANSI StandardWRecord size is less than maximum computed si	 \ze.FContinuation of comment-entry by '-' is not permitted.FBLANK WHEN ZERO and	 e '*' not allowed together.FNumeric literal must be unsigned integer.FERROR or 	 mEXCEPTION expected.FSEQUENTIAL, RANDOM or DYNAMIC expected.FData-name or intege	 vr expected.FLINES expected.FFOOTING expected.FTOP or BOTTOM expected.FIlle	 ~gal alphabet-name.FItem must be signed numeric display.FSEQUENCE expected.FTHRU	  or ALSO requires a one character nonnumeric literal.FAlphabet-name expected.FKEY 	 IS not allowed when READ file NEXT is specified.FCOBOL-74 syntax is DELETE file-nam	 e INVALID KEY.FNon-standard labels are illegal in COBOL-74.FAlphabet-name is no	  t defined.WDuplicate character(s) in this collating sequence.FValue must not	 ) exceed number of characters in the character set.WAll items which are immediate	 1ly subordinate to a group item must have the same level-number.WShould be unsigned 	 :integer.FOnly one BEFORE or AFTER clause allowed per INSPECT argument.FItem must	 B have the same size as the item being replaced.FThis item must be smaller than 409	 K6 characters.FRELATIVE KEY must be specified for this file.FDEBUGGING expected.	 SFDELETE not allowed for SEQUENTIAL files.FReserved word in COBOL-74: may not	 \ be used as a paragraph name.FDEBUG-ITEM is a reserved word in COBOL-74.FNot imple	 dmented on TOPS10.WBLOCK CONTAINS 1 RECORD assumed.W"RESERVE 2 AREAS" assumed.	 mFINVALID KEY clause must not be specified for SEQUENTIAL access files.FALL, cd-n	 uame, file-name, identifier, or procedure-name expected.FIdentifier or PROCEDURES	 ~ expected.FMay not RETAIN or FREE records in more than one file that has a non-C	 OMP key.FWhen the KEY clause is used for relative files, this item must be the RELA	 TIVE KEY.FKEY clause not allowed when file access mode is SEQUENTIAL.FThis item	  must be defined in a record of the file.WRecord size not the same as SD file as 	  required by 74 standard.FORGANIZATION must be RELATIVE if RELATIVE KEY is specified.	 (FORGANIZATION must be INDEXED if RECORD KEY is specified.FNo more than 255 ke	 1ys allowedFCan't store key conversion address - compiler failureFKey name or EV	 9ERY expected after FREEFKey name can't be subscriptedWSyntax has been changed 	 *Bto ORGANIZATION IS RMS INDEXED(
::::: :":'	*U*U*J:*:-:0:4:7:;:>:B:D:F:I:K:N:P:S:V:[	*U*U*S:_:b:f:k:o:s:w:y:{::::::::	*U(U*[::":$:&:):,:0:3:5:9:B:F:J:M:Q:S	*U*U*d:W:[:]:a:f:m:q:t:z:{::::
:::	*U*U*l:::":&:*:-:0:2:5:8:<:?:B:E:I:O:S	*U*U*u:W:\:`:b:e:i:m:p:s:u:y:{:}::::	(U*U*}:	::::::: :#:&:(:+:/:3:5:7	*U*U*:::<:>:B:F:J:O:S:W:[:]:_:c:e:g:m:p	*U*U*:s:w:{:}::::
:::::::: :#	*U*U*:&:':*:,:/:1:6:::=:?:B:D:H:N:S:W:Y	*U*U :\:_:c:k:o:q:r:v:}:::::	 T*U*(::::: :":%:':+:/:2:4:6:<	*U*U"0:>:@:C:I:N:S:W:Y:\:^:a:e:k:p:u:~	*U*U*9::
:::::":/:7:<:B:F:L:Q:U:[:^	*U*U*A:d:j:y:~:::::::#:-:9:>:B:I:K	*U*U*J:O:S:Z:^:c:g:k:u:z::::
:::	*U*U*R:::!:&:*:2:5:::=:C:G:L:P:T:Y:^:c	*U(U*[:e:i:n:r:v:~:	:	:	
:	:	:	:	:	":	':	-	*U*U*c:	2:	7:	<:	@:	F:	H:	K:	O:	S:	Z:	^:	c:	h:	k:	m:	o:	t	*U*U*l:	y:	|:	:
:	*U*U*t:
~:	*U**}:	::::$:&:,:1:6:8:;:@:E	*U*A*:K:Q:W:\:a:f:k:o:t:v:z:}:
J	*U*U*:
|:	*U*U*:
::::%:):/:3:9:>:E:J	*U*U*8:R:\:c:m:t:x:|::::
:::: :$:(	*U*U*A:*:-:1:5:7:<:D:D:G:J:M:O:R:U:Y:]:`	*U(U(I:b:e:h:j:n:r:w:|::::(:/:7:C	*U*Q*R:H:J:R:V:Z:_:c:k:r:}::
::::	*P(U*Z:: :$:,:6:::>:C:E:I:K:P:T:W	*U*U*c:^:c:h:q:u:{::::
:::!:&:+:.	*U*U*k:2:5:8:>:C:F:J:O:U:[:`:f:l:r:y:|:	*U*Tt:::: :&:,:1:5:::?:I:N:X	 |	 	 *U*
	*E(U*:::::":':.:8:;:A:G:L:Q:T:X	*U*U*::c:f:j:m:t:{::::::":):/:2:8	 @':<	 /:?p 8:	HV0HVB+T2JOEeFHzZH^,&V]	K
Tp	D"<
Y	D"	K
h	<
l 	D"<
m#	K
7	D"<:<<<>	K
;<B<F<J<O<S	D"<W<[<]<_<c	K
><$e<%g<%m	D"<&p<&s<'w<'{<(}<(<)	K
<9<:<:<;<;<<<<<=	D"	K"<P:<Q=	K
F<`?<aB<aD<bH<bN<cS	D"<cW<dY<d\<e_	K
I<tc<uk<uo<vq	D"<vr<wv<w}<x<x<y	K
V]	K<u<<v"<v%	D"<w'<w+<x/<x2<y4	K
W<\	D"<^<a<e<k<p< u< ~<!	K
<1<1<2<2<3"<3/<47<4<	D"<5B	Ky<I~	K
<<<	D"	K&<*<2<5<:	D"<=<C	KV^	K
<	<	<		K"<)	'<*	-<*	2<+	7<+	<<,	@<,	F<-	H	KA	o	K
.	D"<g
D	K<x
N	D"<z
o	K<

r	D"<
~<<	<<<<$	D"	K\<7a<8f<8k<9o	D"	K
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(	D"<8
3	K<H
D	D"<K
Y	K<\
h	D"<^
|<apqA	D"<A
<B<B<C<C%<D)<D/<E3	K\<Wc<Xm<Xt	D"<Yx	K
<k<k	D"<l<l$<m$V$<#T(<#U*<#U-<#V1<#V5	D"<#W7<#W<<#XD	K
<%	<%	<%
<%	D"<% <%
,V)"	K<)u:<)v><)wC	D"<)wE<)xI<)xK<)yP	K
c	D"<*
<*<*<*!<*&<*+<*.<*!2	KJ<*3O<*4U<*4[	D"<*5`	K0{<0~	K<0(<0)<0)<0*
<0*<0+	D"<0+<0,<0-"	K
<0<'<0=.<0>8<0>;<0?A	D"<0?G<0@L<0@Q<0AT	K<0PX<0Q9<0Qc<0Rf	D"<0Rj<0Sm<0St<0T{<0T<0U	K<0d<0e	D"<0e<0f"<0f)<0g/<0g2<0h8	K<0x<	K	D"	K<1$?	K"	K&V`*	K*	K-	K0	K2	D"	K5	K8	K<	K?	KB	KEVa-	K(I	K)O	D"	K)S	K*W	K*\	K+`	K+b	K,e	K,i	K-mc