Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - cuspbinsrc_2of2_bb-fp63b-sb - 10,7/sysdpy/sysdpy.exe
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+ @`% 0*"%8 >*> 0@O@+"=+=+"?U"*B?l 1	b@@ BKZ`0bpcmd 1	b 2XBPB 2,(bG".$ D"ZD@@~ 3,`bO@~ 3, " BI "u BT	`\",`bl4,9 ',4B` BJ +,6`n46 +X`T " B %, "0b " B	b+]m4@@@ZJ,z6@l4@,67@`t@@+c " BT "
aB.@@@7ll4 4 B- 5*",u""2 B,w,E,w,Ef5O@,T7@+ml4,26 O+od4itat +u,6c  6,3`t, 8,w@f@@O@@Pd4,w1Z :`Z :P e\@`t,]:P18$+yat+ <,3,x:O18
+x+,w,Edt+at+: S,p,%757j *'l*
 +`t+f`tat; +k+dd0*00j=7/*!"p[-0D(1D,+ *b0*0j+/**
	$*.j	:	+	@@	5
(0<0|,~$0.0wh9*.h@X=[P[Xe0fv8wHuL`|PxNRM(OpQ@pu@0	@ 	@Pt@ht@@Q@U@P2@ @`
V@PU@7b	 "
`T/".B+D7b	 "
"`T.".B7(@@@@ZT0"t0bu,~ +,7@ =//"	7 .B7 @@,~L@,~L@,~h,~h,~h5vh@,~6B	 	$I&"2 B7@h6@l,~,>Z
N	j *`j+c6@
&b	`.KJOB
.	bd4,9+`h,~ *ht+p	j+ \",": B
	b+ ""t BS7B "t B,~d4	j(+8 "7@
	b+:1B,~h4,~l4,~@	0p10$0t1p 07@	@ P P,~`t,~ ;*". ;*"0 <	b6+9l4,~@ INXW8/ggLY>8 :,@bP@@O $,w`Z :A:?1Z94B*,=b
+	,~?<+Z<,~AYou do not have either PEEK or SPY privileges.
,G)  ",35AThis monitor does not support network statistics.
,G)  *,35AThis monitor does not support Systems Communications Architecture.
,G)  4,35AThis monitor does not have any CI-20 interfaces.
,G)  <,35A? Can't create/append log file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-]
This display will be automatically replaced by the normal display.
Type any command to effect immediate replacement.
,S,2,:  B7@+V +k "!$@
+k  @ <!&F+B " (.".b(3b+`	b+K (!X&@F7+P D&//"$"l$A` 4\h\=bg <\ +k  m,?,F+Q,~n+	Advance screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
n-	Retreat screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
A	Toggle Auto roll of all jobs
C	List DECNET link status
E	List Ethernet status
F	List file system statistics
H	List this text
I	List incremental statistics (where applicable)
J	List only jobs (in multiple columns)
K	List CI network status
L	Log screens into file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-] (Close on ^Z)
M	List virtual memory data
N	List normal (some of everything) status
O	Toggle suppression of [OPR] jobs in "N" & "M" display
Q	List the system queues
R	Refresh entire screen immediately
S	Toggle System or expanded job statistics in "N" display
T	Topology for network display
V	Toggle cpu and core priority
Z	List LAT server statistics
nW	Set wait time to "n" decimal seconds
\	Display network statistics
n!	Toggle non-idle jobs; "n" specifies runtime threshold = n/100 seconds
#	Toggle PTY number or controlling job number
%	Toggle runtime or percentage of cpu
^	Toggle skipping system statistics in "N" display
*	List DECNET node status
^A	Toggle alarm (flashing) mode (if applicable)
^C	Terminate SYSDPY execution
^R	Toggle reverse video updating (if applicable)
^Z	Terminate SYSDPY execution
<ESC>	Freeze screen as is (any subsequent command will thaw)
SPACE	Update screen display immediately
ml,2O@d@,!@@@ Q*"E`T+|,/9.B9at 9 B9 R, = B>,"
X*lt+`T,jZJR,3`T+30U,3,L`TU`T,3+Z,33B[aTaT1,3,2 N3B9+3BN+a,y,`7B+"4"!Z	b&+"2B+ !"=+"	b@@+" I,ab:A`t+,abl"I:[1\MSaB++Z(BzX(B`B>P, N,,7.PC.RC.VD,,#at,N!"m``l!"=``l+\!"}``L +\!"i`L+\!"h`5,\!"- !0@aLbQS+\$b&$$& ,(BAc!0D;+A!0cQS+\!"@`L!"
`+\0DJ 1D`+G0DJ +J c,Q!0DJ +[+\1DJ  d1D` d,L+[0D+@+N$e4D[eDm
.$)B+[0D]`+[$e1D!"Z`1D!"\@1D!"[1D!"[@0D1D!"Y@1D!"U@1D!"Y1D!"Y  0cQS+\!"\`+[:D:E:E`t+a,+al+a <,a7AP+n,+7@+f4"g,> 
6EN+i <  M`d+m+l <,a+n N <3D8 <'3D9 <'3D8 <,a,^,+ 7`d@|2P <+,V Jat KaT+w 9 D,
,91,SaT+,`JatL,k,`KatgL,k,`Q,/6CR,/,2d4*j,7`T,~+jab,~S$(F)D5F2$}2$,~/}?.,Q$M+(g3HF+2HF3HG:x,~[4b&!2cSW.GSW.A0.PB,~ /J7 ,~6@l47@J6@K,~l4,~ O/K5"1 O@AK@AL@AL.CK BJ Pd"`/L.CL BJ Qd"`/L.CL BK,~@0h,+4b>Z*
ab+<2h+=[O/*Q R0hab2iQ R0i P0j.P[[4bI/=6AW+H..gZ;W@.A0.A2,~ V.",z4BO`b(D(DRd",~ V.",z4BT7 (D(DRd",~,>@al+[0j..PB "07!O "9@,>,+ ,^+g,>Z
 Ma|+f0j*/= W.=*
1\.PB1B9@+f "07!O "9@,^!0B,+,^6@,a+`,*,,2`T@+j,  k,3 9,S,2 k,+l B/" B n, B n,0BgO @0B1BO@  o`t,3  o,3  r6`,3  s6@,3,2O@:
 s., t B(,+@ t.,0b  u v.,`b  w`b@  y`b  {`b  | @(4@,3+> ~.,/( .B( at (  B,` ~.,/('.B(' B .,/(!/('.B(!at (!,,o,` .,/(&.B(&at (&,,o,` at (',,o,` ,S,` .,/(,.B(,at (,, ,o,` .,/(3.B(3at (3, ,o7@+5,` .,/(-.B(-at (-, ,o7@+>,` .,/(2.B(2at (2, ,o .,&1"@ B(K,2+,  ,3O@:
6@(+B (,_ .,/(8.B(8at (8,!,n,` .,/(9.B(9at (9,!,n,` .,/(>.B(>at (>,!,n,` .,/(?.B(?at (?,!,n,` .,/(D.B(Dat (D&"@,!,n,` 	.,/(E.B(Eat (E&"@,!,n,2+B,  	 @O@:
6@(+h+hSB6@,3@@ (,+ 
,+h,   @O@:
6@(+w+wSB6@,3@@ (,+ 
,+w+.,S"0.X"(,52)z)z#((`t#((atBb(J@bb)&0f.$ ,`,w*l520P0Q0p0q0000010P0Q0p0q, ,4B'  ,3/.Bat ,  ,3 ,/.Bat ,   , ,,2,6@+R ,4BR  ,3@f,z7J+4.",z,>.",z.,^.",z. ."+,,>,>,
0Z`+?0",#.Z*l8,^/.Bat ,  ,3,^/.Bat , ,." 
@.",z0 P .",z/p  ,   , <,a, <,a,2, ,4Bf  ,3/.Bat ,  ,3 ,/.Bat ,  ,3 ,/.Bat ,  ,3 ,/.Bat ,,2,   ,3 !,/.Bat ,  ,3 !,/.Bat , ",_B ",".   #,   , <,a, <,a,2 $,4B
  $,3/.Bat $", %,   ,  &,3 ',/.Bat $", <,a ',/.Bat $",,2 (, B? B (, B? ), [(C// ),/ *,4B/ *, "V.+ +,/ D@  +(Q, ?3B?2B1+#   (Q3B?,32B?,  , D,  - D,   E,   E,,2  . C,   C2PC,  . C/C.B,   %, ,  /,3 B ?(C$02&,w,2 0	p@(P,>  1, 1	p@_`"`$0H,>  , <,a,^,^,
2,4BG	21"	3#p, ",  46P, 5,  5,  67P6@,  6P, 6,  76P, 7,  86P, 8,4BY  9Z,  [, 3,A"  96P,0*,2  : A, @/A4Pa  3, :,5Bc =/"   , =/03p+h  ,  ; A,,26"O0b+z,@@T *  <,3=jm,2 * T	b+y4By BT BV >	d+y, Y,d,` W,d<Jo,`+p0J,26"O0b+	, * J #,+	ab+	[ " ,z `B`b +	 #,z  " ,z[1V
,_04PA,d,` < `D,a <$`D,a=j	,2m
,` " ,z+0J,2,~,2  B,U,-,E,Q+	,>  D,S,M,^,~@@T@@u H*"} T	b+ 4B	N BT BV,T >	b+	N  H,S Y,V,W W,V,M \ BV >	b+	  BV,[ \60a6@U1 B@u,T  >,S6@U7I \,T  J,S W7@U,V,W d,\ e,\ e,\ f,\ f/g/h,\ g/h/i,\,M`T@+	Hd4RVd"4B	C!&x7 ,	v(B*f	A!&w[
d4*f	Ddt,M6B`3BU+	L \7@U PU+	)@@U6Bd+	)+	 ,M,Q+	T,>  J,3,L  |,S,M,^,~@@U!(x7B u+	i BV,T >	b+   >,S6@U7I \,T  J,S g,\ h,\ h,\ i,\6@U+	e [ i`T(B B/b,^,M6B`3BU+	i \7@U PU+	V@@U*h	U (,4B	v ,M  M,S[,\  OdH,S  OdH,S  PdH,S  PZdp7 ,,M,~  
	7A,~,[,[,[,Sl4,~l4,> R/P1 ,Y  Qmt,S,^,[,S5Vl4,> R/P1 	,Y  Qmt,S,^,[,S7 5y,~RHBOFLHWPSWPSAFPRFNNAAWL2PTxSThUpVWXX Y`YXZP[h\(]8^0_H`@a@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@	{@
 b,aB+   b,U,:  d,3 , 0,  e,3 f, 0,  g,3 h, 0,d,2,"	0A@@7@@7  h,3!*| (t,3 w,."(!"X"0,/(.B(at7( .P7aJ"P8, x,."(!"X"0,/(.B(at7( .P7aJ"P8,d,2*j
2,#$	0B  x,3!*|X* (,3 ,."(!"X"0,/(!.B(!at7(! .P8, ,."(!"X"0,/(&.B(&at7(& .P8,d,2*j
,3 7,&I&,>,d <,a,^$02&,d  ,3,2  ,3 ,*"`!*(X*@p#`8Q"(X"0,/0+.B0+at 0+$"2&8X00 <10,a,d,`  <10,a,d <,a4B
t,`."( <,a=b
f,#$+?,37, <,a,^$02&,d  ,3,2  ,3 ,*"`!*(X*@p#`8Q"(X"0,/01.B01at 01$"2&8X00 <10,a,d,`  <10,a,d <,a4B,`."( <,a=b,2.,*j,~  ,U,: ,15B,G)  ,3+Aat@@+,>!$x N	b+$d"`D."
 B*d "XB,^b7p+(,H+&=p&,2O@7`
++,G6+,,G1  ',37 O,~,H+,",z,+ <,a0,y  |,3,`@7`006@,-2F+5/" B
,`"4B>..,zA" 0,y,`06@,d,`0,0,0,0 ,0 ,0!,d,2+-$4D. 0f  & "(	 ,z B
*F9K8888(80888@8H8P8X8`8h8x88 0,aB+(@@$/ 1*"$y k,+1"
S` L$/@Z(B.3,6@: 4l4 X$2 "$2	bE75 $3 B0$/*l\4P1  5,U  7,3!,x,`Z,p*lg,2 
$/7 0$/+|  97@~  :,3Z6@~,d  :,3!&x,` :l; B$2ZF$3 8$2	xEg $3dbm" l"dBm!lZ$33X0$/ ;[,aZ,a*fp,2*lj 
$/ &
$&0SX"# B$: < B$;!"uX"$:6 0$/	b9O@0$/*l},E  <,3 
$/7 0$/+
$&0  96@~,3Z6@~,d,` $@`t/$,k,` $@`t/$ 9&I B,#,` $@`t/$,k,` $@`t/$,#,` $?`t/$~,`,k,`  D,30E1P+F,p,2*l
$/7 0$/+
4 &
$&0  96@~,3Z6@~,d,` $<`t/${,k,` $=`t/$|,k,` $=`t/$|,k,` $>`t/$},k,` $>`t/$},k,` $?`t/$~,k,2*l
$/d47 0$/+
G &
G  Omt,3  96@~,3Z6@~,d,>!,y 8$:.0
I0.8?:`t/ 0
5 Q*"%8,~$HH$HH$HH$H	H	$H	H	$H
QRTUWXY[\^`bd  e,U,Q,
m,300,d,`8n `
,`,` 0`t/(#,,k,` 0`t/(#;,k 0 P(#, 0 P(#;8
,`,` 0`t/(#,,k,` 0`t/(#;,k 0 P(#, 0 P(#;8
s,^ ,2  n,3,2 ,
,`,`^0,,30w,d  w,30x,d ,
,` 0`t/(#,,k,` 0`t/(#;,k,` 0`t/(#J,l 0 P(#, 0 P(#; 0 P(#J8
\,~ y X"? 8 :"A"@5
I:""@5"? 8
I:#	"@5"?"8S:#"@5,>}Q8B,>x,` <,a>`+

,U,S  ,3#Y#Z@@#[ 8#Y	xH,~[#Z&8"S`X&#i,2#Y#Z\8 X#[ 8#Y	xH+ Z#^ <0X <,a  ,3 <,a  #b,3  ,3#Y#Z\8 X#[ 8#Y	xH+  
,`0,k*l.&*f,2,:,E  B ,#7D~+-,+1!0m P$ *0~,.+1,)+12D+ &~[Z1P"+(  Q A` 2P+( 0\+(``+$,??`~+*.+  ~`p+,F+,~,>  , B~,^6D~+   53,G:  #,3,,`,,GN  ',3,GN , X1 81	xC,~ 
4l.  24XS X"3 , X"3 8"3	xC+S8-`T@4XS`T+. "3,+,`017 "4,l,`01,o,`02,o,`0-6@+2,` "5&"4B5 ,o <,a ,n,`7@"5+6  "5,3,2:=,=,~,~,G:  8,3,,`,,GI  ;,3,GI7L@@S` L"8 A P"7 0"7	pC77@"8,~aT+dZ"91B=`+^_
"87 +C ,d7@"<+i  D,3 "<,y,`7B"8+E,+,`Z"8,o,`S"9,`,+,`[";4Pq,l,`Z";4Ps,l,`["9A0,},`Z"9A0,},`Z":,o,`["; `,3,`Z"; `,3,2+^@1p @1P  G1P=  G1Pd  H1P  H5@3,`5dIIJJKKLLMMNNOOPPQIQRRSHSTTUUVVWWXXYYZZ[[HDH\H]H^Z 0 _	`21@:x,~Zl2 0 _	`21@:x,~,,~ _ P@@@@ B `	p1,~+#,,~ 0 P@@@@ B `	p1,~+ 0 P@@ D B `	p11+0P1P1,~ 0	p
+1 3, $ab $ DK `,Q"ZBL BM a,Q"ZBL BM ,, B, B9@@ ",+D+D R	b
 BNO@ a,"b0B+I`t@+M@@ N	b&+M:!"=	b+O@ B *,6@ B9\",\$	dm$3D9ab7l4 DN ', BO &,6@ B8 b, B8 c, B9 *,6@ B: c,7@ "	 B d,Z`,zd"pRB!$z@ "
Q,4Bk B, dQ&~1B
vZFF1B	;ZFG*fg*dc $, BJ4Bt $`b $ DI`b l4 ab+t ),[B}.}ZB  , B~ ", BH"D=ZB=ZB.=ZB>ZBZ( DH e";4B"<d`t@,++dT+X XR $+	 (Z XB$: =. D(3d+	d+
@d;*h|ZW.=> B
&e	`	`"=S`7D+[. +!X$	d+*	`t  * @AId$4D ",z CI ",z CIat + .",z`B+QCI*h 
N I2Bg3BOl4 h$;5D($:"=!`Z X*< , B.
h*d%*h! WQ`@@."*#
,~+P6@aT,~+"58i0x9.,>,`2,^9.9:2<>EFI`ORPQ?Z53 d"~, 5d,^,^+[5d: &0Z3p+C <,a+@Z5Pd,~Z5d d"~,: C`,~ :sP&,>,d <,a,^5d <5a <5a <5a <5a,G),+V,G),,`,,`,/9.B9at 9 B9  i`t,3,52|0\e4mt+`,~ P O FP HO0D ,x <1D +h1d ?O;O <
+k@fP <+k
&j,~,w <53 <,3 <?,3,3,3+32"L2"L2"M2"M+SnmSX2 "	b!@,~at@+abA"3b7
	bg,~ <5a,+
 H,~,"@,~,,~5" H+,,~5$HH+at@56m16,~ZJ.6 \Z4\.2|+[7  N<n6<p+8\<n1<H,~av 2.2\:x+l6@22=+7 +o.+	b,~+ .hr	b,~	d,~	f,~	h,~+ s s4\..<,a`vp++,~ s.<,a`vp+/,~  a``Q A`4\.,a+4 <+a <+a <5a <5a P,!"p ,  t , <5aa``Q A`4\.0\+D:6@,E> +@7`,a+@70O+107`1>x/0
50.p50@@+,<(aT+<%5a`T+R!..A0,d5`QX"!,At,BQX"!,AtXB@@[S4RY,e,"Z+.  @    @` 2`5`,> 0P&0HQP $02,^&0HXP,~,T u, B,e "m+.u@(% v  %w` y@X%z @`,~1ps+{&020p15d,d <5a1p1+&02 <@,a <,a &0 <@5a <,a <1p,a5d $02&(R22.05 $02&(R22.0,~$"'&&"2 ,p,8 5p8J,`,3+d,++d8J,`,35y8J,`,3+K I X5 $0&(R228&0,>,,^ <,a5d7 9&I*&5d7 9&I*&,~$02&(R228&02,>,n <,a,^5p,>,> z..,+1.xQX"..,>:,^,^,~,> "9**x@@@@@@@@,~,>O,^,>P,^,~6@+> 4"./.b5".@@,~@@ 6@ B,~6 ,~,> 4BD@@,,^+,>@@7 O+I: 2<O@+L6@6@+LO@  \,^,~,@+P,2,7::5E,^,>:,~,@,~53,@,~5+,@,~5d,@,~5`,M,[,[,[,@,~5`,@,~5,@,~5:,+7{ <at7 O,~A<?1\+s1\+{7 P+m1\+,wA:1\ <h`\ :p2\l@|:P2xRO@P,~at,~,>,u,{,`,`,`,`,^5a <,a6 P+s Q XP R XS,~ O$8$.P&8.h.:,~:O3xP,~:5Z~O@O,~.Q8. ZP*Q.Q0x$+} XR7S:S XR `W3xQ+8 XOdt,~$8$.>&8.h.,>xA<?,a6 P+,^+2 P: S:S/`W,> <,a; x+,^,~:Q,Q"QQQ(Q x XQ8 XQ XP:. XR8 XO8 XP8 XR XS+ xx5aT+#,G
	`!$N@fb+",~,<+<6@5d&"P7P+O,d <",a&$ 0B,p1B,d,6 5p$"2&I3"{+[&{ ,p,6&$8 ,p,6&&2 5p&"8 ,p,6&$2 ,p,8 5pA0,>(P~,c,^A05c7| . <50f,a#`&08QRx6@,f[x.<0|.<+a 5q7| }5q7} ~5q7~ 5q 5q .ZB&08.2QRx*bt4Pv,r[x5a5"uZ,a*bw+u ,>[x4P| .,d,7Zx .,d,^,~+d,d+`  ,3,` $ &   ,,3*f`B=,~ !,&" 0 ,p &" 2 &   0 ,,` !,+S  ,3 95S #,7",~5 04". (p 2>d(D)BOn("`l 0(3b+//"l)B5D(2b.0(H,~@Hhhp`xPX	8(@(he;>=gR[8I&I[RM}g2uOQC(qI,YSOE
#" "

$6$-$$-$-$-P%~``h$hx L(
@PX.S` Type H for HelpH$-A*&*t	j
,~<  , P/0,ggL? LOOKUP error () for help file HLP:SYSDPY.HLPZ1P+k  =,  ?+k? Insufficient memory for reading help file text!
  F+k? I/O error reading HLP:SYSDPY.HLP
  L+kXAJob  Who  Where What  #     Virtual          Physical       PGR   State Runtime     Reads   Writes    Userw?/  ^,++wN-I^ `,++*|i_%I^%S>Mkz4RS,`+n$*UUUV*%V$T*UUU UP:` "6@~ "+qx0 (+)	ID	OV	LS	 UPTIME	CTX	UUO	DBL	CSH GC+p	(Not Running)p	(Not Scheduling)	(Suspended (???))	(Detached)	(Removed)(Px800hh!	DSKI	DSKO	SWPI	SWPO	MTAI	MTAO
HPX``h	CH0	CH1	CH2	CH3	CH4	CH5	CH6	CH7
@@	PI0	PI1	PI2	PI3	PI4	PI5	PI6	PI7
@NX0ANF In:	Out:`0	Cor:0<DCN In:@<$D	Blk:/0AETH In:8A	Dgm:@AHATTY In:@H	Cnk:IPCF S: 	W/P:`h@`P8PMem: Shr: JRN:Use: Swp: ASR:0FRU:hKSYS:+KSYS:-HDE: (STP: MPE:`RIB:POK:SCH:Job:@ Det:Struc  Mnt  Free    xVDev   By How	Det	  @,3+	Disk Status forUnit or F/S	Free	BR	BW	DR	DW	MR	MW^Xv Mnt:8qc@)	Swap Unit	SR	SW	PR	PW	Used(Swap errors:  CHK DEV DAT   Lost:    Errors:HDEV:HDAT:SDEV:SDAT:RETRIES:SER:RER:CER:PHUNG:THUNG:NTHUNG:SHUNG:LBN:1CONI:2CONI:1DATAI:2DATAI:ANF Statistics forNTCOR=	NTMAX=	0NTBAD=	0Unnumbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0 DAP/DATA	1 ACK	2 NAK	3 REP	4 START	5 STACK	6 NODE ID	lmnopqr80 0Numbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0	 1 CONNECT	2 DISCONNECT	3 NEIGHBORS	4 REQ CONFIG	5 CONFIG	6 DATA REQUEST	7 STATION CTL	||~@0(0XMIT'ed=Average=/sec 2**N	0%   20%  40%  60%  80%  99%
H06$RECV'ed=00ANF Topology for(The T command can only be executed if:
1.The requester has SPY or PEEK privileges.
2. And the monitor was built for network support =603
,F+,~aP`,`aP|,`,y97 Ep$/ "6@~ "+Z 
CI Status of
Open Paths:
CI Node CPU    6
Packet counts:
	     XMT	 Avg/sec	     RCV	 Avg/sec	Discarded	    Node
      $AALL  F,3+

	   A ACK	   A NAK	   A NRS	   B ACK	   B NAK	   B NRS

G($yCRC:MVRPAR:CBUSPAR:REGPLIPE:DATAPLIPE:/MCHN:CoEBUSPAR:SPRCHN:CBUSoAVLTMO:pbSPRRCVFATTN:?-SPRXMTnATTN:m-XMTBFRnPAR:XMTTMO:EtherneteStatusiofh0Chan/Kont	State	erE-Net Address		  DgmXmtted  DgmRcvETH-F"?Protocol	State	Kont	ll User	  DgmXmt	  DgmRcv    FQESystem  t,3+
#\P#\Queues for ~+? Queues cannot be listed
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