Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - cuspjul86upd_bb-jf24a-bb - 10,7/ufdset/ufdset.rel
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 0~iR{H	UijUkU	fU]U.@U.  U:#U;BU<@	U<7U<sUIUZ(Ub Us_U~fyU~gwU~geW	U~gk'U~gkwU~i
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>wWP7&	W>W{W>Y/W>cGW>fW>fW>isW>kW>rW>w@	W?zW?>W?!MW?#OW?5W?6TW?6|W?=@W?=D	W?=FW?A'W?BW?COW?H.	W?JW?JW?JW?PwW?QW?V+( 	 If'0~ic[H @cd	
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 j*  7@:x,~"	*U*U*$&(*3,S,?,B,M,`+,?,,$,W,),A	*U*U*,R,q,
,R5<,S,?,M,a,`+,?,,$,W,),A	*U*U*,u,,
,q,R5>,M,a,`+!,,M,$,W,),q,R	*U*U*"5A,?,R,
5K	 A
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3Br 3BO@	*pS`X"	b""	" QD p3Dr Bp"s0b0b,U0 p B6 s	b,U0"t0B,U	"T"TL0"t BY,$O@
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nfuX$		b6+ !"BB(@@H3>
52`1B,U03Br,U0	"Q**w,~7 H,+` H/0(@+a  VR WZ W (.HH/4Bw B D 02 BH3@@H3	"Q"* ,7w+	b6+ " $cD%.Bp,1+,@@ v fu	 U(X$		b6+  w B[1B9R;+W,5  B02R B02+W &Z	("@( Z$&/$Y$Z. B "bx x	b6,~ "bx y $ &	*

 F x	f6,~ 2B\,~RR\2B,~ 32B[,~,>,> y	*A" !*"1,^,^:x,~ z B " B p B z	b6,U0,~ "		* A*bx {	b6+ ,~7"p 0: Bp7"p 0: Bp7"p 0; Bp,~ "fcB%	"*U*2,~:7@p,~,> *Z,<cB%+: " B[,< BK { $|,1*	(*T";9
5,^,~@O`@Ox@P @PX @Q@@Q( $ D  p B! BF p B!@@"	*U*C $"@@GO@G  7@	+H  +@,U0!"GX"*".$ G	*E*L9BE " ,~7 $3.$ 3F+8F.$+O *"5 *" ,5 p	"AT p,M+]  ",M,~an207+c`n3p7+can+f	(P
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,~/$3!""X"3*"(2,~ " B5!"cBp7p"" B4\",N,U0	"A!"X"3	b,U0"s6@p1B,~ s	b,~Z<2Bp,~ " B3	"(D( p B5!"cBpg!" B5 	b7,~ B"\",M,U0!"	(D*E*!X" 	b,U0,U0 w B  B p B@@@@@@@@ "	(U(D*) B " B "2 B@@ *"1,~,$ p BS"YR B  B3@@3	 *Q*2,~ 
$,,~,2 w B(  B( p B(@@(@@(@@(@@(	"U @ : " B01 "01 B( "2 B01 6@ p B3S"YR6@S"9R B02,~!"@bBp	*D
DC,Z,. w	b6+H!"@cBp5c,+C,>,,^0B,U0@	  UK6 pGp6 pGp6 pGp5BQ!"GBp  $5,. "XB " B%	(A
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6@p,p,~,>/-01234C=2T_B	 ((,~7D,~)BA".",5D,~l"A`,>x4B,+,^,~	(" 7` &&"QDx6@,![x."5,> "-,,^,( ".5,>	""
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9,1(94,~4a<bTc K5 ",S(b@&$7d,=$A	"D"B "5  p, ",   $[ 1FYR $$, ",  	""JR,[1BYR,~    "-,  ,( ( 7@ +T ",  	**S,9P ".5 #xZ Bp[
aQ" pZa,,Z,R+ " $	(PQ*[ r fu4H_X(		f6+ ."=d[ "4D[,~S4dSNtfS>,iG$lY,n	*U*Vde,qGKtSxK,{G~GN|GOg:$k$k&a4^Z1UFD interlock i	 `ls busy for @A; please waitpp6$
6$9	(+EuxV`X`HxZ+0  ,kError on @J; @K	 }file damageclosed after a crashtape read error restoring filehard 	 data read errorhard data write errorsoftware detected checksum error(F	"	bG	b 43(3@#x -m1No UFD created on @Ap	'P@#X1& 26$3hf,i2@A file errors exist8qc A8$$,8z	 *Could not perform UFD compression on @D.UFD`0,
2,3][Z	(StructureR@Amounted\K7StructureR@AHdismounted^)RecomputingdiskQusage	0^@A@I@D@I-m9No UFD exists on structure @A\vStructure @A added to the syst	 9em search list^,vStructure @A removed from the system search list\VStructure 	 A@A added to the search list of job @F^*VStructure @A removed from the search lis	 Jt of job @F,<zCan't set UFD interlock for @DCan't clear UFD interlock for 	 R@D?F-}XOver quota by @H blocks-rDirectory I/O error @B for @J	(@[-JxLOOKUP error (@E) for @J)@LHLYinfinity In: Out: Used	 c:Illegal device "@A"Improper structure name "@A"Directory I/O error @B	 lCan't access directoryLOOKUP error (@E) for @D.UFDRENAME error (@E) for @D.UFD	 tCan't read search list for job @FIllegal function code (@G)ENTER error (@E) for	 } @D.UFDCan't change search listCan't reset original search list after structure s	 tatus change failedCan't change structure status for @DStructure @A not dismount	 edUFD interlock for @A is busy too longUFD interlock for @A cannot be cleared Programmer number generation failed	D")e])ec)ff)fl)
xZ	D N[-DCN[-EHN[-EQN[*'Bu?	`R^'3	8R^'5j`^2B6R^.	@"_O
_%mOR`[[aiVB,aijaj[RajKl&V	`(alE	@dn,>gi!tVgi&	`RFxSRVb_^>vU^U"a^oKH	D"HL:	`6K}%OK{.NK{BMLZ~LZ)`
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.Vj.[	DAhI,{nrF6ZV*76@V*79PFu4PG	GI/O&/Wo"	D"(J&x.O1;P9O(Pqo$2siO32sk*WP"lWP',s	WP7&WP7{b<WEf'WEfFjWGEVPi	W	#MW	)gW	I	W	PW	UmWm<WnWn5WnsW~{W&Wk	WSW,7W,j'W<99W<?WW<C|W<EW<QfW<dM	W<dbW<urW<{MW=xW=+W=TW=3W=7	W=k	W="(W=0-W=00W=<_WD,WD,\WD-UWD.WD.	WD8WE WEkWESWEoWE"WTW%?W&u	W[kWS}MWTTWT#gWL@WLMWLQsWL[WM	M	WMgWMTWMWM%@	WM%D	WM%F
W>cG	@W>fIf'W>isW>kW>rW>w@W?zW?>W?!M	W?#OW?5W?6TW?6|W?=@W?=DW?=FW?A'W?JW?JW?PwW?QW?V+H@ | H@3|H@ |((I