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	TITLE	DNCORE		DECnet-10 core tracking program
	SUBTTL	Tarl Neustaedter
	XP HI$SEG,100000	;Allow us to use hiseg pages as data


;Structure definitions (From D36COM.MAC)
	CH.BOT==0		;Word 0 in CH block
	CH.PTR==1		;Pointer to first available block
	CH.AVL==2		;Number of available blocks
	CH.NUM==4		;Total number of blocks (left half, 17 bits)
	CH.SIZ==4		;Size of blocks (right half)
	CH.LEN==5		;Length of ch blocks

;Page allocations

	XP PAGSIZ,1000		;Page size in words
	XP CHBPAG,76000		;Address for CH blocks to be mapped into.
;	XP HI$SEG,100000	;Address of our hiseg.
	XP MAPPAG,200000	;Address to map data in. blted elsewhere.
	XP DATPAG,400000	;Address to BLT data to.


	MAPLEN==40		;Bit map length


QTYPAG:	BLOCK 1			;Number of pages currently at DATPAG
BLKNUM:	BLOCK 1			;ordinal of current ch block
CHBLOK:	BLOCK CH.LEN		;Current CH block.
BITMAP:	BLOCK MAPLEN+1		;Bitmap to keep track which blocks got lost
TYPHED:	BLOCK 1			;Header output for addresses flag


START:	$SETUP			;Initialize luuo pack Age
	GTTAB. P1,[%DNCHB]	;Get pointer to CH blocks
	MOVEI T3,-1(P1)		;Point to count word
	ASH T3,9		;Make a page number (in left half)from address.
	HRRI T3,CHBPAG/PAGSIZ	;CH block pages
	MOVEI T2,2		;Number of pages to map
	CALL SPYPAG		;Spy on these pages.
	MOVEI T1,CHBPAG/PAGSIZ	;Page where CH blocks start in our addressing
	DPB T1,[POINT 9,P1,26]	;Overwrite monitor page with our page
	MOVE P2,-1(P1)		;Get number of CH blocks
	SETZM BLKNUM		;Start with block set 0
NXTCH:	AOS BLKNUM		;Number of CH block we are working on
	CALL MAPCH		;Check out this CH block
	ADDI P1,CH.LEN		;Point to next CH block
	SOJG P2,NXTCH		;Do next CH block
	CALL DEL2PG		;Delete these 2 pages.
	EXIT			;Leave.

;Routine to check out a CH structure.
;	P1/ Points to mapped CH structure.
;	Always
;This routine will map in the data pointed to by the CH begstr pointed
;to by P1, and will type out the addresses of the blocks not accounted for.

	TSTRG. [ASCIZ \Block \]
	MOVE T1,BLKNUM		;Get the ordinal of this block
	TDECW. T1,		;and type it out
	HRRZ T3,CH.BOT(P1)	;Get starting address of this block of core
	LDB P4,[POINT 17,CH.NUM(P1),17] ;Get number of blocks
	HRRZ P3,CH.SIZ(P1)	;Get size of blocks
	IMUL T2,P3		;amount of memory needed for these blocks
	MOVE P2,T2		;Save for later
	ADD T2,T3		;End pointer to use
	TLNE T2,-1		;Check for overflow
	 $ERROR COS,<CH block overflows section. Fatal.>
	LSHC T2,-9		;Convert both quantities to page numbers
	SUBI T2,-1(T3)		;Determine number of pages to map
	CAILE T2,<DATPAG-MAPPAG>/PAGSIZ ;Make sure it will fit
	 $ERROR CFC,<Can't fit this CH block, not enough user space>
	MOVEM T2,QTYPAG		;Save for later..
	LDB T3,[POINT 18,CH.BOT(P1),26] ;Get starting page in monitor
	MOVSS T3		;and put it in left half for page uuo
	HRRI T3,MAPPAG/PAGSIZ	;starting page in user
	CALL SPYPAG		;Map in the data structure
	MOVEI T3,DATPAG/PAGSIZ	;Where we are going to blt the data to
	MOVE T2,QTYPAG		;Get number of pages to do again.
	CALL CREPAG		;Create some pages
	LDB T1,[POINT 9,CH.BOT(P1),35] ;Get offset into first page
	ADDI T1,MAPPAG		;Point at this word mapped
	MOVSS T1		;Left half, since it is source
	HRRI T1,DATPAG		;Where to put it (data page)
	MOVNS T2		;Number of pages
	IMULI T2,PAGSIZ		;Make it number of words
	MOVSI T3,(P1)		;pointer to CH block
	HRRI T3,CHBLOK		;Pointer to place to save it.
	SETZ T4,		;Do a minimal sleep, so that we are at
	SLEEP T4,		; the beginning of a schedular cycle for BLTs
	BLT T3,CHBLOK+CH.LEN-1	;Copy the entire CH block
	BLT T1,DATPAG-1(P2)	;Copy the entire data base
	TCHRI. .CHTAB		;Indent info typed about CH
	HRRZ T1,CH.SIZ+CHBLOK	;Get size of blocks
	TDECW. T1,		;type it out
	TSTRG. [ASCIZ \ word blocks, \]
	MOVE T1,CH.AVL+CHBLOK	;Number available
	TSTRG. [ASCIZ \ available out of \]
	LDB T1,[POINT 17,CH.NUM+CHBLOK,17] ;get total number of blocks
	TDECW. T1,		;and type them out

	CALL DELQPG		;Delete them.
	CALL CHKDAT		;Check the data base
	MOVEI T3,DATPAG/PAGSIZ	;Where the data pages are
	CALL DELQPG		;Delete them

;Routine to initialize BITMAP to number of bits corresponding to number
;of blocks described in CHBLOK.

INIBIT:	SETZM BITMAP		;start with a clean map
	MOVE T1,[BITMAP,,BITMAP+1] ;BLT pointer
	BLT T1,BITMAP+MAPLEN	;Clear the entire map
	LDB T1,[POINT 17,CH.NUM+CHBLOK,17] ;Get number of blocks we are to check
	IDIVI T1,^D36		;Number of words to fill with -1
	JUMPE T1,INIBI2		;If no whole words, skip this.
	SETOM BITMAP		;Start off with one word set
	MOVE T3,[BITMAP,,BITMAP+1] ;BLT pointer
	CAIE T1,1		;If only one word, don't do blt
	BLT T3,BITMAP-1(T1)	;Set all the whole words
INIBI2:	JUMPE T2,INIBI3		;If no part words, skip
	MOVSI T3,400000		;Top bit of word
	MOVNS T2		;Negate
	ASH T3,1(T2)		;Make a mask with that many bits
	MOVEM T3,BITMAP(T1)	;Save in last word of bit map

;Routine to clear a single bit in BITMAP.
;	T1/ Bit number to clear
;	RET	If bit wasn't set
;	RETSKP	If bit was set

	CAIL T1,MAPLEN*^D36	;Make sure bit is in range
	 $WARN BOR,<Clearing bit out of range>,.TDECW##,T1,.POPJ1##
	IDIVI T1,^D36		;Convert bit number to word+bit number
	MOVNS T2		;Make it negative
	MOVSI T3,400000		;Bit 0 in a word
	ROT T3,(T2)		;shift bit to correct place in word
	TDNN T3,BITMAP(T1)	;Make sure bit is set before we clear it
	ANDCAM T3,BITMAP(T1)	;Clear the bit
CHKDAT:	CALL .SAVE4##		;Save some ACs
	CALL INIBIT		;Initialize the bit map
	HRRZ P1,CH.SIZ+CHBLOK	;Get size of blocks
	MOVE P2,CH.PTR+CHBLOK	;Get pointer to first free block
CHKDA1:	JUMPE P2,CHKDA3		;If end, exit
	MOVE P3,P2		;Save in case we want to type it out.
	SUB P2,CH.BOT+CHBLOK	;Convert to absolute offset
	MOVE T1,P2		;Copy for bit clearing use
	IDIV T1,P1		;Convert to ordinal of block
	SKIPE T2		;make sure it was a good pointer
	 $WARN BPF,<Bad pointer on free list>,.TXWDW##,P3
	CALL CLRBIT		;Clear bit for this block
	 $WARN DFE,<Duplicate free list entry at >,.TXWDW##,P3
	MOVE P2,DATPAG(P2)	;Get pointer to next block
	JRST CHKDA1		;and keep on going

	SETOM TYPHED		;Clear header output flag
	MOVEI P2,MAPLEN		;Number of words in bit map
CHKDA4:	SKIPN P3,BITMAP(P2)	;Get bit map word
	 JRST CHKDA9		;Nothing left, try for next one
CHKDA5:	JFFO P3,.+2		;Find out which is the top bit
	 JRST CHKDA9		;Finished with this word, go get next
	CALL TYPLST		;Type out address of lost block
	LSH P3,1(P4)		;Shift bit out
	MOVNS P4		;Negate count
	LSH P3,-1(P4)		;shift back into position
	JRST CHKDA5		;and try again
CHKDA9:	SOJGE P2,CHKDA4		;Try for next word
	SKIPL TYPHED		;if we typed anything out,
	  TCRLF.		;finish current line

;Routine to type out the address of a lost block. Will output a header
;the first time it is called.
;	P1/ Size of block
;	P2/ Word number in BITMAP
;	P4/ Bit within word
;	CHBLOK+CH.BOT/ Offset in monitor of data base
;	Always

TYPLST:	AOSE T1,TYPHED		;Have we typed out a header?
	 JRST TYPLS1		;Yes, skip it.
	TCHRI. .CHTAB		;Indent
	TSTRG. [ASCIZ \Addresses of blocks in use: \]
TYPLS1:	TRNN T1,3		;is this a beginning of line?
	TCHRI. .CHTAB		;and tab over for next one.
	MOVE T1,P2		;Word number we are on
	IMULI T1,^D36		;Convert to bit number
	ADD T1,P4		;Add in exact bit
	IMUL T1,P1		;Convert to word
	ADD T1,CH.BOT+CHBLOK	;Convert to monitor address
	TXWDW. T1,		;Type out the address
;Routines to delete pages from the user address space.
;	T3/ Starting page to delete
;	CALL DEL2PG to delete 2 pages,
;	CALL DELQPG to delete [QTYPAG] pages
;	Unless it fails.

DEL2PG:	SKIPA T2,[EXP -2]	;Number of pages to delete
DELQPG:	MOVN T2,QTYPAG		;Get number of pages to delete
	HRLI T3,(PA.GAF)	;Set delete bit
	MOVE T1,[.PAGCD,,T2]	;Function code
	PAGE. T1,
	 $ERROR DPF,<Delete pages failed, code >,.TOCTW##,T1

;Routine to spy on monitor pages.
;	T2/ Number of pages to map
;	T3/ Starting page number in monitor,,starting page number in user
;	If all works.

SPYPAG:	MOVNS T2		;page uuo wants this negative
	MOVE T1,[.PAGSP,,T2]	;Spy function
	PAGE. T1,		;Map them in
	 $ERROR SPF,<SPY pages failed, code >,.TOCTW##,T1

;Routine to create new pages
;	T2/ Number of pages to create
;	T3/ Starting page to create
;	Maybe.

CREPAG:	MOVNS T2		;Page uuo wants this negative
	MOVE T1,[.PAGCD,,T2]	;Create pages
	PAGE. T1,		;Create them!
	 $ERROR CPF,<Create pages failed, code >,.TOCTW##,T1