Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - cuspjul86upd_bb-jf24a-bb - 10,7/decnet/dntatl/dntatl.exe
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?p``@@?x+	@]>%N\x	N+x	]8I;$Y2e2]>$PCJ,_$eS=I$deeffgg~E~E~D~DHHHHBBB

The commands are in the traditional SCAN format:

	output-file-spec = input-file-spec /switches

The input to DNTATL is the file output by DNSNUP which contains DECnet
messages in internal format. The output from DNTATL is a text file
representing those messages and their DECnet headers. The user data
portion of the messages are put out first in octal bytes, then in ASCII.

Default input extension is .MSG
Default output extension is .TXT

The default for all switches is to output everything.

The switches are:

[NO]DATA	[Don't] show data part of messages.
[NO]OCTAL	[Don't] show interpreted pats of message in octal too
[NO]RTRCTL	[Don't] show Router Control messages.
NODE:n		Show only those messages to or from Node n.
		If /NODE is specified, /NORTRCTL becomes the default.
AREA:n		/NODE value is in area n
LLA:n		Show only those messages whose Local Link Address is n.
RLA:n		Show only those messages whose Remote Link Address is n.

To find the Link Address of a logical link, first run DNTATL (perhaps
with /NORTRCTL/NODE:n) to find the interesting series of messages.
Note the DLA (Destination Link Address) of an input message or the SLA
(Source Link Address) of an output message.  This is the Local Link
Address to be used with the /LLA:n switch.  The Remote Link Address is
the same with source and destination reversed.

g"Bb	`@@dZ,BcZ(+BcOd,U+*,+*,+*+',S+" ,F ,9+X " B *"7 " $(,~ " Bh *" "h $(,~ " Bh *"x\" Bd *"g,~,~ kU"\sah  Bt U"Nah  B sah@ B6 g+B dAeAe8BB@@g,~ " BY "h $V  (^,!e+ " Bl " $i ' (q,!e+( " BV "v BW
V+5BY+A " Bi!"w Bj
i+Ndl+[+X,~,P,~0B+i B9 r,E,~"s0B+yZ:0B+, "<,$X,$b 	b6+m, d,$& ",$\ d,$& ",$\Re,$& "-,$\ e,$) (c7@ +l ",$\  ,$&9h ".,$\,$, <,$	, ;,$	, /,$	,$, "!7@g "",$X "#7@g "$,$X "%7`f "&,$X,' e,$-,( f,$-,* d,$,,+ e,$,,$,- ;,x,/ :,y,$+X-<0 3,E,~"40B+: C,E,~ ?/" 4b
"`SX"_,E,~ A/2B C4T/,A+ BT BT C VS,6+XB+@@T@@T+XZ?3b8+ ,$,D,$,JZ?/8.B8,>,w,L,^ "90D,$\,N,$,D,$,+X,$,$ @,x,R @,y,$A"T0B+(,T,Z,~+/1B+*,V++,W,Z,~"Y1b+/,Y"Y,w,$"T1B+3,\ A,Z,$7`f+6,i+ ,$,$ ",/+beB@+< ,)+b=v9 ".U,/+b`B +? $A+c`B+C"T1B+6,e,$+6,j,$+i,n,$,)+w`Bx+|"~+~-<0,	,++	
,t,$,)+	 ,	 "A 	,$XaV+U,	`V,	 "hiV,$\`V,	,	,$,r,m>T,+5Z,>,	,^,w,$:T,)+	'6@+	.+X-<0,	/,++	
,t,$,	3,)+	9,w,	;+f-<0,	<,++	
,t,$,	3,)+	D ,w<6o,)+	J1BU+n,>,	R,^,$,+X+i,$+X-<	S,$A ".U,/+	\ 6@,	^7@,	b,++	
,t,$@7@8 T/8,>S,>T6@,)+ (X,++	m.=x},++	s,^T,^S*,k3B+,	z,>,$,,^,	| ,$,,)+
4B:T""bS BS T/6`V+
(V 8 "

,+X"".BT,++X ,++

,+,>,$,^,$X,> 6,
=v,$,^ ,$- (,$A,++
+",>A",,$B,^(B{ $,#e<v$=h.8,$+,$,$,
+$-<	S,
,t,$ 6 T/8,>S,>T,)+ (X,++	m.=x-,++	s,^T,^S*,k3B+7,	z,>,$,,^,	| ,$,,)+
"".BT,++X ,++
9,	,++
E,w,$-<	S,)+
J ,$<8p,)+
\  (,
]=h`,$ (,$A/6<6m/8<8
k,>aB@+j "*+k ",$\,^A"?,=hb,$5vb,$,
|,,	,++
+gU@-<0O+-<0@,>,)+*x(BGBx,)+*x(BGBx,)+*x(BGBx,)+*x(BGBx,^(B2B,	`V,	 "h"iV",$\`V ,	,	,$aV\,~,dV,`V\,$IdV,`V\,$IdV,`V\,$IdV@, +$+',),)+b,$,,$`B+F,.,++0,t,1,++0,t,4,)+9,w,$+6,;,)+A,w,B,)+I,w,K,,$,M,)+S,w,T,)+[,w,1,,$,\,)+b,w,4,)+h,w,j,)+q,w,r,)+y,w,$+6 T,w,{+X,$,|,)@,>,w,^7@g+X4BX,	;+f, T,w7`T+X,	;+f,i,~,$,u,~+X-<07`T+X,>T,>S 6
,$,)+s,>`B`+q`B+p,$B,$B,^,$,<vk,$B+l,^S,^T+X-<07`T+X,)+A"?0"+~0B1B+~1B+~,> "/,$\,^." ,$\+v,$+X-<	S ",/+b@@UeB@+ BU.",/+b`B +A" 
+	aBg\" B84"
7`e+4B 6 80B
+ 6 8"T0B7 .U,2+5$
 ".8.U,2+53Bd+-"T0B+5 ".8.U,2+52Bd+57`e+-"T0B7
 ".8.U,2+53Be+-"T0B+5 ".8.U,2+52Be+57`9+X,$,$,
	 9,w,L 9 "90D,$\,
(B 0v
,$A[^=,$X,	Z^=,,~+XaBnKaB~QaCaCfaCTaC.QaC>caCFfaCNKaCVnaC^baCffaCnKaC~faDqaDfaDKaDfaD&aD.faD6faD>faDFfaDNfaDVKaDffaDnc,,~,,~,$,| T,w6@g7bT+X,
. ,)+
8 "
80D "
r,t+\ $1B $
t1B $
x1B $
z1B $
~1B $
k,$,,X-<0,++,$+X-<0,++S(DG+X2bT,~bC"+X2"T,~bC$(BG+X P5b9 P4TX/+6$T "P0D "P ed+@ P/1&1fB &. D>P+X@7H+X.   4HX/+C-<0 ,P,~ BX*vF+X6@d+K
BaB@+W,~:,^,~-<0,"$\+#R$"t&"&,$\,^0b1+$-,> ",$\,^ $+#e,>1bs,$B x1b1,$B x1b,$B,^+$-,>,,~y`/KZP`#~
HeHYI;&{TWildcardsinot supported~6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,>$N,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+XHlI;&{W6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,>O(L,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+XI;$;tCannotAOpenInputTDevice~26@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,>14,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+XI;$9TCannotnFindInput6File~>6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,>$>A,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+XI;$;wCannot*Open*Output*Device~K6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,>J$N,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+XI;$9WCannotXFindtOutputFile~X6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,> W Z,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+XI;$+Header in trace file is of unexpected length~d6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,> d i,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+X0:$$:I;$*First record in file not a header record~t6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,> s x,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+XI;%[Message Block Length is wrong in Header Record~6@dd,>d@@d,>,>,>,>  ,$p,^,^,^,^,$,^d+X-"$XTrace from monitor 
?-"$XInput -"$XLocal -"$XOutput $R-"$X, Transmission #-"$X	Circuit: -"$X?Format error: No router header,$,^+X@D<D-"$X	Phase II message without routing header-"$X	Phase II routing not supported-"$X	Phase III/IV routing control message-"$X?Format error: No control flags,$,s+X-"$X?Format error: Reserved bits set,$,x+i
H^dp&=q;-"$X	ROUTER initialization from node -"$X?Format error: No source node,$,	+i-"$X?Format error: No TTINFO,$,	+i-"$X	Type: ResvdLevel II routerLevel I routerEndnode				-"$X, -"$Xverification-"$Xblocking-"$X requested-"$X, Hello timer: -"$X?Format error: Missing reserved image field count,$,	"+i-"$X?Format error: Non-null reserved image field,$,	)+i-"$X	ROUTER verification from node -"$X	Length: -"$X?Format error: No verification count,$,	5+i-"$X, Data: -"$X	ROUTER hello and test from node -"$X?Format error: No hello count,$,	@+i-"$X?Format error: Length wrong in image field,$,	E+i-"$X?Format error: Test data wrong -- first bad byte =,$,	L,~,>,>,pa:,^,^,~-"$X?Format error: No data in routing message,$,	W+i-"$XPhase III routing message from node -"$XPhase IV Level I routing message from node -"$X?Format error: Routing count wrong,^T,^S+i,$,	g+	k-"$X?Format error: No checksum in rtg message,$,	n+	k-"$X?Format error: Routing checksum wrong computed =,$,	u,~-"$X, message = -"$X?Format error: No routing data,$,	~+i-"$X?Format error: Odd length routing message,$,
+iNode-"$X?Format error: Invalid routing segment header,$,

+i-"$X	Cost hp-"$X?Format error: Routing segment count wrong,$,
+3-"$X---- ---"$X			---------"$X	Phase IV Level II routing message from node Area-"$X	Ethernet ROUTER hello-"$X from node -"$X, Desig RTR pri: -"$X?Format error: Missing priority,$,
*+X-"$X?Format error: Missing area,$,
0+X-"$X?Format error: Non-zero area byte,$,
5+X-"$X?Format error: Missing Hello Timer,$,
:+X-"$X, MPD: -"$X?Format error: Missing MPD,$,
A+X-"$X?Format error: Missing E-list,$,
F+X-"$X?Format error: Missing E-list byte,$,
K+X-"$X?Format error: Nonzero logical ethernet name,$,
Q+X-"$X?Format error: Missing R/S list count,$,
W+X-"$X	  Node	T Pri-"$X?Format error: E-list exhausted before R/S list,$,
e-"$X?Format error: PRISTATE byte missing,$,
g+X-"$X	Ethernet endnode hello-"$X?Format error: Non-zero AREA byte,$,
p+X-"$X, Verif seed: -"$X?Format error: Missing SEED,$,
w+X-"$X	Neighbor node: -"$X, Test data length: -"$X?Format error: No destination node address,$,+Y-"$X?Format error: Ethernet message with non-DECnet address,$,+X-"$X<none>5B,,~-"$X?Format error: No IINFO,$,+i-"$X	-"$XReject flag-"$XVerification failed-"$XNo multicast traffic-"$XIINFO bit 7-"$X?Format error: Reserved router message type,$,"+i-"$X	Phase III/IV data message, control byte: -"$X	Dest node: ,$,+X-"$X, Source node: -"$X, Visits: -"$X?Format error: No visit count,$,6+X-"$X	Dest area:   -"$X?Format error: No destination area,$,=+X-"$X, Dest subarea:   -"$X?Format error: No destination subarea,$,E+X-"$X, Dest node:   -"$X	Source area: -"$X?Format error: No source area,$,O+X-"$X, Source subarea: -"$X?Format error: No source subarea,$,W+X-"$X	Next Level Two: -"$X?Format error: No NL2 field,$,_+X-"$X?Format error: No visit count field,$,d+X-"$X, Service Class: -"$X?Format error: No service class field,$,l+X-"$X, Protocol type: -"$X?Format error: No protocol type field,$,u+X-"$X bytes-"$X	User Data Length: -"$X, Connect Data Length: 
7@g+5+--"$X***  Skipped -"$X due to selection switches  ***-"$X?Format error: No NSP message type byte,$,
+X,$,,$B+fNoBEomDATACKNOP0,3LNKSRVOTHACKCI1,3BomCACC2,3INTRPT3,1DI3,3Eom4,1DC4,35,05,15,25,3BomEom6,1ReCI-"$X, User Data: -"$X?Format error: No link service flags byte,$,
)+X-"$X?Format error: No link service value byte,$,
/+X-"$X credits on DataOther-"$X sublink, no change to off flagturn sublink OFFturn sublink ON?reserved modifier value?
C-"$X, Flow Control: -"$X?Format error: No services byte,$,
S-"$X, NSP Version: -"$X?Format error: No INFO field,$,
X+X-"$X	Segsize: -"$X?Format error: No segsize field,$,
_+X-"$XDLA: -"$X?Format error: No dest link address bytes,$,
f+X-"$X, Reason: -"$X?Format error: No reason code,$,
o+XRSNDBO:oDisconnected/RejectedebyuObjectRSNRES:No,ResourcesRSNUNN: Unrecognized Node NameRSNRNS: Remote Node Shut DownRSNURO: Unrecognized ObjectRSNIOF: Invalid Object Name FormatRSNOTB: Object Too BusyRSNABM: Abort by ManagementRSNABO: Abort by ObjectRSNINF: Invalid Node Name FormatRSNLNS: Local Node Shut DownRSNACR: Access Control RejectionRSNNRO: No Response from ObjectRSNNUR: Node UnreachableRSNNLK: No LinkRSNDSC: Disconnect CompleteRSNIMG: Image Field Too LongUnknown reason code: -"$X	Test Data: -"$X, SLA: -"$X?Format error: No source link address bytes,$,
,ACK:,NAK:,CCACK:,,CCNAK:I0I;%}:ErrorefromuOUTUUO~(Bx.d+k-"$X,Version-"$X?Formaterror:NoTIVER,$,@@y *(Z ^< x H<@@=,%B[A",%.,#,%. F,%.ZF
,%.F,%.F  & *(;,%.,% F H,%. F,%.,% H^0O@;	b
+  ByO@y 	d$ Bz	f
 F~	f&@ F  $	b' "  B\"	b@ B~ "	b  B 	b  B 	b  B 	b  B 	b  B  $!&=	f@A& F	b7@ B0J+o:RO@SO@6O@5 "7@@1J B* ~,QB
\",	b7+@b!$Lu
+ y!$YR @+"$"j0(D~A$pA&G,") B6@@,\7@R+!"K8 B@O@@,\5 (&".$)D}=h[,~7@+
 7 ,L+4p1P+
6m0,o+O@XZ^0 P+ ,L+ NUO@T0P,4!$cDO@S7`@@ZZ*/
 P ,% ,[ ,"qO@ ,~Z[0FQ&0HQ(,~ x H< H= Q( D
YB(d"2B	b+ 6@Z+:6@@+9,m1+<6@S,3P+7`^0Z",7,k6@Z+>,s5B0,7NU,H@@U5NB1P +C+%j NU+%j!$bD+C,U+< x H< H=7 +J,k Q( D
,%B  ^<,,%.,% F H	,%.`faF+&,% F	 H
,%.,% F
 H,%.,% F H,%.,% H
Z^Z7 +g:@+\6@S6@Z+\+g2^<+A 
YB(d"2B	b+ 6@Z+e6@@+d,m1+g6@S,3P+'7`^0Z",7,kO@X@@Y@@[6@,7 +n6@Z+m,s5B\,1,, ,0P +s4"s!$bD+C+ 
z+0f|@n~H "bB6 X++:@X+E "bB+	 ibB)+FO3B2B
+4JOaBaB++ i`b+GO3B
2B+G,	,,4,5po6`;+6@Y,~7 ,~6@@+\6@Z+\6@S,~+\,U@@ 0+n x H< ^<,kO@Z,,%. 
,%.d&/&( FZJ[.&( F,%. F ,k2^<+A,3p,=3p,~Z"7@Z7@S,7^0,*+3 5pH,s:@;?@;+' ,9+'0B+1P+.0P +8!$bD+C,U4p'5H x H<,%B,>Z@@Z,>,>@@@@,>Z^,>=,>< $r D=,>Z@@Z ,$ D<7 x+G 
;,+rJ;,%.5FJ\&	f+safp+s6@@+s F7 Z,! ", " $g!"@ !$@ h!"` BjO!"Lul ym )sU"T Bt,V ",7@;+m:@;>; *80mOp@@,H `bp+*h"*b^2N*b^5"e7@;1P+b+g6@;0P+e,H3N;+g4pZ,+e0B+O@4pZ0P1P 00P+H,*+f +g5Jr ;6 x4Nr -,aB+r ,$&,$,8,7,^Z,^<,^=,^,^,^,^Z@@,~ x H< H= ^<@@[@@Z 1D $5d~7 T@@6`T@@T#`T+ x H<,k $ 6 X3P $7@@6` $.Dx7`@@^6` D2POp+ x H<4B[A",%.,#,%. F.&Q& F,%.[7@7-Q( HZ7@7-Q( H,%.Z7@7-Q( H,%.2F.+\&	f & F7`@@@@;O@;,%K6 Z,!7 Z,%@@:@@L,%O,~P`#3F",~ ","q	`,> .[0D+, 3C'<,$q,^aB+1,2 "3+0 ?C'<,$q,^aB+1,2 "?,$X,$	`,> "F,$X[x,$,,$I,$I,^A",$, "K,$X[",$,,$I,$IZ",$, "O,$XC#<X"5$,^0 P7@
2	b+B-"HSNW-"HKNn[-"HI]-"HM6~`-"HM6Nd7k*n,>d,Z,^aD+],$XV,#h6@L7@=+RU"n,$X=7$L"=,",$\+]5*,~,5"i"7@@kB*7@@P)7,\06@',7";6$,,OU"8v7@H8BHS7 ab!$>9 D87"5 "1b(B B;S6X"86 6+d"6@Rl"	b+ .O@-"Ue^Nx,+,~,%= :,@
+O@,j89 1B+>9B:,%7`9+"`91P/+E1P+K4N`l@+[ Lj,8l,@,j Ns Bs8Bl
@Z9 Hv,%O@1P+T0P1P-+n1P+j6`;0P7+m6@:7 Z7+$1P+>1P+ Lj7@s,8!th"1BYR6@s+8 j6@n`B 1+8 v Bv7Bm7y7mOs Om@@n |*"r jldbl"@db l"dBl@dBldB@ldB0l Bj!&GFi &1P &000p1 &Gxf( +%j,*+,c7+4"Bl,+`b+7@:l,+4Nall+W Nk M Bk8BIl
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 !$BDhO@!(}7B z@m.&*h7`9+"`9Z9 Hv,%,h0P.1P75pn5p
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8,~1"0+	 &
6@:7 Z &^,>,>,0d( $(.$Q"g*"  $g/B.
6@.D*b5,^,^,~,%;6@:7 Z7,~ 
j!"xA(BwBB-GJ-aj+Bk. u $R D8,aj+Fl/ u $T D8,aj+J *"5 v $V D9,aj@+Ns6 v $[ D9,aj +R t B7 w $` D:,aj+V t B7 w $e D:,gBD+GB*GD+hBD+GB+GD,!$x 2B. BK*dZ6@
-Z97@kal+e.k 8 Du,l*`Ll
7@lal+k/l 8 Du,l*@`Ll
7@mal+p *(r 9 Dv,l* `Ll
7@sal@+v6s 9 Dv,l*@`L@l
@7@tal +{ 7 Ft : Dw,l* `L l
 7@tal+ 7 Ft : Dw,l*`Ll
0d+  Jj*DhGFgGHh+DiGFhGHi!(x  3F.  K F *h6 +O6h2(
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 J."`J99%k hd&DGF id&GF (_0h ("`S`  3F.   F :*h,~O@K *"R@@;6@,@@+@@,,>+,>,@@* *"J,^,,^+!"BB+BB,,~,j,%=,%4N9D::,z7+65b}h.k``n`+h.k`,>(N,z+,^!"0cC0+{Q,@@V :1b+<Z00"g0b7+<2"2b+{ 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. N=@@> *"L 0`d+4,o`dQ"6@V+U1P+O6 Z+K4pK :0F+K0P,4+O`d@+ab5Br5"4N+o4B7 Z+U ,o,4*0H+U@@,g,4O@V5br,H4Nl 0,L+Z/0 .+o5"!( 3N+cI0+l3N +! " )B0BW+l,>  0,L+l,^/0\.+o4No1P+h7 Z0P+o,H ",L+ ./.wA.+o,^2N"5N .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5Br+A"!(bI0+u,++<,,~+ "]<s_0_8 * ,L+# , 
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1L++-ad`l$	(/ 1(:0hd&`af`l&	7 Z+"0h+08B1(<B`j +1"2B+0h+4`j 0H+$!`1Nm.`NeY`GN`N5<[`BN5<nO@1(b :7 Z0H5<d$0$g0d+,/$=/&=+.2$2d5<..Pbn5<S"'_X(=Z  2B+:*h2"/"Q$=."  *$ :7 Z0H5<2"2b5<..*&7@V+B1P,o1P+60P5p@@V6` 0 PR0>:+%j,+,+,r+1P5, . N=,~ 8*"8, 06@
1L7+9Z[06$Z7@+Q6@+R+,,D<*"5%j!"GBgGBh5n,n63N+X6 Z+< N :7 Z0H+[ NQ0P+%j,n3.+,~ 07@O@ .,~,Hd4Nu0P+u,>,$,^ &!$qbF=*df6 >"$S`X$= >	f7+%j,> INX+t!`P
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4J%k $F,/6b&" BL+,$I=f,$7L,$A 0,$&*j5$!*a0LR
4J%k6d/$ DL 	0h(`hh`+ 4, $H,/l,,!*jA,,~ 0,$&,$M,$A "!$ bE0,$\+(,$I=f(,$,$A L7D *h(4D,@)B.",$\=)*h& "!$ bE0,$\5$,>,>,$,^4B3,$&,$B+4 "J,$X,^5$X,^,q+` "8,~-"H]"KCN S6
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,kya#N:1aJMmaJ~I1aNMhrcV.. e:=ekyeVpeVt;yeVuySg.,Wg=g&t9 gS0gVZ:ggie@i7j6m1m:7

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 S^ !M	b+
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\++0^+B^,$	dadjg6$@]+aB^e(BrQ"[y7D^gadS+(	h6(,$5H",>(6"e,B(+(@@S@@R+* .;O@V-"USf!S^0,%O,~[\0BK8+2QB "LuQB\[^7@Z
+%j<d%j9%k7@@,~6@'7`R+AO@R7@&+>,+A@b@f + +A S^ !M	b+ @@@@@V  )@@)@@& !Y*"),~ .;OdV-"US^N!Z (N5!e7Z,> ,+]7Z ($&+Q7Z ($-+Q7Z ($,,> ,aB+],$B , +]7Z,> Q,aB+],$B4.\[,$,,$BZ,"|6@V,A^"7`Z7@@7 B,$,$ 7@,o6@5 <7 Z+'7D=+j Dx "7@Z+x D}X$%E Dx+\,	`7@\,~@@\,> 6@'+r
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66@'5p!^2P^0@@@@@@@@2P^0 P,^,~7,5py1 @@@@@@@@2P^0 P,~,%B 0  , 
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8+ ,~,k,7@@R@@S@@X6@5,%6+		b,~7`
&!`	`,%KZ[`6@Q"8wQ$6@Q$ ~Z&,$q B~,>6@,7,^,%O,~|\@.]@.{@.@.8_yHy0(,eVpgR-v,=5p<+0? .TSCAN called with no allocation routine(s)
&!	`,=5pg+\4h@g^NHt2B+e+`No option ]>v+%gu]TMinor SWIL version incompatibility!~/;
  Recompile and reload calling program with correct version of SWIL!Major SWIL version incompatibility!~;;
  Changes required in calling program logic interface with SWIL!
  Calling program's protocol version is ;
  Called SWIL's protocol version is ;
  Incompatible SWIL call was from user PC ?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "KbhIllegal character "S2l" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect filesbP@@O@5Wildcard illegal in /RUN specification}`n Nm Bm8Bl
+?x2N+x5Bx!.  Nm Bml
+|xhHx? .GTSPC called pointing to the ACS/JOBDAT
&	`PFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap/PBEFORE and /PSINCE don't overlapy0Ku(+ ",~ ",~h.k`+{,^5b}+{`>[ .8+e]>tPcI0gO+oC2` .+oVv 4"}O@+}5b%k4*4J +Zanen1B+4B0"	+ "(B?X+`j+,
5<+04B8B+0[0BaB8+Z`nh`B8++,o0P,4+<|x 0`f+M,
5R+Mg6@+[+Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument formatvvswitches are:
switch keywords are:
Standard No help available, try /HELP:SWITCHES or /HELP:KEYWORDSDouble node illegalDouble device illegalDouble file name illegalDouble extension illegalDouble file generation/extension illegalNull node illegalNull device illegalNode wildcards illegalDevice wildcards illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedSwitch wildcards illegalUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisString too bigX>5B%kZx+I8RMX.+HRM+]5B%kZx+`5B%k .+h? Impossible null return from DTIME2 in DATIT5B%k
& -	b+s5B%k7`S++%x:D(afQ+3"M+ 2bM_XNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeAmbiguous month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeAmbiguous name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeMnemonic date/time switch not implementedDate/time out of rangeH=>Telephone number too longTelephone number area code construction illegalTelephone number quotes not matchedTelephone number parenthesis illegally usedTelephone number area code not three digitsTelephone number "*" not supportedTelepone number "#" not supportedHH0P+E,M4pE7`9+@>9P:+@0
$ "d!
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH=0P,~,M4p%k+*L . N=+50P-1P.+30P1P+30P1P+31P/+30P+5,M4p5+3HAHEAEI0P+ ,M4p +B0P+ ,M4p +MH=0P,~,M4p%k+[L,> 0?,r,^,~Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word @@1P 0+$? Attempt to read past end of command line
&!<	b+
 @@1P^0+&^0+7@(,~Z"+;6@@6@(5$,~@@+J,^>,~6@O@Y,~xdHe? Indirect file I/O buffer overflow
&!N	`Indirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect deviceth'Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,+r

.,%?,%dA"A& `N`,~6N3N1,~7N!.Lu N 
`j@	naj@	n,"`j@l,an+!s`Jl
."n" L[~0N N  N 
6@`L +" 7@+"4H%k@@ S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+" N0.**l" .  N[
~0j#7.# .(N|0l N0j#7# .0l3N"7 N+%j
$,>4""#[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+"&$27@aDg &/"V$":5F"1(+"">!$z3(";+""."*d" /":.*xd"%"A),^,~ "A	b "5B":	b		d,%;,>&$:0d~+"6&&.": *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4d"5&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'"A2d"B."Q,~-<KZjy'6L\X
&. p,>,>,>,>( QDx@,>,>,>,>7"b!&>9Z(
+"[!$@f@e$+"R0D	1D
` +"\?$x+"R` `B+"d"
&"p /"q,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3"H"I"I"[:"".Bx+"U%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you
7B+"u,$&,$M "(6@,#47B(+"z[(1DYR5b$^,$&R(4B$],$KR(5$&!$p,%B
`l7B($M,$M`l7B(+#,#,$M`l7@(+#,$T (,#,$U`l@7B(+#	,#`l 7@(+#
,$K (,#`l7@(+# "`l ",$\ (,#al+#!0{O3CF#&+#,$L F#+,$&,$M F#&,F#/*p#aL,~"$_4B$]1B,~,$B"$_.",#h,$B.*0+"~Q"A`,>1,#!x5B#+$"`l0B5$\ "/5$\,$ ('8B$],$M ('5$@($@($@(%@(%@(&@(&@('@(#@(#E5|Rg&t9 C
,kyaNMhrYt}KO%0m:7@#R@#R@#R@#R@#R@#R@##@$@$	,%B@
`b+#97F,~`f+#9"Q"[7@,~Z0DQ0}/$""-,$\@2B$4"$`5n$a,$)*P#F.7@@+#F7Bm$",$\@,$&+#@5$U!`)"w,>!`,#J,$I,^iB5$H$&$")B5B#O=f#L$")B."`d$",$\=f#N,~,"."z3b$c+#U.$/$c,>,#X,$M,^5#	b,%;&"$",#d&(".$c,$X$" &"2"5$-	b	&$i ,#d,$M &"j0 ,#d,$M &"t $4"$-0b5$-*,$\ "5$\0"+#q!${P#y2B#y*d#j5$#o ",$\R#y,$& ",$\,~." ,> "/+#x1"+#v/",>#~ ",$\,^,$& "5$\1B?5$k5$\,$\,^5$\K>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
5"$; ",$\OnJ
@jj,>1J0L,$;,^."0b."5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "5$\ "-5$\ ".5$\ "=5$\ ">5$\Q"A`aB,~,>x4B$",$\+$Z6@[5[
+#@ @,#F+#@L\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@<DEL> "$j5$X0$$B
?X,$&+$U &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@\+$v
8+ O@\,%
,$\,% ,^abS``H,$&,^`FaH@+% ",$\Z,$, ",$\,$BZx`H,$X,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f%
% ,O	j'+% *	j
% ,O	j'14J%k5$5"%',%=,> ,%$  
,^O@: `f+%(FFdA4F%j+%!F4F%jA5F%! :*b%Z4L%j ,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D%%,~O@,~ 
&%3	`? g 09
%k<$%/7 &:,~>  F:,~;
? Version incompatibility	b
"`	b+%:`b;xO@,~ ",~,>,+%J+%G,>,>,+%I+%F,>,>,>,~+%I+%F,>,>,>,>,~+%H,^,^,^,^>+%j,^,^,^,^>,~,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~,> ,1: ,^,^x,~,>,1:,^,^x,~,>,>,1:~,^,^,^x,~,>,>,>,~1:~,^,^,^,^x,~,>,>,>,>,~1:},^,^,^,^,^x,~:x,~