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 This is a list of all known DECnet-10 tools and a brief description of each

DPYDEF	MAC		Display package definitions
DPY	MAC		Video display package
ANF	MAC		Sets KDP lines to ANF (KS10 only)
DECNET	MAC		Set KDP lines to DECnet (KS10 only)
DNET	MAC		Prints out info from DNET. uuo
D36TRC	MAC		DECnet-10 event tracing facility
DTSPRM	MAC		Parameters for DTR and DTS
DTS	MAC		DECnet Test Sender program
DTR	MAC		DECnet Test Receiver program
DTSCOM	MAC		Common subroutines for DTR and DTS
DCNSPY	MAC		DECnet-10 general data base interpreter
DNMAC	MAC		Macros and subroutines for some tools.
DNCORE	MAC		DECnet-10 core useage tracing facility
DNTATL	MAC		Interprets output of DNSNUP
PSTHRU	MAC		Pass through facility for ANF and DECnet
DNSNUP	MAC		DECnet-10 message tracing facility
NODNAM	MAC		Fast node name setter
NETPTH	MAC		DECnet routing path tracer
NSPTST	MAC		Perform NSP. functions
OBJECT	MAC		Types out currently active connect strings